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Gastric-bypass surgery is only the first step many morbidly obese patients take in their total body make overs. One residual of massive weight loss is the dreaded "bat-wings". You know what I'm talking about – that upper arm skin which hangs like bat wings if you spread your arms wide ready for flight. Wave your hand and the bat-wing waves too. For some after massive weight loss there is so much skin it's difficult to find shirts with sleeves that fit, and worse, it's embarrassing to wear sleeveless shirts.

What to do?


The first line of defense is to do weight or strength training during the phase of rapid weight loss. Many patients report satisfactory skin shrinkage of the upper arms when they've incorporated light exercise during weight loss. Bicep curls and tricep pulldowns are the best exercises for firming upper arms. Arm training takes minimal equipment (2 light dumbbells 3-5 lbs each) and limited space. It should be noted, the younger the patient and the fewer times that they've seen significant weight change, the better chance they have toning and shaping their arms with exercise. Now, that does not let older patients off the hook for doing exercise – it just gives a bit more encouragement for younger people who undergo weight loss surgery.


The next, but not very plausible option is liposuction. Lipo is only appropriate when there is a lot of fat and the skin is tight. The lipo sucks out the fat and allows the skin to shrink. This is not plausible for most WLS patients because they've already lost the fat leaving an empty balloon of upper arm skin.


The last resort is the $ 5,000 arm lift called brachioplasty Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure that eliminates excess skin from the upper arm.

Incisions and Scars in Arm Lift

Scars are the largest drawback of this operation. They will extend from the armpit to the elbow, along the inside of the arm. This operation changes one cosmetic problem (loose skin) for another (scars). In general, those with very loose saggy skin are most likely to find this exchange worthwhile. Those with a small amount of looseness will probably not want the scars.

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Build Your Business With Instagram

Like any other social network, Instagram can be used to build your brand for your business when used in the right and clever way. Instagram serves as a tool of making your business available to the consumers. Social media marketing using Instagram can open up a world of opportunity for your brand. It is thus obvious that Instagram is very important for your business. The question arises about how you can build your business with Instagram and below is the answer to that question.

First, you need to conduct a research to know the best businesses on Instagram. You also need to check out other brands in the industry and also know who your competitors are so that you can know what strategies to use in order to build your business. You should always set realistic Instagram goals that tie back to your business goals. These goals should include increasing awareness with hashtag targeting. Increasing product awareness and increasing traffic to your website. You should then come up with a strategy of posting your content. Here you need to consider how often you post, what time to post, and choosing your content themes. You need to maintain a regular posting while at the same time avoid too much posting.

Remember that Instagram is all about visuals. Your profile photo should be your company’s logo. You need to choose one filter that you will use for the majority of your photos. By choosing one filter for your photos it makes your brand easy to recognized. your photos easier for your followers. Ensure to post photos that reflect the character and culture of your business. If you are not sure on how to visually represent your company, you should consider monitoring the accounts of your followers in order to know what they are re sharing. This will enable you to know their trends and hence help you to efficiently present your business.

Another technique that you can use to build your business on Instagram is the branded hashtag. You should find a hashtag that embodies your Instagram brand and encourage your followers to share photos that fit that image. This will enable your brands to be exposed to new potential customers and this is a chance for your business to grow. You should also consider geotagging. This is adding your location to your photos when you post them. It is very effective as it makes your followers know where to find you and your business. More so, followers who live near you will love to interact with you and your business. You should also post exclusive deals on your Instagram. This can be done through offering discounts to your followers, it will make them feel special and hence tell other people about your business. Instagram can actually be used to build your business, try it today and enjoy the benefits.

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Fitness Trainer Jobs Are Going to Boom

America is one fat nation, and this is great news for those looking into a career in personal training. Personal fitness has evolved into a status symbol, and experts who can provide these services are well paid and highly prized.

This perfect storm of circumstances will in all likelihood continue for the foreseeable future. After all, the vast majority of people out there aren’t getting thinner any time soon.

Numbers don’t lie. The CDC reports that of all U.S. residents age 20 and older, a shocking 67% can be considered overweight or obese. Overall, 34% of all Americans are obese – that’s a third of the population.

These numbers translate to only one thing: business.

