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With the ability to dramatically lift our mood, reduce stress and improve our self-confidence, we all know that regular exercise should be an important part of our daily lives. But between juggling family, friends and long hours at work, it can be difficult to find something that motivates us enough to take time out of our everyday demands to keep doing it. If you fall into this category then there is a good chance that you haven't discovered 'that' exercise routine or sport that captivates you so much you naturally make time to take part in it and hone your skills to maximise your performance. For many, stand-up padding has become 'that' sport.

Stand up paddle (SUP) surfing is one of the fastest growing water sports in the word. Not only is it a relaxing and rehabilitative exercise, it is also one of the best forms of cross-training. With the ability to deliver a cardio, balance and strength workout all at once, SUP is a great low impact sport which concentrates on your core, legs and upper body.

Health and fitness experts along with ocean enthusiasts are embracing the incredible cross-training benefits of surfing's hot trend. And why wouldn't you? It's so much easier than surfing and it comes with its share of rewards – not only will you have more defined legs, back, feets, arms, shoulders and core, you the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

Originating in the 1950s, SUP definitely isn't new but it is currently experiencing a major rebirth thanks to a new generation of budding enthusiasts. Sports and water enthusiasts everywhere are grabbing paddle boards and are giving it a go … even movie stars like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston are huge fans.

If we've already managed to convince you to give it a try, there are some things you should know and do before you venture out into the deep blue.

1. Slip, slop slap – extremely important for any outdoor activity

2. Get your hands on a good quality paddle board – one that is appropriate for you

3. Ask someone to show you the ropes – if you aren't lucky enough to have a friend who is already skilled in this area, take advantage of the special courses being offered by skilled SUP surfers and fitness trainers. They will be able to teach you the basics and show you how to maximise your workout.

4. Start on flat water – build your confidence and begin with small challenges.

5. Convince a friend – let's face it, most things are more enjoyable if a friend is involved and being a social sport, SUP is no exception.

6. Pick an amazing location which you can explore – SUP is kind to the mind, body and soul so pick a location that relaxes but fascinates you.

Now grab your togs and your paddle board and get out there – you're really missing out on an amazing opportunity … and one that your fitness will thank you for.

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The first words that come to my mind when it comes to describe military workouts are smart fitness, smart diet plan and smart people. I must say that I was always a great admirer of the military workouts. Better said, I admire the incredible top fitness shape you get from these total bodyweight workouts. If you are interested in building a fat-free, lean, muscular and buff body, the following lines will help you understand what to do to get your impeccable physique.

Whether we talk about the Army workout, Navy workout, Special Forces workout or Marine workouts, they all have in common a few things. First, the military workouts are overall body-development programs. They will get you an incredible lean, muscular and fat-free physique. These are total bodyweight fitness routines that will develop and strengthen all your muscles. They include all the group muscles that often go ignored, such as neck, forearms, calves and rear delts. The result is a very harmonious body with the right proportions.

Second, all of these military workouts are bodyweight routines. The cool thing about training using your body weight is that you are in tune with nature. A gym machine will only strengthen a certain muscle, in complete isolation. Therefore, the other body muscles remain as weak as they were before. The strong, lean and buff muscles we get from the bodyweight routines are so much more healthier and powerful. The explanation is that these exercises strengthen our entire body from the core. When we do one of the military workouts mentioned before, we work our entire body, the muscles, the organs and the glands.

Third, the military workouts are proven fat loss workouts. There is no better way of building a fat-free, harmonious, athletic, buff and toned body than using our own body weight as the resistance. A quick glance at the bodies of soldiers or gymnasts will show us just how muscular and fat-free our physique can become when using such a training program.

Fourth, military workouts are high-intensity strength training routines. These bodyweight routines are not just for the army, navy or special forces. However, that doesn’t mean they are for everyone. You have to be in a decent physical shape to enjoy such an intense training.

Last summer, I trained for three weeks with a navy SEAL instructor and I have to say that it was hard and very intense. Nevertheless, it was not as extreme as I thought it would be. Why was I able to complete my training sessions? Only because I was in good physical shape due to my previous training. I have to tell you that the fitness training I followed the last 16 months is actually quite similar to the navy workout. It is designed to be ideal for busy people, but due to the fact that it is short and intense, the results are stunning. Since I started the program 16 months ago, I lost more than 50 pounds of body fat and I got the lean and muscular physique that I always wanted.

