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The above title is a quote by Einstein, and it is, indeed, excellent advice. Einstein was, of course, one of the greatest scientists who ever lived, if not the greatest. Much of modern physics is based on his discoveries. In later life, however, he also became a philosopher of considerable importance, and he gave us a lot of useful information about life. His quotes are seen everywhere. The above quote can be generalized to: Learn from the Past, Live in the Present, Hope for the Future. And if you do each of these, you will, indeed, be much happier.

What do we mean by each of the above statements? Let’s look at them in turn.

Learn from Yesterday

We should, indeed, learn from the past — particularly from the mistakes we have made in the past. We certainly don’t want to make the same mistakes again. But we also don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about these mistakes; they’re over and done, and there’s nothing we can do about them except learn form them. So don’t continue to rehash them, and don’t become obsessed with them. If you do, they could become a source of frustration, and they could make you fearful of failure in the future. In short, they could make you very insecure, and this is, of course, something you don’t want. So learn from them, and forget them.

It is, of course, okay to think about the past occasionally, savoring some of the joys you have experienced, but you should return to the present as quickly as possible. Don’t develop a nostalgia for the past. This is a common fault with many people; they daydream about how happy their past life was, and how dull and humdrum their present life is. Maybe your past life was better in some respects, but too many people magnify the happiness of their past life and forget about the struggles and sorrows they experienced. If your present life appears to be dull compared to your past life, it’s up to you to make it better.

Don’t keep longing for the past, Today is much more important. It’s the present — what’s happening now — and you should make the most of it.

Live for Today

Enjoy the day you’re living in. Wake up in the morning with confidence, and a feeling that the day is going to be the best you have ever experienced. One of the best ways to do this is to relax and live each day as if it were your last.

Dale Carnegie encourages everyone to live in “Day-tight compartments.” And it’s the best advice anyone could give you. As he says, ” Half the beds in our hospitals are reserved for patients with nervous and mental troubles, patients who have collapsed under the crushing burden of accumulated yesterdays and fearful tomorrows. Yet a vast majority of these people would be walking the streets today, leading happy, useful lives, if they had heeded the words… “Live in day-tight compartments.”

In other words: Shut off the past. Shut off the future. Live for today! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the future; it means you should not have any anxiety about the future. If you fret and worry about the future continuously, you could end up in the nuthouse.

So live one day at a time. Think of each new day as a new adventure — a new life. Tell yourself that it’s going to be the best day of your life. One of the major tragedies of many peoples life is that they keep putting things off. In particular, they put life itself off. They’re always telling themselves that life will be better — after they marry, when they retire, and so on. And as they wait, life passes, and suddenly they discover that it has left them behind. They have forgotten, or perhaps never learned, how to enjoy life, or maybe they’ve been too busy and haven’t had enough time. Life is in the living, and it’s important to learn this. “Today is our most important possession. Don’t throw it away. Cherish it. Live it. Enjoy it!”

Our happiness and peace of …

Gyms definitely have their place. Let’s face it, without health & fitness clubs, many people would never work out. There are certain people, and you may be one of this group, who simply need a gym-like environment full of people, machines & weights to motivate them to workout. A gym atmosphere does much to push some people into getting into shape. Whether it’s the sight of people in better condition than we are, or maybe just the opposite, those who are worse off & make us feel better about ourselves; whatever the reason, health clubs do a great deal to help thousands & perhaps millions of people to exercise and achieve a better fitness level.

Treadmills, stair-steppers, spinning classes, aerobic classes, Tae Bo, kick boxing, yoga, pilates, the list goes on. All these aerobic exercises & classes each appeal to different people, and if practiced with intensity & commitment, will yield results. For the most part, all these aforementioned activities take place inside a building, usually a health or fitness club. Yet I’d like to mention an activity which I feel can be healthier & more physically stimulating than any of these other activities: hiking.

One of the best all-around aerobic activities that anyone can engage in is hiking. The best part, there’s no fee where you practice this, as it’s accomplished in nature’s own health club, the outdoors! Yes, going to the gym and pushing the pedals, tramping the treadmill or straining on the stair-stepper will definitely burn off unwanted body fat and do your body good. But in my opinion, a gym simply can’t compete with nature. Off the top of my head, here’s seven benefits of hiking over indoor aerobic activity:

1.Breathing crisp, fresh air is healthier than the intake of body-odor-sweat-laden gym air. Tastes better too!

2.Hiking stimulates & sharpens every physical sense.

3.Increases brain function.