Many personal trainers make a career out of making fat people fit; no fat people, no business, and you’d be out of a job. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, this fitness apocalypse may never come to pass. The Centers for Disease Control report that adolescents from ages 12 to 19 are struggling with weight problems, too, with the statistics showing that 18% of them are overweight. Younger children aren’t immune, either: the statistics say that 15% of children from ages 6 to 11 are overweight as well.

You have the chance to help these people achieve their weight-loss goals. The problem is, how? You have potential clients from every demographic, but the dark side of this is that your fitness program has to be tailored to every demographic.

The potential client base for personal trainers can only be expected to increase in the years to come. It’s important that you learn how to take full advantage of this boom.

The BLS predicts that the job market for personal fitness professionals will see an almost unbelievable growth rate of 27% over the next ten years. What this means, in layman’s terms, is that the number of jobs in the fitness industry will rise faster than almost every other industry.

The cause of this curious (and profitable!) phenomenon, according to the government, is the increasing number of health clubs and gyms. Which, of course, doesn’t explain why all these health clubs are being opened, but you know the answer to that already, don’t you? The war on weight rages on.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: personal training is an excellent career choice. You get to help people and get paid for it. It can be a lot of hard work, though, and you have to be passionate for fitness to succeed. If you want to attract clients, you’ll also need solid marketing skills. And if you want your business to flourish, you have no choice but to get your personal trainer certification.

If you don’t mind some sweat on your brow, a personal fitness career can provide a steady income for years to come. Imagine how calming it will be to work in a field that is actually adding workers rather than laying them off!

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Can You Buy Garcinia Cambogia at Walmart?

There are a few things that pretty much everyone knows about Walmart:

1. They sell a lot of stuff!

2. They have great prices!

3. You can spend a lot of money in their stores!

But, while there are many reasons to do a good deal of your shopping in this type of large-scale retail environment, there are still some products that are better bought online, and Garcinia Cambogia seems to be one of them. So, before you head out to buy your Garcinia Cambogia at Walmart, here is some information that might help you decide.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

This is a natural weight loss product that is made from the extract of the tamarind fruit, which is a small pumpkin-looking fruit that is grown in certain parts of India. This fruit is extremely high in anti-oxidants, which we all know are great for your body, help to slow down the aging process, fight disease, and even inhibit the storage of fat.

How Does This Supplement Work?

This is one of the few natural products that actually attacks your weight problem on two fronts – it deals with hunger and it deals with stored fat. First and foremost, the extract from the tamarind fruit is known as an appetite suppressant, which means that you will feel less hungry throughout the day and you will eat less at each meal. That is obviously a big selling point.

The other benefit of taking this product is that it helps to burn off the fat you already have while also preventing more fat from forming. So, you should see a weight loss in addition to a drop in size, especially around the middle of your body.

Where Can You Buy Garcinia Cambogia?

This is perhaps the trickiest aspect of the product, because it is extremely new and everyone is jumping onto the Garcinia Cambogia bandwagon. This product was initially only sold in health food stores, but when the story launched on a recent television program about how successful this product was, everyone sold out of it.

A lot of people wanted to know if they could buy Garcinia Cambogia at Walmart, but because this is an enormous chain of stores, they are unable to act quickly enough to satisfy their buyers. It can take months for a new product to make it into Walmart stores. So, if you were able to buy Garcinia Cambogia at Walmart, then you were one of the few who did.

The good news is that you can now buy this supplement for weight loss online, where it is not only cheaper than it is at Walmart, but you will get a money back guarantee.

What Kind of Guarantee Will You Get?

There aren’t a lot of retail stores that will give you a guarantee on the effectiveness of a diet pill, and that is why you don’t want to buy Garcinia Cambogia at Walmart. When you buy it online, you will have a full 30 days to try it out and if it doesn’t work for you (or you don’t like it for any reason), you can return it.

This is obviously reason enough to buy this product other than at the large superstores, and when you go to one of the Garcinia Cambogia retailers, you will be able to learn more about what this powerful anti-oxidant, appetite suppressant, and fat burner can do for you, too.

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How To Create a Healthy Kitchen

Changing the organisation of your kitchen can help you achieve the body you want.

Throw out lollies, biscuits and chips. If it isn’t in the house you can’t eat it. If you really are craving it, you’ll have to go to the shop.It will make you re-evaluate how much you really want it.

