A dissolved oxygen meter is an absolutely essential tool. Any industry that takes an active interest in the quality of its surrounding water will use one of these tools on a regular basis. Oxygen is an essential component to all living things, and a lack of oxygen within a water source could mean certain death to various animals and important bacteria. With the use of this device, anyone can take the necessary steps to ensure that their waterways maintain a healthy balance for animal life.

This type of instrument comes in various guises, but they all serve the same purpose. A dissolved oxygen meter measures the amount of dissolved oxygen that is present within a water source. Polarographic sensors emit a certain voltage that can gather data regarding oxygen levels. Galvanic meters are considered to be more accurate, and do not use any electrical current. An optical florescence sensor is considered ideal for any measurements that last a long time. This type of instrument does not use up any of the oxygen when taking readings, nor is it effected by any outside substances. Therefore, it can be used for long periods of time without worry of any aging.

A dissolved oxygen meter can be used by anybody who is concerned with the health of their local water source, but this tool is commonly utilized by certain industries. Fish farmers tend to make good use of this tool as a way to ensure the health of the fish. Adequate oxygen levels will provide enough for the fish to breathe. Water treatment plants use a dissolved oxygen meter to make sure their treatment process is safe and effective. Any company that disposes waste into a water source is normally required by law to limit the amount they dump. This means it would be to their benefit to use a dissolved oxygen meter to make sure the water isn’t over polluted.

These instruments can range from $200 to around $1,400. Hanna is a brand that makes a wide range of meters. Among them is the Hi 93732N model. For roughly $250, this model can measure an oxygen range from 0 to 10mg/L. This is a typical polarographic sensor, and comes with a 9 volt battery.

Oakton also produces different models. Their DO 110 model can store up to 100 pieces of data in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. This is a galvanicmeter, and includes a probe for measurement. The display can read in mg/L, ppm, or % saturation range, and can also provide the water temperature range. It retails for about $600, and can be found at most major industrial supply website.

Water treatment, pollution control, fish farming, or any water based career will need to utilize the special functions of a dissolved oxygen meter to make sure their operations remain healthy for all involved.

Source by Ian Ainslie

In the memory of the Marine Corps and to celebrate it's 235th birthday I have constructed these three workouts to be attempted at your own risk. The Intermediate workout is probably the most fun, while the advanced is simple with it's own challenges.

Take the time to check out these workouts and change up your routine a bit and give these a shot.

By the way for a perfect Physical Fitness Test score in the Marine Corps you have to be able to run 3 miles in under 18 minutes; perform 20 pull ups from a dead hang (no kip & no swing – we talking strict); and 100 sit ups in under 1 minute. Each event counts as 100 points, for a total of 300. All preformed in succession to each other on the same day. One day maybe you will go out and test yourself against the President's own United States Marine Corps.

In the meantime, good luck and have fun trying out the workouts.

Beginner's Workout

Frequency: 3 days a week program. 1 day on and 1 day off.
Equipment: (Optional: Pull up Bar | Jungle Gym | TRX System)
Duration: 4 Weeks

1.5 Walk / Run

You can walk or run one and a half miles, and you are attempting to improve your time every training day. Attempt to run further or walk faster; attempting to work up to a run. Goal is to be able to complete the 1.5 in under 13 minutes.

Pullup / PushUp (3 Sets of 10 | 10)

You will not perform a full pullup, instead you want to find a Bar low enough that will allow you to keep your feet on the ground or get on a bench / chair inside your home if you have one of the indoor pull-up stations. After performing 10 Assisted pull ups getting your chin over the bar by whatever means you can allow your arms to do as much work as possible.

Then immediately complete a set of ten push ups, however you need to do them.

Repeat this 3 times for 10 sets on each set.


You will lie on your back and attempt to do as many curl ups as possible. To perform a curl up, you are to lie on your back with your feet near your butt and look as though you are in the normal sit up position. From here you will squeeze your bellybutton in as hard (Think as in you can try to touch your spine with your bellybutton.) Then with your chin tucked in you will curlup until your shoulder blades are off the floor.

You will perform as many sets as you can until you reach 100 Reps. Try to reduce the number of sets each day.

Intermediate Workout

Frequency: 4 Days per week. 2 days on 1 day off.
Equipment: (Optional: Pull up Bar | Jungle Gym | TRX System)
Rest: Catch your breathe
Duration: 2 Weeks

Workout A

1.5 Miles. Goal: 10 minutes or less.

Pull Ups + Jump Squats
4 sets of 10. You will attempt to perform 10 pull ups, getting your chin over the bar or threshold by whatever means necessary and immediately get off the bar to perform 10 jump squats.