4.Gyms are crowded. Can’t really be alone with your thoughts in a gym full of people.

5.Costs less. Once you’ve bought a good pair of hiking boots or shoes, there are no more fees.

6.You don’t need to wait for a trail to hike, as you do for machines or weights in a gym.

7.Outdoors is more diverse. Gyms are all pretty much the same.

In 2004, results were released of a fascinating study involving how hiking influences the fats & sugars in one’s blood. Austrian researchers announced their findings following an in depth comparison of two groups of people chosen for studying the effects of hiking. This took place in the Alps at a ski resort mountain. One group hiked uphill for two months, while the second group were transported by cable car to a higher elevation, then hiked downhill. The groups switched their respective programs after this two month period, repeating the experiment.

The findings revealed that hiking both uphill & downhill provides excellent health benefits. Both directions of hiking reduced LDL cholesterol levels, known as “bad” cholesterol. Triglyceride levels were reduced from hiking uphill only, while downhill hiking was almost twice as effective in removing blood sugars and improving glucose tolerance.

That’s some pretty amazing information. I always knew that hiking was great for the body, but this particular study breaks it down and shares information that I didn’t know. Researchers from the Vorarlberg Institute for Vascular Investigation and Treatment are those who performed this intensive study. Up until now, the benefits of hiking could only be theorized and no true scientific information was available. Hiking is indeed great for raising our fitness levels & keeping us healthy!

Source by Steve H.

I first saw this quote at a friend’s house several years ago. I don’t know who said it but it’s one of those things that you don’t think much about, at the time, but it keeps coming back to you. For me it was reoccurring as I’ve had to adjust to events that were beyond my control. Some were serious challenges, such as losing a loved one. Others were less so. I know that I’m not alone. Life is like that. We lose jobs. We lose some we love. We end a marriage or a friendship.

Here’s what I’ve learned. Adjusting our sails means making choices. Often these choices are not easy, but ultimately it’s easier than trying to change the direction of the wind.

We make choices every day! Sometimes we make them consciously and with good thought but too often we make them without solid thought. AND, sometimes we make choices by making no conscious choice at all.

To take no action is in and of itself is making a choice. By making no choice, we leave the outcome to fate or worse; to the whims of others. And, it is this that leads us to feel like victims and powerless. Eventually it leads to martyrdom.

To make life choices, there are some clear things we can do. We need to know ourselves. What are our priorities? What is important to you? Are you staying a job because it is working for you or because you don’t know what else to do? Are you choosing or are you just stuck? What would you have to give up to make a different choice? What would you gain? Yes, that is reality! Choices do not come without a price. Only after you look at life in this way can you really see it as a choice

So, you might say “How do we make choices when life intervenes and things we didn’t plan happen?” Well, first, we don’t have to wait to have a catastrophic event to pay attention to making choices. After all, practice makes perfect. If you become aware of the choices you make in everyday life and how they impact you, you will become more aware of your ability to make choices in the rough times.

We can only make choices when we realize that we have them and we can only do that when we are ready to deal with reality.

And yes, that is sometimes unpleasant, even painful. Having choices does not mean that things are easy or that we will always be happy with them. Life is give and take and so are our choices. Sometimes our first choice is not even on the list. We may not even like most of the choices available. So, we too often tend to think we have no choice at all

But, we always have choices! If nothing else, we can choose how to respond to the life events over which we had no choice. If you lose a job, you can choose to see this as a defeat or as an opportunity. You can feel sorry for yourself or you can choose to be challenged. Who knows what else is out there until you take the time to look. And, many of us don’t do that unless life pushes us.

Possibly one of the most challenging times in life is losing a loved one. We can feel hopeless and powerless. We can really believe we have no choices and just live in our grief. But, we can choose how to look at life. Are you cursed or were you blessed to have wonderful and strong memories? What do you want to do with those memories? Do you want to see only that there will be no more memories or do you want to keep those great memories alive?

We can even choose our attitude. Just about every event in life has both negative and positive. Where do we put our focus?

This may seem like so much common sense. But we all know someone who makes few choices and feels victimized by life. Most of us have spent some time there ourselves. It is not a …

Deer Valley Condos for Sale in the popular ski town, Park City Utah

There is a great selection of condos in the Deer Valley area to purchase. Deer Valley Resort is one of only a four skier only resorts in the country so it's an appealing location for skiers to buy a ski condo getaway. Many who ski Deer Valley enjoy not having to share the slopes with snowboarders. It is also one of the easiest ski resorts to get to with many non-stop flight destinations to the Salt Lake International Airport which is a short 30-45 minute drive away. You can find at Deer Valley ski in ski out condos or condos a short walk from the ski slopes. Besides full ownership condos there are also fractional ownership condos to purchase. Condo Hotels in Deer Valley have become popular because they tend to offer more amenities and a greater potential for rental revenue than traditional condos.

