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The Last of Us is tremendous, to say the least. It is an unforgettable masterpiece of a game, with a truly beautiful setting, one that displays hopelessness in a way unlike any other. The world is full of plant overgrowth, detailed walls and streets, and amazing character design. The presentation is captivating. It grabs you by the arms and pulls you to the edge of your seat.

Naughty Dog fails to disappoint with undoubtedly the best game they have made, and that’s saying a lot. If Uncharted 2 set the bar, The Last of Us jumped six feet over. The Last of Us was a fire that burns and will burn as long as there is one little spark. The Last of Us had high expectations that all started with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, but in that time, we gamers have had the chance to see Naughty Dog evolve and grow. And we are very happy they did.

This game is story-telling at its finest with Neil Drukkman and Bruce Stratley taking control of this project. The less you know about this game, the better. If I were you, I wouldn’t even watch the trailers. In short, a man is hired to deliver a package to the Fireflies, a group of survivors trying to change the world. The package, though, is a girl. Joel and Ellie must take a trip across the country in order for Ellie to be delivered to the Fireflies.That is all I can say about the story.

Gameplay, last but not least, is also amazing. It can be difficult and even frustrating at times, but that’s the beauty of it. It all pays off. You, as the player, want to go through hell just to see a conversation between Joel and Ellie. The shooting mechanics are great, as is the hide-n-seek and cat-n-mouse tactics. Health is difficult to come by, as you must get the materials needed to craft a health kit. Everything is in real-time, though, so you can’t be in the midst of bullets entering your body to pause the action and use your health kit. You must find cover or be unseen by foes. Now the enemies include the terrifying clickers (blind but great hearing infected), runners (fast but deaf infected), humans, and more. To sum up, The Last of Us is a must-buy. I would recommend it to anyone that I know.


Source by SD Moriarty


Where is the best place to wear my pedometer? This is a question that is asked often. There has been considerable discussion about this topic, but until a study was performed to find the answer to this question, the best place to wear the pedometer was a guess.

The latest pedometers are called “pocket pedometers” and the manufacturers claim that you can drop them in your pants pocket and they will perform very well. They can also be worn on your hip, around your neck, and in your shirt pocket.

A group of researchers designed an experiment to determine the accuracy of these new “pocket” pedometers. The article from the experiment stated, “The purpose of this investigation was to examine the validity of step counts measured with the Omron HJ-112 pedometer and to assess the effect of pedometer placement.”

The results of the experiment were published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: April 2009 – Volume 41 – Issue 4 – pp 805-809. The article is entitled Validity of the Omron HJ-112 Pedometer during Treadmill Walking.

The study used ninety-two subjects (44 males and 48 females); 71 with a varying body mass index [BMI].

The placement of the pedometer made a difference as follows:

  • Hip mounting produced the smallest random error (1.2%)
  • Shirt pocket was next (1.7%)
  • Hanging around the neck (2.2%)
  • In the pants pocket (5.8%).

The conclusion of the study was “The Omron HJ-112 pedometer validly assesses steps in different BMI groups during constant- and variable-speed walking; other than that in the pants pocket, placement of the pedometer has little effect on validity.”

So next time you get ready to head out on your walk, remember that your pedometer will record the most accurate results if you have it attached to your waist band or your belt on your hip. The study indicated that a “pocket” pedometer did not measure most accurately in your pocket.

For more information about best pedometers, read the resource information at the end of this article.


Source by John V. W. Howe


The kind of lab coat that a health care worker wears tells his or her position in the industry, and the length spells hierarchy. MDs before were the only ones who get to wear long lab coats. And as the it gets shorter, it means lower position in the hierarchy. Only nurses were allowed to wear three-quarter sleeves, while the mid-length are for other residents of a hospital or clinic. If you’re but an intern, you can only wear a shorter one. Realizing the importance of a lab coat in patient care eventually ruined this taboo.

Today, hospital staff gets to choose whatever style and color they want to wear like how they freely choose of their medical scrubs, except for those working in medical institutions that still uphold a more traditional culture. Physicians don’t care much about whether they are wearing the one that fits in the so called lab coat etiquette. In fact, many of them purchase the consultation type, which are basically the shortest among the selections in the market. And if nurses were only allowed to wear those three-fourth sleeves, they can now use full-length versions of whatever color of their choice just like that. Even interns and students can do so as well.