Anyway, because of the similarities, I dug deeper into the subject and found out that the bodyweight fitness program I successfully follow, it was actually adopted, in its advanced form by the Army. Special congrats to my friends, Steve and Ross. Although they were overweight at the time, I helped them train for four months and they successfully passed all the needed military requirements. They now serve in the Army.

The best part is that you can also start such a program at any time, regardless of your present physical condition. You can do that because the total bodyweight fitness routine that I use pays a special attention to the beginners, as they are the ones who need more guidance as they adjust to fitness training. So, if you want to, you can take it to a point were you are as fit as a marine, a navy seal or an army ranger. I am sure that I have awakened your interest in discovering the benefits of the total body fitness routines provided by military workouts. For more information on Military Workouts and Smart Fitness, make sure and follow the …

A big part of the strength building and fat burning that takes place in an Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing class is due to the plyometric type of exercises that are incorporated into a typical class. Plyometric exercises can be described as any movement that uses excessive force or power to enhance the effectiveness of that movement. Under this definition, a plyometric exercise could include explosive push ups, leaping on and off platforms, skipping steps while hiking upstairs, and much, much more. Plyometric exercises are used in Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing classes to help students reach peak performance and to burn fat quickly.

Some plyometric exercises that are typically incorporated into a generic Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing class and other fitness programs to help strengthen the lower body include squat jumps, jump to box, split squat jumps, bounding, zigzag hops, depth jumps, and lateral jumps. All of these exercises, when done with the right amount of intensity and with enough interval resting time, can help to develop stronger power when sprinting, jumping, kicking and quickly changing direction on your feet. These exercises are especially helpful in Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing classes because a lot of strength needed to kick and maneuver quickly away from opponents comes from lower leg strength.

Good Fitness Kickboxing classes will also incorporate many upper body plyometric exercises, which could include overhead throws with a medicine ball, side throws, slams, explosive push ups, squat throws, and explosive start throws. Using a medicine ball in upper body plyometric drills not only helps to build upper arm strength rapidly, but it also helps encourage a more explosive movement because there is heavy mass involved to help build momentum and complete strong follow-throughs. Other simple upper body plyometric exercises could include bench-pressing weights with explosive movement–a method that still improves upper body performance, but has its limitations because barbells need to decelerate at the end of their movements.

When combining both upper body and lower body plyometric exercises, athletes can achieve peak performances in Fitness Kickboxing and a variety of other sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, rugby, wrestling, and martial arts. Training with the right movements and focusing on the muscles that are the most important for peak performances for your sport can help build maximum strength and endurance, which could mean the difference between winning or losing. Plyometric exercises are an important form of power training and should be incorporated into any fitness regime for any serious athlete.

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It is tough to be diagnosed for a sexually transmitted disease. This is particularly because the medical condition is associated with promiscuity. The situation is an emotional roller coaster with feelings of disbelief, anger, anxiety and sadness running through. Dealing with the situation becomes even more difficult when you have to face isolation and alienation. It is hard to find true friends around you who will not end up judging you or making you the butt of jokes in public.

The world of the internet can be your place your succor. Quite similar to online dating, there are reliable and trustworthy friend-finder websites catering to people suffering sexually transmitted diseases. With members from across the globe, these sites function like little comfort zones designed to offer a warm and simple environment where you can be yourself with other singles suffering the same diseases as you. It is not just a place where you can foster new relationships, but also functions as a support group where you can discuss your condition, fears and doubts and seek solutions on the same.

About STD Friend-Finder Websites

As already stated above, their system is similar to dating sites. They are not restricted to a particular state or country and accept users from across the globe. One has to register to become a member and thereafter create a profile for public viewing. The registration process involves filling up a simple form providing personal details. After you register and create a profile, you can start looking up other member's profiles. You can send friend request's, personal messages and even chat with other users.

Speaking about their approval process, they accept users suffering from all kinds of STDs including HIV, HPV, HSV, Hepatitis B / C, Chlamydia, syphilis and thrush among others. However, there are a few sites that focus on one particular illness targeting one group. The greatest advantage of going online is that you are freed of the burden of revealing your secret to others.

How to Get Started?