Location, age and amenities influence the price of condos in Deer Valley.

The Lower Deer Valley area which is located near Snow Park Lodge at the base of the resort offers lower prices relative other other areas surrounding Deer Valley Resort. You can find some ski in ski out condos or condos a short walk or shuttle ride from the ski hill. Condos in this area may start in the low $ 600,000's and go up from there. The 2006 median price for condos in Lower Deer Valley is about $ 949,500. This area was one of the first developed areas at the resort so some of the condos were built in the early 1980's but there are also newer condos to choose from as well. Many of the older condos have been nicely remodeled and give you more square footage for the money.

Just above the Lower Deer Valley area you will find the gated community of Deer Crest. The Deer Crest area is composed of primarily luxury ski in ski out homes but currently under construction in this exclusive gated community is the St. Regis Resort & Residences which is offering ski in ski out luxury condos for sale. The St. Regis Resort & Residences at Deer Crest should be completed some time in 2008. It will offer some of the most opulent amenities the Park City and Deer Valley area has ever seen including ski butler service, a 17,000 square foot spa with salon and fitness center, a ski "beach", two resort style swimming pools, a apres ski lounge, wine / martini bar and a signature restaurant. The 2006 median price for a condo at the St. Regis is about $ 3,050,000. You can choose from either a condo-hotel unit that will come furnished and can be place in a nightly rental pool or one of the exclusive Residences condos which are on the top 3 floors serviced by a separate elevator. The Residence condos can not be placed in a nightly rental pool to offer more privacy to it's exclusive owners.

In the mid mountain area of Deer Valley Resort is the Upper Deer Valley / Silver Lake Village area . There are several great condo developments in this area with some offering ski in ski out opportunities. The Silver Lake Village area offers an incredible array of high end restaurants and shops as well as access to the Silver Lake Lodge at Deer Valley Resort. If you would like a condo that is a short walk to shopping and several restaurants then this area is well suited for you. In 2006 the median price for a condo in the Upper Deer Valley area is around $ 1,745,000. Condos in this area where typically built in the mid 80's to late 90's.

The Empire Pass area at Deer Valley Resort is a fairly new area that is currently under development and offers a great selection of new luxury ski in ski out condos. In this area is the upper lodge called Empire Lodge. It's one of the most beautiful areas of the mountain offering spectacular views and located near some of the most popular ski runs at the resort. There are recently completed condos available as well as pre-construction …

I stand in awe of the skills and responsibilities of medical specialists. And when it's my health or the health of someone I love, I'm prepared to pay the price …. as long as I feel I'm getting value.

I required some major surgery not that long ago. When I changed specialist to my surgeon, Mr P., my wife Gwen did some checking and got good feedback on other families that had dealt with him. Their feedback backed up the things that he had told us such as:

  • He visits his patients every day in hospital including at the weekend.

  • He gives you his mobile phone number and encourages you to phone at any time if you are concerned.

  • While you are in hospital, he sorts out any problems with nursing staff not following his instructions for patient care and attention. This turned out not to be a concern for me, but I know from this feedback that he is quite firm with nursing staff if the slightest hint of the standard he expects for his patients isn't being met.

  • He is technically excellent and up with the latest techniques.

  • He has a good bedside manner.

Given all of this, I expected his fee to be at the higher end of the scale.

We had the important appointment with him at which I confirmed that surgery was my preferred option and that I agreed that it should be as soon as possible. Gwen then asked the question, "How much will it cost?"

Now, I should point out here that Gwen really just wanted to know what to expect so that she could calculate the gap between our private health insurance cover and the total bill. This was not a prelude to her trying to knock down the price.

Let me pause to clarify that. Gwen is a Londoner and I reckon wheeling and dealing is in their genes. She loves a bargain. I'm sure she would have tried to knock him down on price BUT she was under strict instructions from me NOT to bargain. I'd shared with her one of my two favorite quotes about discounting, from Tom O'Toole of Australia's famous Beechworth Bakery:

"If they ask for a 20% discount, I ask which 20% of the ingredients do they want taken out. I can take out 20% of the ingredients but it doesn't taste real good!"