Clinical educators, experienced doctors, and the new generation of nurses even favor amount of stain in these medical wears as basis of superiority. It has become a joke that the more kaleidoscope one’s lab coat looks, the more senior that person is. Whether it meant hard work, experience, full work load, or the other way around, you could easily tell when you’re in the health care industry.

Comfort, fashion, and capacity to protect its wearer are the basis of choosing lab coat, not the length anymore. Those who always have overwhelming tasks ahead of them usually choose the basic styles to be sure they are comfortable all day long. They may wear them along with medical scrubs that feature soil release system to avoid the hassles cleaning of stubborn stains. Some choose to have cotton-made for that doubtless comfort. Others prefer the fashionable designs, ensuring that they look perfect and really professional. Still others want the best protection of antimicrobial system, knowing they work in an environment where harmful pathogens are easily picked. There are also those that need specialized types of lab coat such as those with ESD and anti-stat.


Source by Mecheil Smith


The nurse care planning process is an important aid in the treatment of patients. In turn it creates a systematic care plan approach which with the inclusion of other health care professionals allows the patients the best route to full fitness. When used effectively, the nurse planning process offers many advantages to the health care environment:

  • It’s patient-centred, helping to ensure that your patient’s health problems and his response to them are the primary focus of care.
  • It enables you to individualise care for each individual patient.
  • It promotes the patient’s participation in their care, encourages independence and concordance and gives the patient a greater sense of control – important factors in a positive health outcome. (See Putting the ‘P’ in planning.)
  • It improves communication by providing you and other nurses with a summary of the patient’s recognised problems or needs so you all work towards the same goals.
  • It promotes accountability for nursing activities, which in turn promotes quality assurance and quality health care provision.
  • It promotes critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving for the benefits of health care provision.
  • It’s outcome-focused and encourages the evaluation of results.
  • It minimises errors and omissions in care planning.

Basis for the nursing care planning process The nurse care planning process is based on the scientific method of problem-solving, which involves:

  • stating the problem you observed
  • forming a hypothesis about the solution to the problem (‘if… then’ statements)
  • developing a method to test the hypothesis
  • collecting the test data
  • analysing the data
  • drawing conclusions about the hypothesis.

A scientific fact Most people use the scientific method instinctively, without being aware they’re doing it. Simply picking out which pair of shoes best complements your favourite outfit is an exercise in the scientific method. So if you’re familiar with the scientific process, the nursing planning process probably seems familiar. Nursing process steps. The nursing planning process encompasses five steps:

  1. assessment
  2. nursing diagnosis
  3. planning
  4. implementation
  5. evaluation

Following these steps systematically in the order shown here enables you to organise and prioritise patient care in the order that is needed – especially critical for the novice nursing student. It also helps ensure that you don’t skip or overlook important patient information. When used correctly, the nursing planning process ensures that the care plan is revised when new problems arise or patient outcomes remain unmet. It also allows the nurse care plan to be discontinued when patient outcomes have been met.


Source by Iain S Surman


Anybody who has heard of wheatgrass would know that it is often taken as fresh juice or shots. While the health benefits of taking wheatgrass have been well known for centuries, what is less well-known is that wheatgrass may be used topically, i.e., on the skin to treat a range of injuries and conditions.

There is still debate as to exactly what the active ingredient is in wheatgrass but some highly respected wheatgrass researchers term it the Grass Juice Factor (GJF). While chlorophyll has terapeutic properties, it rapidly breaks down on exposure to light and so is unlikely to be the healing promoter found in wheatgrass extracts. Until a better term is coined I’ll continue to refer to this healing promoter as the GJF.

Dr Chris Reynolds is one of many doctors who have been convinced of the effectiveness of wheatgrass in the treatment of patients. He is a practicing doctor and after more than 20 years in the profession he was becoming discouraged. He became a doctor to heal people but was finding that most modern drugs do not cure people. By chance he came across some research on wheatgrass and started to use it in his practice. The results were astounding to say the least.

Dr Reynolds had a young woman carried into his office. She had fallen down some stairs and sprained her ankle resulting in such severe pain that she could not walk. The normal treatment would be to apply an ice pack, pressure bandages and give her crutches for a few days. Instead he applied wheatgrass mixed in a cream to the ankle. Twenty minutes later she was able to limp out of the office without crutches. The next day the swelling was gone and she was able to walk with minimal pain.