Curl-up + Flutter Kicks
4 sets of 10. You will attempt to perform 10 curl-ups and Immediately perform 10 flutter kicks. Both counts of 10 are on a four count, (example: 1-2-3- 1 ; 1-2-3-2; 1-2-3-3; 1-2-3-4; etc …)

Workout B

3 miles. Goal: 22 minutes or less.

Push Ups + Mountain Climbers
3 sets of 10 push ups immediately go into performing 10 mountain climbers. Both counts of 10 are on a four count, (example: 1-2-3- 1 ; 1-2-3-2; 1-2-3-3; 1-2-3-4; etc …)

1 set of 100 crunches. Goal: Under 1 minute.

Advanced Workout

Frequency: 3 days a week program. 1 day on and 1 day off.
Equipment: (Optional: Pull up Bar | Jungle Gym | TRX System)
Duration: 1 Week
* Note: Only do this workout if you can perform at least 10 pull ups unassisted.

3 Miles. Goal: 18 Minutes

Pull Ups + Push Up + Mountain Climbers

I bet you are wondering about the thread here, huh? Quite frankly, now that I have written it, I am feeling a bit stretched to connect the dots in this title, but here I go…

I have a theory about Life: We are all born as donuts. Our purpose in life is to find our donut hole. The space of the donut hole is symbolic of our own personal and unique life purpose…our Calling. When we find this purpose and live it, we feel whole and complete.

However, there are also the deceptive dynamics of addiction that also can fill the donut hole. There are the more obvious addictive behaviors such as alcohol and drugs, but also the more subtle (and often socially encouraged) addictions such as compulsive spending, relationships, work, sex, food and exercise.

At first, these addictive activities do not seem to be addictive at all. In fact, they often seem to be quite fulfilling and enjoyable. However, addiction always grows bigger and bigger, and begins to eat away at the “donut”…your life! If it goes on untreated, then in the end there nothing but a huge donut hole left…total loss and despair.

However, there is hope. The first step is to be aware, and then you can set-up an “anti-addiction self intervention” program. The three steps that are necessary for such a program are to uncover, recover, and discover:

Uncover – Addiction is like mold in that grows and festers in the dark. However, its power is diminished when it is brought into “the light”. Create a powerful support network for yourself that you can check-in with on a regular basis. Ask them to help you stay accountable with any addictive tendencies. Always uncover those dynamic that the addictive force wants to deny and minimize. In other words, commit to “tell on yourself” on a regular basis.

Recover – Reclaim what has been lost or displaced. Define, or re-define, your values, your purpose, your vision, and your goals. Get clear about the boundaries you need to keep away from addictive triggers. Know your addiction early-warning signs and indicators.

Discover – Design and live your life from the present to the future. Create an exciting life plan that stretches you into new, unknown territory. Discover the “Land of Possibility”; those totally new and different people, places, and activities. Create an extensive list of “top-line” indicators; those positive influences that are furthest away from addictive energy.

Okay, there you have it: Donuts, Addiction, and The Meaning of Life. Let me know what you think. In the meantime…

Source by Ken Donaldson

Sick and tired of going to the gym doing all those weight lifting, curl ups, push-ups etc and yet no significant changes happening? I got something for you to boost up your tormented morale. The BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym this product will help you to achieve your most wanted figure without living the portals of your home.

It is equipped with 200-lb weight stack, cable station and bench press station with adjustable starting points, ab crunch station, low pulley station with foot plate for low rows, high pulley station, self-aligning seated leg extension and standing leg curl station and adjustable seat / seat back for lumbar support. That is ideal for building strength and balance for general health, as well as for assisting your performance in recreational sports.

If what worries you is the amount of space that you will need for this product, well worry no more since this is logically designed to be space saving, you can place it against a wall or in a corner. I was able to read a review that assembling the whole machine would take time, however if you are technically a handymen you can easily work it out because it has a very good manual that would aid you in putting all the parts together.

I would highly recommend this to those individuals who's already in their late 20's since one of the foremost thoughts during this age is the concept of remaining healthy and staying fit. And I think this product will be of great use. In view of the fact that most of this age are already professionals working at an office and can hardly find time to go to the gym to workout because of their busy schedules. BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym is the best way to pull up those muscles, shape up your body and lose some weight.