And I'd stressed, "I don't want 20% less anaesthetic. I don't want him to rush to get the job done in 20% less time. So, promise me, no price haggling!"

Our otherwise calm and confident specialist clearly hadn't heard my other favorite discounting quote, from English sales trainer Richard Denny:

"Never apologise for your prices. Your product knowledge and the service you give demonstrate that your prices are fair."

As soon as Gwen said the words, "How much will it cost?" he became quite nervous, almost stammering as he started to justify the price.

He explained that he was at the lower end of the price scale for urologists. He even went on to detail some of his overheads. I particularly remember him saying that he paid over $ 3,000 per month in professional indemnity insurance – and I'd thought my professional indemnity insurance as a trainer and consultant was high!

So, there was no need for the nervous justification of his price, which was around about $ 1,500 less than I'd anticipated. And looking back on the professional and caring way he's handled everything to do with the surgery and post-operative care, he would have been worth every penny of the higher fee.

Source by Jurek Leon

A visit to the doctor will give a diagnosis of a tailor's bunion problem, and tailor's bunion surgery may be mentioned at an early stage depending on the severity of the problem, the extent of the deformity, and how comprehensive your medical plan is.

However before considering invasive bunion correction surgery it is worthwhile exploring the available non-surgical treatment options available to you. There are many non-invasive bunion treatment options available to sufferers which are highly effective for both relieving the symptoms and banishing the problem for good.

The first step to take is a change of footwear. Since the majority of bunion problems are caused by inappropriate footwear it is the natural place to start. Whilst this is not a miracle cure, it is the first step needed to be taken to arrest the development of the bunion, and at least get the playing field level and give a treatment plan a fighting chance of success. Shoes need to have a wide toe box so as not to cramp the toes, and low heels should replace high heeled shoes. Being overweight is a contributory factor made worse by ill fitting shoes. Whilst weight loss can be difficult, controlling the weight will reduce the pressure placed on the joints and bones of the feet.

In terms of treatment options, a bunion night splint is a good place to start, however make sure it is a specific tailor's bunion night splint. These straighten and protect the small toe, and are highly effective as a first line of treatment. Not only are they a cheap option, treating bunions during the night is the most logical time to do so, when the muscles are relaxed and a long continuous treatment session can take place.

To continue treatment during the day there are many toe straightening devices which can be worn inside the shoe, to keep the toes correctly aligned. Usually both methods are sufficient in most cases, however it may also be necessary to wear bunion pads inside the shoes. These will cost less than $ 10 in most cases, and will give extra cushioning to prevent rubbing against the sides of the shoes. Rubbing aggravates tailor's bunions and can cause additional inflammation, discomfort and may even cause the skin to rupture.

Toe stretchers are a good option to get mobility back in the toes. These are different from the toe stretchers which are used when painting the toenails, and are a little more robust. They help to get the muscles and ligaments of the toes stretched to make other treatment options such as toe straighteners and tailor's bunion night splints more effective.

When the tailor's bunion has associated swelling a good option is a cortisone injection straight into the affected area. This will need to be administered by a health professional; However it is one of the best ways of reducing swelling and pain fast. The treatment can then be combined with the above non invasive methods and may be sufficient treatment and will eliminate the need for a tailor's bunionectomy.

When all of these methods have failed, or are ineffective, then tailor's bunion surgery should be considered. In cases of chronic pain, non-invasive methods may be sidestepped in favor of quicker treatment, however since tailor's bunions are quite easy to spot early in their formation an early treatment program is possible and will be the best option.

Source by Susanne Wilson

Let’s face it! Lots of us have trouble swallowing pills and capsules. Breaking open fish oil pills or capsules, however, is not the easiest way to deal with the problem.

There is no fundamental reason not to break open a capsule of a high quality supplement into a clean spoon or even into a glass of V-8 juice or some other salty, flavorful vegetable juice. As long as the oil is consumed right away, it will not oxidize and the essential fatty acids it contains will not spoil. You can just throw the capsule away, although some brands like Nordic Naturals add flavoring to the capsule itself to make it tasty enough to chew. But don’t! You don’t really want to squirt fish oil in your mouth unless you have tasted it before and grown accustomed to it.

There are reasons, however, not to break open a capsule of any product that is labeled as containing “marine liquids.” Another term for marine liquids might be fish juice. Just as a fish would go bad if you put it in a bottle and left it on your shelf for six months or more, marine liquids ferment inside the capsule. They don’t really smell rotten. They smell fishy. They are the component of low-quality products that give you fishy burps and indigestion. Never open a fish oil capsule if the label lists marine liquids as an ingredient.