It is easy; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

  • Start by choosing a friend-finder website. It should be a reliable one that guarantees to keep your personal and private information secure and confidential. Make sure you read their privacy and safety policies before you join.
  • If you have any queries regarding how the process work or the registration, it is advisable to contact support before you go ahead.
  • A few sites give you the liberty to choose how much of information you would like to reveal in public.
  • When creating a profile, be truthful and accurate. Give your proper name, age and photo.
  • You can make contact with only those singles you feel you will get along with comfortably.
  • Some sites have a registration fee, but it is minimal. It is a better option to go for these as they have zero tolerance for security infringement and are quite serious about the user approval process.

So, leave the hardships behind and start anew. Registering at such a friend-finder website will not only help you get over the loneliness but also infuse confidence to start living life all over again.

Source by Satvik Mittal

For you to be able to effectively lose weight and be able to get a healthier body, you need to diet. Fitness dieting is one effective way to get into shape and be healthy. For you to be able to effectively work on your diet, you need to set your goals. Setting up a realistic goal is essential especially if you would like to effectively lose weight and become physically fit. Actually, a lot of people are trying to lose weight but they do not succeed so they end up using pills in an attempt to lose weight.

If you would like to lose weight in the healthier way, using weight loss pills or herbal supplements is not recommended. You need to lose weight in a healthier and natural way and that would be through working out and dieting. You need to decrease your intake of calories because this is what makes you fatter. When the calories are not used up, it becomes stored fat so it is important to eat the amount of calories that you need for the day and work out to burn stored calories.

Aside from decreasing your caloric intake, you should increase the amount of physical activity in order to burn more calories. Consider finding an exercise that will help you in burning more calories and keep you active in a regular basis. You should choose an exercise that you enjoy so that you will enjoy doing it in a regular basis. It is important that you are enjoying the activity so that you will stay motivated to exercise regularly.

When it comes to dieting, a lot of people would think that it is equivalent to starvation, which is not true. Dieting means eating the right type and amount of food without depriving yourself. It is very important to eat healthy and nutritious foods because this will help in keeping your body healthy. Food serves as the body's fuel so if you deprive yourself with food, your body will not be able to gain strength and energy.

When you create your diet plan, it is essential to stick to it and make sure that you are doing it in a regular basis.

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Obesity is a growing problem throughout the globe and both young and adults are equally affected. The reason behind the issue is increasing love for the digital world and ignoring the importance of outdoor play. It sure is difficult to get kids moving at such times when they are glue-stick to screens, but believe it or not, it is worth trying. Not only you can let them move, you can also make exercising fun for them in the following ways.


Yoga is one of the best ways to curb obesity and keep your kids healthy and active. You don’t need any fancy commercial playground equipment as you just need a little space and a mat and you are good to go. You must know how to perform yoga and how it enhances flexibility, develops coordination, and improves strength. Let me tell you how you can make it fun!

Let kids mimic animal poses while doing yoga such as a cow, lion, or cat. If that seems hard, you can try making yoga a story. For instance, you would talk about trees in the story and your kids perform tree pose or you tell about a snake and they act like a cobra. They can even move out of their mats for some seconds and make interesting sounds.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

You can perform indoor and outdoor obstacle courses with them. There are times when you just can’t let your kids go outside whether it’s due to unfavorable weather or exams around. Indoors, you can try a pillow, lining up a jumping rope, cans or bottles, or a hula hoop. Arrange several pillows vertically and ask your kids to jump it 10 times. You can try similar activities with jumping ropes and other items I mentioned.

Now, let’s talk about outdoor obstacle courses! When you take your kid to a playground, set some challenges for him such as taking swing ten times, run and cover the entire jungle gym, climb the ladder or a climbing wall. Ask him to take all these challenges at once and get back to you. Furthermore, you can make obstacle courses on your own such as tying a rope somewhere or using bases of skates.

If you are unable to try any one of these, then try using adult exercises and make yourself an obstacle course. Sounds strange? Well, you can try doing push-ups yourself and ask your kid to jump over you when you are up. This isn’t only safe, but a hell of a fun as well!


Kids crave for parents’ attention and take more interest in adult things. Rather than leaving them alone to play, it would be the best if you join them. You can do simple things such as taking a ride with them, playing their favorite music and dance around or play catching balls. What is more, you can also look for age specifications in your gym and take your kids to group classes with you.