On another occasion Dr Reynolds was in the change room at half time with his local football team. One of the players had received a severe blow to the head causing a large bruise. (Okay you could argue that this is not soft tissue but rather a hard head.) Normally the bruise would have been treated with ice although ice itself can cause further tissue damage. Instead Dr Reynolds applied wheatgrass cream to the bruise. Less than 24 hours later the bruise was completely gone.

Despite reading about these fantastic results, I was not entirely convinced about the effectiveness of wheatgrass until i had tried it myself. Some time later the opportunity arose when two of my children had some bruising. One had a bruise that she got in a fall while playing and the other had a bruise from a tick which had lodged just under the eye and been removed. Both bruises were gently covered with wheatgrass cream. When I saw the children about 2 hours later the bruising on both was gone.

Wheatgrass is truly one of nature’s great secrets. As time goes on, researchers are discovering more and more amazing properties. And it is reassuring to see medical practitioners who are promoting it as they have a lot of experience in treating people for many injuries.

Best of all you do not need to buy wheatgrass products from a pharmacist. If you have the time and the inclination you can make some natural wheatgrass remedies at home. Of course, having products available off the shelf can be very convenient.


Source by Michael D. Byrne


A successful home gym must enable and motivate you to start and sustain a good workout program from the comfort of your home. After all, the entire idea is to be able to let go of that pricey gym club membership and work out when you feel like it. By working out at home, you can get onto your elliptical, do your program and move on with your life without having to devote half a day to the program. There are many great home gym units that back that aspiration. Among the best is the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer because it has what you require to get in shape at home but it does not stress the budget to own one.

An Extraordinary Work Out for the Occasional User or the Health Nut – No matter your objectives of beginning an exercise program, the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer is constructed to assist you in finding success. That means that for the parents who merely want to get their daily exercise, the Elliptical Trainer is a good well-made but if there is a serious exercise enthusiast in the household, they can get a effective workout too. Whatever the goal, the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer assists the user with a solid 30-pound drive system that makes your workout, forward or backward a flowing experience. The home gym is exceptionally secure because of added ball bearings at every pivot point and the user can keep tabs on his or her heart rate with pulse sensors that can be accessed from the fingertips.

Allowing the Machine Adjust the Pace – the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer can help you figure out where you are in your fitness plan and provide a preset training program to help you excel. This is intelligent engineering because it means you do not need to plan your workout from the ground up. This Elliptical Cross Trainer is like a personal trainer in machine form with ideas from the included plans that you can change or adapt to fit your goals for getting in shape and staying that way.

The Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review – Unfavorable Aspects

It Makes You Wonder – The Monitor on the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a little puzzling at first. You will figure it out and get used to it but it might be puzzling when you are first getting used to the machine.

A Few Assembly Defects – The plastic coverings that are installed on the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer do not fit perfectly in place. So the installation is not as snug as you might like.


Source by Kevin Kapsi


Exergaming is the current video-games craze which combines the input and output devices of a video-game console and the physical exertion of exercise. PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii game consoles provide innovative entertainment for the health conscious gaming enthusiast, the exergamer.

PlayStation 3


Bodypad is a set of control pads strapped to the arms and legs of the exergamer. Instead of pressing buttons, the pads controls the fighting moves of the avatars in the action-packed games like Tekken.

Dance, Dance, Revolution

DDR has the action of the hottest dance club with lights and pumped up mixes and you are the star of the dance floor. You’re the coolest thing since John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever because you’re losing pounds while making hot moves.

Nintendo Wii

Deca Sports is a series of ten games of progressive difficulty. Exergamers enjoy the spirit of competition and the benefits of exercise while playing Badminton, Curling, Figure Skating, Kart Racing, Snowboarding, and Motocross.

Active Life – Outdoor Challenge

Active Life is a combination of software, Life Mat, and various Wii Controls which gives you the experiences and benefits of cross-country running and jumping without leaving your game room.

Wii Sports and Wii Fit

Wii Fit and Wii Sports has a floor pad to convey movements and tracks the exergamers weight, body mass index, and exercise regimen to create a personal profile.Wii Sports uses a motion censor to make tennis and boxing as real as it can be, including aches and pains from overexertion.