There are two easy ways to deal with the problems of swallowing omega-3 supplement pills.

One is to buy chewables. Usually offered in fruit flavors, such as cherry, lemon, orange, and lime, these omega-3 gummy bears are meant to be chewed and swallowed. The best brands don’t taste fishy and both children and adults usually enjoy them.

The other way to get your fish oil dose without having to break open a pill or capsule is to buy liquid fish oil in bottles.

Back in the days when the only available type of this oil was rancid, nasty cod liver oil, getting your daily omega-3s, vitamin A, and vitamin D from fish oil seemed more like punishment than nourishment. The awful flavor of the oil was due to the fact that fishing vessels lacked storage and basic sanitation.

Fortunately, today this problem no longer exists. Fish are caught in cold waters and immediately put on ice. Supplement makers do not tolerate bacterial contamination in the catch and they test their products for any signs of spoilage or bacterial contamination.

It is still possible to buy fermented cod liver oil, and, believe it or not, it is actually the most nutritious form of fish oil on the planet. Just a teaspoon (5 ml) a day is enough for your daily requirements of vitamins A and D.

There are other types of these oils not made from livers which are also available in fruit flavors. In Norway, they are even a popular breakfast drink.

Make no mistake about it! It’s OK to break open capsules of high-quality fish oils. But it’s a lot easier to use chewable DHA capsules or fruit-flavored oil.

If you’re interested, I can give you my personal recommendation for the high-quality supplement that I take on a daily basis… without having to open the capsule. Just visit my website.

Source by Nicanor Castillo

Refurbished Precor Treadmills are inexpensive solutions to the sport and health club style fitness equipment offered by new treadmills manufactured by the company.

Precor is an American company that has spent the last twenty-five years on the forefront of innovation in the field of fitness. The Precor Company cites becoming the world’s “most respected brand of fitness equipment” as it’s company’s main mission. Precor produces home and commercial exercise equipment. Precor’s products includes Strength Training Systems, Stretch Trainers, Climbers, Cycles, Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainers (EFC), and Treadmills.

Precor Treadmills proclaim to offer three main features easy use, built-in quality, and low impact as opposed to outdoor walking and running. Precor Treadmills feature custom QuickStart technology, designed to quickly retrieve pre-set user profiles for more efficient workouts. With a ten year warranty, Precor custom treadmills feature a trademarked suspension system created to decrease user risk of joint and back injury.

There are currently six models of new Precor Treadmills. The six new Precor Treadmill models include M9.57, M9.35i, M9.33i, M9.31, M9.27, and M9.23.

The M9.57, with a suggested retail price of $7,999, offers twenty-three workout programs. The customized programs include Five K races and a weight loss program. This treadmill is company dubbed as low-maintenance and easy to use. The M9.57 boasts of benefits like speed and an optimum incline.

The Precor M9.35i Treadmill totes a price tag of approximately $3,999. The treadmill features Precor’s signature QuickStart feature and a variety of workout programs.

The M9.33i Treadmill has a manufacturers suggested retail price of $3, 499. The unit offers workout programs that promise something for everyone.

Refurbished Precor Treadmills, Steppers, Elliptical Trainers, and Exercise Bikes give consumers the option of purchasing manufactured fitness equipment at up to fifty percent off of the original price. There are re manufacturers that refurbish Precor fitness apparatus to appear as good as new. The refurbishment process generally includes oversight by a certified fitness specialist.

The C964i is one of the refurbished Precor Treadmills. The Precor C964i began as a staple on the fitness club scene and enjoyed a length tenure as a cult favorite among the running sect. The re manufactured 964i maintains all the belts and whistles introduced with the induction of the original Precor 964 Treadmill. The treadmill sports a said stellar suspension system (motor, roller, drive, and belt) and CSAFE, Cardio Theater, and FitLinxx compatibility

Refurbished Precor equipment customarily features amenities like a Ground Effects Impact-Control System, a Four HP Motor, five-inch steel rollers, and an Electronic Console complete with pre-programmed workout programs.

Source by Tim Gorman

Barley can be considered as an acidic food. If you are suffering from acid reflux, then you know that you should avoid any acidic food as it can trigger the production of stomach acid. Therefore, you can assume that it is not safe to consume barley.