If you do find yourself at the shop, buy a single serve. Just buy one ice cream, one chocolate bar or one small packet of chips. Buy as you need. Don’t stock up.

Move your fruit and vegetables to the middle of the fridge. Don’t hide them in the crisper. When you open the fridge and in the most prominent position are your fruit and vegetables you are more likely to choose these to snack on.

Leftovers should be stored in containers and towards the back of the fridge. Why increase temptation by putting last night’s pizza, or leftovers at the front of the fridge.You open the fridge many times a day, re organise so that you only see the good stuff. Better still, get the in habit of freezing left overs to avoid you constantly going back for more. Even better, give it away to someone else or throw it out. It may be wasting food, but if it’s last night’s take out, better in the trash than around your waist.

Buy lots of small containers or zip lock bags. When you do your supermarket shop, get in the habit of dividing up large packets into single serves. You can do this with nuts, dried fruits and even cereal.

Use small plates and small spoons. ¾ cup of cereal looks like a lot in a small bowl, but in a larger bowl, you’ll feel unsatisfied. Using a small spoon will slow your eating down. We often eat too quickly and shovel down too much food. Our brains don’t get a chance to tell you that you’re full. Slow down and enjoy what you are eating, let the body send the signals to the brain to tell you that you’ve had enough.

Out of sight, out of mind.

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Choosing the Right Women’s Fitness Apparel

Fitness Clothing worn during physical activity should be as paramount as the workout session. Therefore, you should be able to choose the right workout clothes. Clothes do not fit you well can make a difference in the performance of your workout. Whenever you start losing weight during workouts, then you should look for new clothes workout. You may want to feel good and look good but being comfortable is more or equally important. There are many choices and varieties in clothing provided by the fashion industry. There are also many fashion industries and design brands to choose from. When choosing this type of sports clothes to buy, consider the following

• Exercise clothing that is comfortable avoids tight apparel.

• The material must be of good quality, flexible and gives you space to move and breathe freely.

• The material must be permeable to air, especially if you are involved in high-impact training that makes you sweat allot.

• Choose clothing that is specifically mean for the exercise activities that you participate in

The Choice of materials is another factor to consider when choosing fitness clothes. Materials to consider when buying workout clothes are

• Fleece is lightweight and has excellent insulation without being bulky. The fabric dries quickly and is waterproof.

• Supplex is soft and comfortable, and durable, and dries quickly and is also used with other materials to improve flexibility.

• Wicking CoolMax – the fabric such aid evaporation of perspiration and rapid cooling of your body during workouts.

• Nylon, acrylic or polypropylene gives you a good balance between functionality and comfort.

The main questions we tend always ask ourselves “How do we choose the right fitness clothing” However, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to sportswear. It’s only important that your choice should give freedom of movement, support, make you feel good and provide aeration. Currently you have great options in shorts, pants, blouses, bras and shoes. You can visit a health club or training at home, to buy fitness clothes that are comfortable, durable and flattering. There are General guidelines for women fitness clothing that includes

• Clothing lighter temperatures Choose comfortable clothing such as shorts, pants, sweatshirts, tank tops, and jogging.

• In hot weather, wear light colors to reflect sunlight. If you exercise outdoors, do not forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.

• In the cold winter months, wear dark clothing and dress in layers. The layers help trap heat and if they get too hot, you can remove a layer.

What you wear on your feet is just as important as the, clothes you wear. When jogging or running, you are prone to injury as Ill-fitting shoes because blisters when looking for footwear, Choose shoes that fit your foot type that give you comfort and support you need. Wear your sports socks when trying on shoes, the heel should fit snugly and not slip if it’s the right size. Try both shoes laced up and walk or jog around the store. Choose shoes that have plenty of cushions for high-impact aerobic activities such as tennis or running. Choosing the right women fitness clothes that comfort, is the key to relaxed, stylish and productive workouts.

Source by Brandon John

Question: What do you think of Oxycise and other exercise programs that focus on breathing more so than the exercise?