We should always put this notion in mind that "Health is Wealth" that is why we need to take good care of it. And one of the best ways is by staying physically fit by engaging to a particular sport or simply working out with the use of BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym

Source by James Conner Roberts

Most of us didn’t learn a doggone thing in school that was in-sync with everyday living, especially when it comes to life and health. And you ask why? It’s because it just wasn’t taught. Period.

Somewhere, a long time ago, some NON-visionary individual implemented a lifetime of subjects, that MOST people NEVER use, threw them into dull, un-imaginary classes, and called it school (Sidenote: We actually ONLY needed a few of these subjects, really).

In someone’s estimation, this was WAY more significant than teaching us ‘how to think by using our OWN creative intelligence and how to take proper care of our bodies. So, here we are just starting to “catch on” to what’s REALLY important!

I said ALL OF THAT, to say this, “Who ever informed you how important it really Is to keep your colon clean and protected from disease?” And I already know the answer. NOBODY!

Our colons are basically the most important part of our entire digestive system. This is where DISEASE BEGINS, if it isn’t taken care of properly.

According to Health Line, your colon is responsible for absorbing the body’s nutrients and minerals, and absorbing the body’s water. It also eliminates the waste. In other words, the colon takes out the body’s garbage.

Your digestive system is your colon, your mouth, your esophagus, your stomach, and your small and large intestine. They’re all connected.

If any part of your digestive system doesn’t work properly, it means HUGE problems for you, all the way from CONSTIPATION through DIARRHEA, and everything in between.

Most people don’t ‘give a hoot’ about their colons, until they get sick. However, according to Health Line, again, colon issues can include Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chron’s Disease, Diverticulitis, Ulcers and Colon Cancer, to name a few. People who already have some of these diseases could give you an earful of what they go through everyday. You don’t have to let this be you!

So, if you have any colon or digestive issues, listen up! Now’s your time to be educated and to be more aware of keeping your colon and digestive system safe. It’s your INTERNAL INSURANCE POLICY that will keep you out of doctor’s offices and hospitals for years to come.


Why is the colon so important? by Toni Schumacher Lund

One day the body got together and decided to have a board meeting. Here’s what went on behind closed doors. There was intense discussion to determine:


The BRAIN was the first to speak. “Without me, nothing would be accomplished.”

Then the HEART spoke up. “Without me, pumping blood to your brain you could not function.”

The ARMS laughed. “You’re both wrong, without me to put food in the mouth, nothing would work.”

The LEGS quickly added. “Without me you couldn’t get your food”

The STOMACH said, “Without me, your food would not digest.”

The LUNGS bellowed back, “Without me, you couldn’t breathe.”

The EYES blinked, “Without me you could not see.”

The KIDNEYS snorted, “Without me, you could not detoxify and eliminate.”

The COLON meekly spoke up. “I am important. You need me to eliminate all of the garbage from your systems.”

Everyone laughed and made fun of him. “How can you be as important as we are. You’re just a smelly old sewer.”

The poor colon… his feelings were hurt. He turned away, and thought, I’ll show them. HE SHUT DOWN!! Then he sat back and watched what would happen.

The BRAIN was stupefied.

The HEART’S beat was weak.

The ARMS and LEGS were weak and couldn’t move.

The LUNGS breathing was shallow.

The EYES became cloudy.

The KIDNEYS quit.

Then the COLON looked around and decided it was time to call another meeting.

It wasn’t too lively this time, but everyone was in total agreement.



Here are the 6 quick excerpts given by Cancer.org:

1). Get screened for colorectal cancer

2). Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains

3). Get regular exercise

4). Watch your weight

5). Don’t smoke

6). Limit alcohol

Now, for …

It is a known fact that a consistent fitness routine has numerous health benefits, which includes weight control and lowering your risk for several chronic health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Yet according to the American Council on Exercise, only 1 in 4 Americans get the recommended amount of daily exercise, 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week or 20 minutes of intense activity three days a week.

Take Preventative Measures

It is imperative that you check with your doctor before you set out to start any type of fitness program, especially if you have any medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. Your doctor is in a position to evaluate your overall health and make available to you any limitations that might be necessary.

Gear Up

The right type of shoes or clothes for the activity must be worn to put a stop to the many fitness injuries that occur daily when we are not properly informed. Shoes have to be specifically designed to support your type of foot, for the activity you want to do. Be dressed in clothing made with fabric that is designed to pull sweat away from your body. Wear protective gear, such as helmets and knee pads for activities that could have a higher incidence of falling, such as cycling, skating or skiing.