Being an acidic food is only one reason why you should not take barley. Foods are that rich in gluten can cause acid reflux. Gluten is a protein found commonly in grains such as wheat, oats, and barley. Almost all foods contain grain. If you experience any heartburn, then you should visit an allergist to confirm if you are allergic to gluten. You can prevent acid reflux disease by excluding all gluten products.

Sugar, artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners such as barley malt syrup can cause acid reflux. Use stevia instead to prevent excess production of stomach acid.

It looks like you have a good reason to stop eating barley. However, not every part of barley can result in acid reflux. The only part of the barley that doesn’t cause acid reflux is barley grass. It is gluten free and alkaline. It can restore the pH balance in your body and reduce stomach acid especially for those with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).

Garden of Life’s Acid Defense is a natural product for treating heartburn and symptoms of GERD. Its super-alkalinizing ingredients can rectify the pH in your body and provide reinforcement for alkaline reserves. It use uses barley juice concentrate, which is extracted from barley grass, as one of the main ingredients. Barley juice concentrate doesn’t have any gluten. It provides naturally occurring potassium, calcium, magnesium and other alkalinizing elements that relieve you from the symptoms of GERD and improves your digestive system.

So, it is OK to eat barley when you have acid reflux? It all depends on the end products of the barley you are consuming. Your food should be high in alkaline in order to find relief from acid reflux. Barley grass and juice concentrates are alkaline. Therefore, they should help to eliminate heartburn. However, if you have stomach or intestinal disorder, then you should be careful when you consume all barley products. If you experience any complications, then you should stop using them immediately and visit your doctor for treatment.

Source by Andy Lim

Professional Organizations for Dialysis Technicians

Professional organizations exist for most every job in the medical field. In fact, professional organizations exist for most all career fields. As a dialysis technician this is no different and there are several organizations that are geared toward the dialysis tech. Before we discuss the various organizations, first let’s answer the question of why you should join professional organizations in the first place.

There are several good reasons to join a professional organization. Below are the main reasons to do so:

  • You can meet other like-minded people
  • You can gain access to speakers and other experts in your specific field
  • Adding membership to a professional organization to your resume is always a good thing
  • You can get discounts on publications and other information that will help keep you current in your field
  • It is a good place to gather professional references
  • It is a good way to network with others when you are in search of work
  • Most professional organizations will offer free training in the form of actual workshops or webinars
  • It is an excellent way to show off your talents and background to prospective employers that are doing random searches for applicants

Now that you know the benefits of being part of a professional organization, we can now look at the organizations that you as a dialysis technician can become involved with!

American Society for Artificial Internal Organ (also known as ASAIO):

This organization brings people of many fields together to discuss various topics in their fields. It not only includes dialysis technicians but scientists, doctors in all fields, engineers, etc. that are dedicated to keeping the study of artificial organs evolving. There are about 800 members currently and they come from 30 different countries. The benefits of belonging to this organization include a free online peer reviewed journal, invitations to their yearly conference, and open access to all information on the ASAIO website that is meant only for registered members.

National Kidney Foundation:

The mission of the NKF is to dedicate themselves to the prevention of kidney disease and how to help patients and their families’ mange health issues in their lives. They are also advocates for kidney donations. They have a special membership for nurses and technicians in the medical field. When you become a member you gain access to new and updated facts, tools and much more. You will be provided with the latest information from the Council of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians, in addition to access to four medical professional journals. You can also nominate and be nominated for awards and grants for professional research.

National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse:

The NKUDIC’s mission is to give information about the diseases of the kidneys as well as those of the urologic system as a whole to help those who have these diseases and to those caring for those with these conditions. This organization distributes publications to patients and their families and provides them with education and support. The benefits of membership to this organization include workshops, publications and continuing education in their field.

National Association for Nephrology Technicians/Technologists:

NANT is an organization for the advancement of education. It gives its members the opportunity to learn as much as possible about their field including new developments. The benefits of memberships include four newsletters each year, discounts of certain publications for each area of practice, discounted fees for attending conferences and webinars, a subscription to the top nephrology magazines, membership card, and more.


This is a non-profit organization that acts independently with its research to improve upon the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of care needed by all patients. Their evidence is unbiased and educates people in the medical field on drugs, medical devices and procedures. ECRI is made up of over 5,000 medical professional organizations from a variety of different fields.

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases:

The NIDDK supports and conducts both clinical and basic research on diseases that affect a large portion of society. In addition to their research they put together conferences and share trial information with other colleagues. Being part of this organization allows you access to possible grants, research funding …

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