Exergaming with Wii Fit takes off the pounds with less aggressive activities then Wii Sports with strength training, Yoga, aerobics, and balance games.

Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatum 2009

Jillian Michael of the Biggest Loser franchise helps exergamers sweat off pounds with this fitness program.

All Star Cheer Squad

Wave your pom poms and shake your booty, plus work on balance and poise, for an all-around workout. This exergame fulfills the fantasy of being a cheerleader without the drama of teenage angst.

Xbox 360

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Motion Sports in conjunction with the Xbox 360 Kinect peripheral allows the exergamer a hands-free motion-sensing game controller. Kinect works using a camera mounted on the television which tracks body movements. Your Shape has various levels for target fitness such as upper body strengthening, cardio rate, and toning abs.

The Biggest Loser has the benefit of a personal trainer, lifestyle modification, nutritional counseling, without the humiliation of national exposure.


Source by Robbie Turnbull


Why CrossFit May Be The Best Exercise Program For 2019

As the New Year approaches I thought it was time to decide if I tweak my workout program or stick with what has been working in 2018. I know the newest and best exercise programs seem to surface about this time of year and I want to dig deeper into why I think CrossFit is not only the beat workout, but why it might even be the only workout you need.

Let’s start with the science behind a good workout program.

As you are probably aware, muscle cells, or any cells for that matter, require oxygen to live and thrive. As oxygen enters the cell, toxins or waste exit the cell. The releasing of the waste is enabled by muscle contraction. Without he contractions, cell transport is hindered and you can even get a buildup of toxins around the cell wall. If this occurs, a person will lose flexibility and general health. Therefor, let’s agree exercise is a powerful way to enhance your body down to even the cellular level.

There are two types of exercise, aerobic and anaerobic, Aerobic involves constant intake of oxygen during the exercise. Anaerobic will only have little to short bursts of oxygen during exercise. Examples of aerobic exercise include, long distance running, swimming, biking, or even walking. These type of exercises require oxygen for fuel to maintain the activity. Anaerobic exercises are short bursts of activity and usually involve a high level of muscular contraction without steady intake of oxygen. Anaerobic exercises would be like weightlifting or sprinting.

What components should a workout regimen include?

A good regular exercise program should include aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility training, and strength training. You might be saying, “Don’t you have strength training covered by just lifting or running? Also, isn’t flexibility training just my normal stretching?” Yes, but your strength training should include explosive, holding, and endurance strength. Flexibility training includes movement of the body in all planes, not just the muscles you are working out. Yoga would be a good example of flexibility training.

A good exercise program often includes like minded people to push and hold you accountable.

Research has shown many people quite their exercise program after a short amount of time because they feel alone or unmotivated. A good, consistent workout schedule should include a mentor or partner. This person will push you beyond your limits and hold you accountable to showing up and striving toward your goals. Believe it or not, your mind will stop looking for excuses to lift less or skip workouts when you know you are expected to be there and perform to your ability. Going to exercise classes often helps you actually schedule your workout vs trying to fit it in after other commitments are met.

What about diet and supplements tailored to a workout?

Another important aspect of an exercise program. Fuel for your body and nutrients to assist muscle recovery are necessary. With a proper diet and nutritional supplements, fatigue and plateauing is minimized. Frequency of injury is also minimized.

Okay, what exercise program(s) are best for 2019?

Just like 2018, the best workout for 2019 is CrossFit. Why just that? Why not use a mixture of programs? Simple answer is CrossFit includes everything we just talked about. A good CrossFit workout uses aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It has all the methods of strength training and includes flexibility programs. You are exercising with like-minded individuals that will push you to be your best. The diet and nutritional components associated with CrossFit are second to none. For example, Paleo diets have become a CrossFit staple.

In closing, I’m not telling you that CrossFit is the only workout program you should do. But, CrossFit include all the ingredients for a healthy, safe, and long-term exercise lifestyle.

Be your best,

The CrossFit Team


Source by Greg S Gruba


India Today is the # 1 weekly news magazine in India. The magazine is published by Living Media India Limited, which has been a part of the India Today Group since 1975. The publication has its headquarters in New Delhi. The magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Aroon Purie; has held this position since its inception in 1975. The magazine has a sister publication of the same name in Hindi. Apart from the two, it is also published in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, which are regional languages ​​of South India.