Stay Hydrated

The more active you are, the more fluids your body needs, according to Northwestern Health Sciences University. During one hour of exercise, you can lose 1 qt. of water, so it is important to drink plenty of water, which is considered the best fluid replacement during exercise, before, during and after you workout. Two cups of water about two hours before exercise is sufficient, suggests the American Council on Exercise, as well as 6 to 8 oz. every 20 minutes during exercise. If you are exercising for longer–45 to 90 minutes–consider a sports drink that contains electrolytes to replace those your body has lost.

Don’t Overdo It

While it is true that work out can slow the loss of muscle mass and ease muscle and joint pain, too much of a good thing can be harmful. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons suggests that 30 minutes of moderate exercise, such as walking or riding your bike, provides you with many health benefits, contrary to earlier beliefs that you needed to carry out vigorous exercise to reap any rewards. And although moderate intensity is best, low-impact exercise also is advantageous.


You are setting up yourself for a failure if you think that you can start a fitness routine and work out at a vigorous intensity the first time you enter the gym. Instead, realize that you will need to take things slowly, especially if you have not exercised in the past or if it has been a long time, according to Family Wellness Online. Getting into shape and being able to do the vigorous activities that you want to do will take time and commitment, so be patient with yourself and do not expect too much in the beginning.

Source by Joel Gray

It will come as no surprise to any man to read that an erect penis is typically a vital component of sexual activity. Although a couple can have forms of sex (such as oral sex) in which a partner may be sexually satisfied without an erect penis being present, in most cases that erection is desired – by its owner, if not by his partner. Good penis health routines help to make an erect penis more likely, so gentlemen may wish to consider the following strategies which can be performed throughout the day to keep the penis healthy and more prone to erection.

– Start the day right. Men are familiar with "morning wood," that is waking up with an erect penis. Sometimes, it is an insistently hard erection, but in other cases it may be somewhat softer. In the latter case, try to spend a few minutes stroking the penis into a harder erection. (If there's time, feel free to masturbate to ejaculation.) Some doctors believe that taking advantage of a semi-erection and bringing about a full hard-on helps strengthen the penis.

– Have a cup of Joe. Some scientists believe that there are erectile benefits to caffeine, as it may help penis arteries to expand so that more blood can flow into the penis, thus strengthening its erection. So enjoy that cup of coffee with the knowledge that your penis may thank you for it.

– Plan your daily diet. Eating right is important for the entire body, and general physical health translates into better penis health as well. A diet which sees to an individual's needs through healthy food choices is best. Some scientists also believe that specific flavonoid-rich foods, including apples, pears, berries and oranges, keep the arteries in better shape for blood flow.

– Incorporate meditation breaks. Stress is a huge problem for many men, leading to serious issues including high blood pressure and strokes. Stress is also a killjoy when it comes to an erect penis. Men who experience stress – which often occurs during the workday – should find a way to incorporate 2 or 3 breaks of 5 or 10 minutes each into their day for meditation, which is shown to relieve stress. If finding a way to engage in actual meditation is difficult, try to take a nice walk outside in the sunshine or do a few exercises to release tension.

– Visit the gym. Keeping the heart healthy keeps the penis healthy, so getting an appropriate amount of exercise is crucial. Stopping by the gym on the way home from work and getting in some cardio exercises will keep those penile blood vessels happier and better prepared when a rush of blood is needed. Exercise helps produce nitric oxide, which is useful in artery and vessel expansion.

– Kick butts. If a guy smokes, stopping can be one of the most significant things he can do to improve not just his penis health but his overall health. Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, which is exactly the opposite of what an erect penis wants and needs. Quitting smoking can be difficult, but men who do smoke should take the first step on that road today.

– Brush well. Brushing regularly – at the beginning and end of the day at least – should be part of any dental hygiene routine – as well as of a penis health routine. Why? Plaque caused by gum disease creates inflammation which damages blood vessel cells, even those as far from the mouth as the penis. So brush well to keep the penis well.

Taking steps like these throughout the day can help strengthen the erect penis by improving penis health. That same health also benefits from the daily use of a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Choose a crème with L-arginine, an ingredient which is known to help boost nitric oxide production – which as mentioned earlier is a boon in keeping penile blood vessels open and expanded. In addition, find a crème with alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant which protects penis skin from oxidative …

Metabolic Cooking is definitely an e-book by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier that is meant to assist people drop excess weight and increase metabolic process with their diet plan and cooking technique. Metabolic Cooking only expenses $47 and I believe that is quite inexpensive when compared with all the points you’ll be acquiring with it. For anyone who’ve in no way observed but, Metabolic Cooking is in fact a distinctive wholesome consuming strategy and cooking approach which can make the aspiration arrive exact.