Source by Jason Fernandez Walter

Strenuous exercise and activities that involve a great deal of physical effort can be very hard on the human body. Nutritional products that contain protein, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients can play an important role in the recovery process. Finding the right product can also ensure that athletes are able to get the most out of their fitness efforts.

Along with physical fitness, nutrition is one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Being left with no other option but to eat foods that may be high in sugars, contain too many calories or that conflict with a diet or meal plan care create many problems. Quick and easy access to shakes, snack bars and other products can ensure that athletes are able to get the energy they require without compromising their meal plan or diet.

Products that contain a great deal of protein can be of assistance in assuring that the body is able to repair muscle tissue that may have suffered harm through exertion. Building new muscle mass is a common goal for those who live an active lifestyle or who wish to improve their physical appearance. Providing the body with plenty of protein is not a concern that should be left to chance.

Carbohydrates are another essential nutrient, one that provides the body with an energy source. Loading up on carbohydrates can be of benefit following a long run, trip to the gym or after other strenuous activities. Failing to eat enough carbohydrates after a trip to the gym or track may increase the temptation to eat foods that may be less than healthy. Stocking up on the right nutritional products could make a real difference.

With so many different products, suppliers and choices available, finding and selecting the right options can be a difficult proposition. Having to make due with a limited selection of products and options may lead to issues that many customers would just as soon avoid. Knowing enough to ensure that the best options are able to be found and selected may not be a matter that should be taken lightly, especially for those who are serious about achieving their fitness goals.

Not every product may be suitable for every situation or need. Shakes are ideal for situations where food must be consumed quickly, while snack bars and other similar items can provide greater satisfaction for those who might still be hungry after drinking a shake. Selecting multiple options and stocking up on numerous products ensures that finding the right snack or meal following an activity may be done with greater ease and success.

Conducting a little research into the various products that may be found can allow customers to discover several options that they might not want to miss. Online information can often be found with minimal time and effort and often plays a key role in ensuring that more effective and educated decisions are able to be made. Product information, customer reviews and other insights that may be found online can shed a great deal of light on the options that have the most to offer.

Finding the right post-workout supplement is an important concern for those who take fitness seriously. Lacking a healthy snack or a nutritional product that may offer greater benefit can find many athletes tempted to eat the wrong foods. Learning aa little more about the options, choices and solutions that have the most to offer is always a smart move.

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Even though online dating has been around for decades and new dating apps are popping up every day, are your Mom and Dad still freaking out at the fact that you're turning to technology to find your next bae? Instead of hoping you bring someone other than your BFF home to family gatherings (don't worry, we've all been there), they'd rather play a ruthless game of 20 questions about how dating apps work and why you think it's acceptable to rely on the Internet to play Cupid. But little do parents know that you're one of 14 million people who actually enjoy the convenience and freedom that dating apps offer. Let's take a stand and be proud of our online dating profiles.

How many of you have been asked by your parents why you would want to go online to find a romantic connection instead of approaching an attractive person on the other side of the fitness studio or while volunteering at the local dog rescue? Yeah, us too. You're not alone when it comes to being too dang exhausted from that demanding job and new work-out routine to go out and try to meet someone new every single weekend. Little do they know that these traditional values ​​they swear on might not be as effective now that we have multiple potential date-night options just at the swipe of one finger. I mean come on, now we can do full online research before we accept a connection and it doesn't get much better than that! We all have friends in our lives who are in successful relationships that began on dating apps, proving that there is hope for all of us despite Mom trying to tell you it's embarrassing.

It's also common for parents to assume that you're using online dating to either find the love of your life or just one-time hook-ups, with no chance for a happy medium. While I can't speak for everyone, many of us resort to dating apps in hopes of a good time that will blossom into a relationship down the road, which is what any parent would want for their child. As you can imagine though, Dad gets frustrated when he has to listen to you talk about the times you matched up with a person who was too serious or not serious enough. But rather than making him think you're dwelling on the dates that didn't have fairy-tale endings, you need to take a deep breath and remind him that you take each date as an experience to either learn or laugh from, no matter what the outcome is. Online dating does not have to be waste of time if you have the right mindset, Dad!

