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Is he healthy? One way to tell is by checking out the person’s body weight. Doing this is simple – he would just have to go on a weighing scale, and that’s it. But, how does he tell if this weight is healthy or not? Basically, one way to do so is through the weight calculator.

The Scoop on: The Healthy Weight Calculator

Weight calculators are basically those devices that are used to help in determining if a given person’s body weight is still healthy or if he would now have to do some steps in order to either bring it down or put up some weight. Healthy weight calculators basically work by means of certain formulas that have been zeroed in by weight loss and weight gain experts in determining the body’s ideal weight. Among these are the body mass index or BMI, the Devine and the Robinson formula, the Met Life Table, and yes, the people’s choice.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

The body mass index, or the BMI, basically tells a body’s health factor by means of the person’s height and weight. The basic formula for the BMI is the person’s mass divided by the squared height of the person. The mass should be in kilograms, while the height should be in meters. There are also formulas that one could use in case the stats a person has is pounds for the weight and inches for the height.

Through the body mass index, one would be able to tell if his weight is still healthy if he gets a result of 19 up to 25 from the weight calculator that makes use of the BMI calculation technique.

The Devine Formula

Under the Devine formula, there are ideal weights for men as well as for the women. For the males, the computation is as follows: 50 kg plus 2.3 kg multiplied by the (Height in inches minus 60). For the females, this is how it is calculated: 45.5 kg plus 2.3 kg multiplied by the (Height in inches minus 60). However, the Devine formula is usually accurate only for those who are at least or higher than five feet in height.

The Met Life Table Formula

The Met Life Table mechanism, on the other hand, calculates the ideal body weight based on predetermined values for each height and frame. However, since this was drafted way back in the late 1970s, it is not as accurate as it should have been now.

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