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Creators Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne have created a new weight loss program called 24/7 Fat Loss and they combined the best of both worlds by implementing strategic dieting and training principals into the system. If you're unaware who Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne are they are both considered fitness gurus in the health world and they both were regularly featured in both magazines and radio besides being certified personal trainers and nutritionists. They are authors of other successful program such as Turbulence Training and the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet and have also combined forces on the new project called 24/7 Fat Loss with the basic premise of rapid fat loss for permanent gains. This is going to be a great program for people who are looking to jumpstart their weight loss journey and I highly recommend it to learn the basic principles of long-term weight loss so you don't end up wasting your time.

First let's talk about the training system in 24/7 Fat Loss and this was created by Craig Ballantyne which is considered his specialty. The workout system revolves around metabolic resistance training and high intensity interval training which have both been proven through research to burn more fat than any other kind of training. The trade-off with these kind of workouts though is that they're much more intense and it will take people a little bit time to progress up to the level of difficulty they require. The huge bonus is that you'll burn more fat for longer periods of time while also getting the workouts done in less time as well. Some of the basic principles of the 24/7 Fat Loss training program are lifting heavier weights, or the case for beginners just their body weight, for longer periods of time with shorter rest periods. Even just by doing more sprinting you can burn fat for up to 38 hours following your workout as your body works hard to bring itself back to the state it was before such an intense workout.

Joel Marion takes over for the diet part of 24/7 Fat Loss and he also does a great job of detailing the highly effective rapid fat burning nutrition program. He is also the author of numerous dieting programs and he doesn't fail to bring the good stuff on dieting in this program. The basis of the nutrition program is through carbohydrate cycling while also eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day and controlling your calorie intake. As an example one day you may have a Cheat Day which basically means he can eat anything that you want in order to raise levels of the hormone leptin so your body will be in prime fat burning mode, but the next day you won't be allowed see anything because this is the day your body will be able to burn the most fat. But you won't be fasting everyday because 24/7 Fat Loss is a lot smarter than that and they'll have you cycling through moderate to high carbohydrate days so you don't end up going crazy.

Overall I found the 24/7 Fat Loss system to be highly effective way to jumpstart your metabolism so you can start burning fat fast but also the program teaches you how to keep it off permanently so you don't have any rebound weight gain. Most programs don't go as in depth as this weight loss program and that's why they creators have placed a higher price tag on this advanced training and dieting program. If you're serious about losing weight fast then you have to consider the price as an investment on your health and in your confidence for the future. 24/7 Fat Loss will not work if you're lazy or if you're looking for a magic pill because it is going to take some work and preparation but if you're willing to do that then you'll reap the rewards of success.

Source by Josh Schlottman

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