But regardless of the negative vibes Mom and Dad try to toss your way, there are a thousand more reasons why they should (and someday will) become more accepting of this innovative way to date. We both know we would have never met even half of these people if we hadn't taken a leap of faith and downloaded that app. We've also become a society that relies so heavily on technology for anything and everything, so using it to our advantage in the name of love is only right. Dating apps also tap into something we strive for in just about every aspect in life – having more options. You never have to settle for less with online dating because there are always more fish in the sea waiting for you to reel them in.

Source by Whitney Linscott

Unlike the normal concrete fitness center and summer houses, a log cabin is a brand new sophisticated version that not only changes the look of your space but also revitalizes your energies. Constructing a wellness or fitness center with logs is a new and most popular way of renovating your space that brings in peace and energy to participants. Log cabin constructions are very famous in the western part of the world and are crawling to the other parts slowly. Perhaps, constructing a log cabin is less expensive and offers greater flexibility in many terms which is not the case with normal construction. You can use the same log cabin for many purposes. You can renovate it or redecorate it to suit your requirements. You can renovate it from bar to a summer house, from a wellness center to a gaming center. The only thing you got to do is to be ready with different accessories that can reinvent the beauty of the cabins. If you have enough external space at your residence you can construct a log cabin for your kid’s play as well. There are many log cabin designs available online and are made to cater the varied needs of clientele across the globe.

There are many online vendors who are acquiring orders online and are modulating the construction as per client order. However, the log cabins online are not ready-made, you must wait to receive the order. Even the wait time is less when compared to the normal construction as this construction is easy to make and are flexible enough to carry. The log houses can be supplied very easily if we can get straight, tall tree trunks easily as the wood needed for any type of log house is same.

There are numerous retailers who are offering the 3D images of log cabins online which is making the task of choosing the one that suits your requirements much easier and the final construction turns out to be more approving and beautiful. For people who are interested in DIY log houses, there are websites which guide through the process of construction by offering video tutorials on how to construct log houses online. If you are experienced enough and if you have hands-on experience in dealing with wood and its parts then this tutorial would guide you well, however having an expert on the team is always preferable as this would assure a flawless house with guaranteed quality.

An interaction with the constructor online would equip you with the most needed information that would add value to your money.

Source by Rolanas Kutra

Clothing is among the basic necessities of consumers. This means that they are important items that people should get for their daily needs but they would also not like to spend a fortune on clothing alone. They would still like to spend more on other necessities like food and shelter. This is where wholesale clothes as the best answer for them.

Aside from getting affordable clothes from these suppliers, buyers can now get wholesale accessories like wholesale jewelry that will help them be in fashion even on a tight budget. These accessories can be in forms of wholesale jewelry or even clothing accessories. As long as they will accent the clothes, they will get the accessories that they want at the price suitable for their needs.

If you are someone who plans to enter the business, you have to think that you can also sell accessories that are not really fashion related. This means that selling accessories need not really to be focused on earrings, scarves and others. You can also sell accessories that can be useful in other activities like in sports or exercises.

One of the most common clothing accessories that people can use for exercising is a jacket. Although this is a major type of clothing, it is still something that people can add on to what they wear to keep them protected from too cold weather especially if they want to run outdoors. Aside from this, jackets can also be helpful for them in keeping warm and sweating to lose weight.

The next type of accessory is headbands. These are good for people who have long hair or bangs and are irritated every time they cover their eyes while running. This can also protect them from accidents since their hair will not cover their eyes and see if they will run over something.

Third, you can also get hats to sell in your stores. Although some consumers want to wear headbands as their accessories, you may not want to let hat lovers pass by and lose some of your income. There are a wide variety of hats suitable for buyers like sun visors and regular hats. The good thing about this accessory is that they can work in two ways for the buyers. First, hats can protect them from the sun’s heat. This is essential to help avoid heat stroke and headache from intense heat. The next function of hats is to keep hair from covering their eyes.

There are still man exercise accessories that people can use for their fitness needs. You just need to look online and get the accessories that you think will be perfect for your business and start investing on them. The benefit of entering this type of business is that this market is starting to increase steadily since more people are thinking of getting into shape compared in the past. There are many suppliers found online that will give you the best business prices for higher mark up and ensure your business’ success in the industry.

Source by Moshe Sergev

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