This diet program regime was developed by Dave Ruel, an exceptional fitness instructor, excess weight coaching and wellness fanatic, additionally to his spouse in daily life, Karine Losier, the ‘cooking queen’ who adores bodily physical exercise also as nutritious residing. This technique was developed by Dave Ruel, a fantastic conditioning coach, excess weight coaching and wellness fanatic, too as his companion in daily life, Karine Losier, the ‘cooking queen’ that enjoys fitness and also healthful residing. Managing that which you eat is the important to bodyweight reduction and I believe that acquiring these recipes is really a stage in a great route.

The recipes are the cores of the plan. Complicated recipes with plenty of unheard of substances and complex preparing directions are what flip me from a great deal of ‘healthy’ cookbooks I’ve observed more than the decades. In case you are questioning how you may drop bodyweight with the recipes in the guide, it really is because all of them incorporate substances that have currently been examined and confirmed to assist you to boost your metabolic process..

The cause why Metabolic Cooking may possibly assist you to drop excess weight is that getting these recipes helps make it less difficult to sustain a wholesome consuming system. For any person who’ve by no means observed however, Metabolic Cooking is really an exclusive healthful consuming strategy and cooking approach which helps make the aspiration arrive accurate. That is how the Metabolic Cooking was originated. Karine Losier assisted Ruel is his composing.

Honestly, we’ve all attempted and followed a fantastic variety of bodyweight reduction ideas or ideas and been disappointed, when the meals we’ve got wound up consuming has confirmed dreary too as bland. We’re all trying to uncover some factor distinctive, some factor straightforward, some factor progressive, some thing clean, and some thing that can genuinely purpose and get results to get an alter! Properly, problems fixed — the answer is proper right here.

This diet program regime was developed by Dave Ruel, an outstanding fitness instructor, fat coaching and wellness fanatic, furthermore to his lover in lifestyle, Karine Losier, the ‘cooking queen’ who adores physical physical exercise also as nutritious residing. This approach was developed by Dave Ruel, an excellent conditioning coach, fat coaching and wellness fanatic, also as his spouse in existence, Karine Losier, the ‘cooking queen’ that enjoys fitness and also healthful residing.

The recipes in Metabolic Cooking can purpose for vegetarians and meat eaters. The 2nd portion of Metabolic Cooking provides you a listing of delicious recipes that keep you wholesome. The cause why Metabolic Cooking might enable you to drop excess weight is that getting these recipes tends to make it less difficult to keep a healthful consuming program.

Source by Elisa Pina

Most guys would like some tips on improving their sexual techniques, especially if it’s coming from someone who knows what they are talking about. Do you ever wonder how do pornstars last so long? I know I did. One of the most important ways to get better in bed is to learn about delaying ejaculation, so you can keep going until she is more than satisfied.

Now I am no more a pornstar than I am a Nobel Prize winning physicist. Luckily though, I do have some contacts in the film industry and through them I have managed to talk to some of male stars of the adult entertainment industry. Like anyone, if you buy them a few beers and explain your problems they are happy to help. I felt the information I managed to gain from these talks was just too important to keep to myself, so I thought I’d share it here.

Tip 1

Just like any sport, if you want to get better, you have to train at it. These guys told me that when they first started, they could last only as long as any one else. But they had an incentive to get better at it, they’d get paid more. The trick is to practice, lots. And at first, that means practicing by yourself. So if you want to last longer, work at it by yourself, but be disciplined. Go as long as you can, but stay in control.

Tip 2

Lube up and wear condoms. These are great ideas anyway, both to make things better for you and her, but also to protect against infections as well as pregnancy, but there’s another benefit. If you use them right the condom/lube combo will lessen the sensation for you but also make her more slippery, so you feel less friction. Combine this with a technique like her on top but lying against you and you can almost eliminate the most dramatic movements that get so many guys in trouble.

Tip 3

While you are still mastering things, if you happen to finish too quickly, stay confident. Never apologise, look the girl in the eye and just keep at it. You might have to use your fingers or other body parts but if she doesn’t seem satisfied, keep going. In no time at all you’ll be ready to go again and there’s no bigger turn off for a girl than a guy feeling guilty, or feeling sorry for himself. Everybody slips up, the real trick is not to let it affect you.

So there’s 3 quick and easy tips for how pornstars last so long. Use them and you can help to delay your own ejaculation, but also increase her enjoyment

Source by S N Miller

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