India Today upholds its brand name by covering news without dread or favor; the magazine offers content with great insights, thoroughness, accuracy, and an all-rounded view on several subjects, including: politics, economy, science, technology, lifestyle, arts, entertainment, travel, and health. Owing to their outstanding content, the magazine continues to be India's most widely read publication for more than a decade.

The magazine dishes out the latest news on current affairs, politics, business, sports especially cricket, and cinema, from India and around the world. You can also catch up with the latest from Hollywood, Bollywood, regional film industries and TV channels in India. Incidentally, there is an India Today International edition to reach out to Indians across the world. The circulation has increased from 5000 copies in 1975 to 1.1 million copies today, boasting a readership of over 5.62 million – making it the largest selling magazine in Asia.

The magazine is a part of the India Today Group which includes 13 magazines, 3 radio stations, 4 TV channels, 1 newspaper, a classical music label (Music Today), book publishing and India's only book club. The magazine shares a very special relationship with their subscribers: going beyond that of a publisher and reader. It is a relationship grounded on the common need to remain enlightened with an understanding of India.

It remains the undisputed leader in the news magazine category. Because of this belief, the world looks to India Today as something to judge Indian journalism by, in terms of integrity and ability to bring unbiased and fine distinctions from a region in the world that offers most diversity and perplexity. The magazine has become a household name by delivering news and influencing minds, it is also the flagship brand of India's leading multidimensional media group. India Today formulates the most exploring questions in order to provide the clearest answers.

The readership of millions for the magazine was made possible largely with digital publishing. The reach of a digital magazine is worldwide as compared to the demographic constrictions of print. There are plenty of options in mobile devices and their operating systems, including: iOS, Android, Windows, and Symbian; You also have the option of the web and newsstand apps that are used to view, download and read magazines. With a click of a button, millions of readers can access magazines from different parts of the world, on smart devices through the internet. Most of the apps are free to download for the user; who only needs to pay for the subscriptions to the magazines they choose. Because of this publishers are also able to offer competent prices to the user.

So let's do our part for nature by reducing the consumption of printed materials and turn to digital media. You get to store your India Today digital subscription in the cloud and read all copies of the e-magazine whenever and wherever you want: just because you can!


Source by Peter Ducker


There has always been a debate for decades over whether cardio training or strength training is better for you. The reality is you need both. Your body will not depend on just a single branch of exercise to work. Cardio and strength workouts come with their own set of benefits, and each supports the other and enhances your overall fitness performance. It is suggested that adults perform at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity daily, and engage in strength training at least twice per week. These recommendations from the American Heart Association suffice for 30 minutes per day, or 150 minutes per week, of physical related activity which can be easy as going for a run around the block and hitting the gym with some weights.

Benefits of strength training
Weight training builds big muscle and helps to strengthen the connective tissues in your body, and that goes far towards injury prevention. Not only will it help with everyday chores and aging bodies but you'll also improve your posture, balance, and stability. Weight training helps shape your body and metabolizes fat faster. Following strength training, your metabolism remains higher for an elongated period of time (unlike cardio which halts as soon as your heart rate drops), in return burning more calories after your workout. Furthermore muscle expends more energy to maintain than fat does, so in return you'll burn more calories while at rest by adding some muscle to your frame.

Benefits of cardio training
Cardio training improves your body's ability to process and use a higher content of oxygen, increases your lungs capacity, and improves your overall fitness level to help you live longer and have a healthier heart. Even when the top body builders started to train they began to recognize the high level of importance of adding cardiovascular training into their workouts aiding them in increased blood-flow to the muscles as well as speeding the muscle breakdown healing process and recovery through workouts. Cardio training elevates your heart rate in the short term, with benefits like lower blood pressure and a decreased resting heart rate, which results in less effort for the heart and any future diseases.

A properly designed and rounded workout routine comes with an abundance of mental and physical benefits. Exercise releases endorphin's under stress, which helps aid stress, tension and anxiety, as well as increasing blood flow to the brain, to help you function at higher levels. Risks of illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer can be decreased by performing healthy related activities. Exercise helps maintain muscle mass and strengthen bone density, both of which decline as we age. Staying active will not only give us a better way of life but a longer and healthier one.


Source by Albert Quintana

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