I feel strongly about breathing properly for fitness, for enhancing any physical activity and also for stress reduction. When I first started working out, I was concentrating so hard on keeping up with the others in the class, I made the big mistake of holding my breath. I asked the instructor why I was experiencing pains in my chest and lungs and, fortunately, she was astute enough to suggest that I start breathing deeply. I continually remind the students to breathe. Yes, we all breathe, but often not deeply enough.


I am delighted with the focus on breathing that is suggested in the more popular than ever before sessions of Yoga and Pilates. The idea is that when we are breathing in harmony with our movements, we are also paying attention in a deep way which not only prevents injury, but also is at the heart of what fitness is all about. Deep breathing is taking air in slowly all the way down into our abdomen, then breathing more air into our lungs until we are full of air, followed by letting that air out slowly through our nose or pursed lips. So many of us are in the habit of “shallow” breathing that results in “sticky lungs” – lungs that can’t give your muscles and brain the amount of air you need for a healthy lifestyle. Deep breathing helps you relax, think clearly and feel good.


Of course, I don’t feel that breathing is the only important part of exercise. It is definitely an important part of the whole. Today, breathing therapy belongs to both alternative and mainstream health. While hard science lags behind our intuitive understanding the subject, no one questions that better breathing makes for better health – and for more effective workouts. You see, the human body is designed to discharge 70 percent of its toxins through breathing. If your breathing is not operating at peak efficiency, you are not ridding yourself of toxins properly and other systems of your body must work overtime.



Even though it has been around forever, oxygen is one of the latest trends. There are “oxygen bars” across the country where people pay to inhale oxygen. There is the alternative therapy, Oxygen Therapy, which is defined as “any modality which introduces oxygen and related therapies as part of a health regimen. This can be anything from deep breathing exercises to autohemotherapy ozone.”


A doctor from the UK writes, “I have been treating people with oxygen for a number of years now. Pure oxygen is toxic and should not be inhaled over a length of time. The maximum dilution I use is 40% with air. In the UK we have a mask with a connector which dilutes the oxygen… When in hospital I treat my patients with up to four hours a day in two hour sessions, however I have found that in the case of wound healing, one hour per day has been successful.”


I don’t know about you, but I think I will stick with getting my oxygen with steady, deep breathing, drinking lots of water, and eating lots of oxygen-laden vegetables. And this leads me to the final topic of the question.



From what I know about Oxycise – and I only know what I have read about it, since I am not willing to shell out $35.00 for a program that sounds like it promotes what I feel is the common sense workout that I have been suggesting all along. The program sounds like a sensible, low impact, muscle and strength building routine coupled with a great deal of deep breathing.


The parts of the program that signal possible “red flags” are the claims of huge weight losses without drastically changing eating habits and after only 15 minutes a day of working out. Notice, though, if you see their advertisement or visit their website that the phrase, “Results not typical. Your experience will vary.”

Source by Chris King

In my years of private practice specializing in couples therapy, I have come to some central truths about elements vital to marital health and the prognosis for intimate relationships based on ten critical factors. Give yourself and your spouse a giant service by each taking this ten minute test and comparing notes.

If individually or together you average below 80% when you tally up, your marriage is limping along and needs some work! If your scores are 80% or higher, you are already doing a lot of things right, and it’s probably not an accident. Now your job is to become more aware of who’s doing what to nurture the marriage, so you can both commit to consciously continuing the good work!

Rate your relationship on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest score:

1. Do you both have an overall feeling of happiness in your relationship?

2. Do you spend quality time together on a regular basis?

3. Do you divide the chores of life (childcare, bill paying, housework, laundry, shopping, earning a living, etc.), in a way which feels fair and even-handed to you both?

4. Do you show appreciation and respect for eachother?

5. Do you feel free enough to speak openly about your wants, needs, and hurts?

6. Do you each put energy into being emotionally / sexually close?

7. Do your fights feel safe and ultimately productive?

8. Do you honor eachother’s need for space (alone time, individual friendships)?

9. Do you protect eachother from other people’s unacceptable or hurtful behaviors?

10. Do you keep agreements and promises?

Reflect upon, and discuss your results and scores. In areas where you have scored lower, resolve to making one significant change with an action plan in the coming weeks, as a good beginning. Retest yourselves in one month and notice any improvements, then move on to another area of weakness and do the same thing. If nothing seems to shift in a meaningful way, you may consider professional help.

Source by Susan Lager

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