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Would you like to know how to get the most out of fishing? A big part of the answer to that question is to use good equipment. There is nothing worse than have dodgy gear that lets you down and ends in frustration. We are going to look at three excellent reels that cover a wide range of angling options. These fishing reels are ideal for fresh water or saltwater fishing. For some reason the Japanese manufacturers dominate the limelight with reels from Daiwa and Shimano.

Recommended fishing pleasure #1 is the Shimano Sustain FE 5000. This reel will not weigh you down at only 13.9 oz. The Sustain comes in a variety of models. Reels in the range have different weight, line capacity, price and drag pressure.

The stand-out thing about the Sustain reel, once you get past its quality look and strong construction, is the smoothness of its operation. At the end of the day, what an angler is looking for most in a reel that is a pleasure to use. Because the quality of your angling experience all comes down to how well the reel will allow you to cast and to land fish. Clever design and a titanium coating on the spool lip allow the line to spill effortlessly off the reel. You immediately notice how much extra distance you get on a cast without having to whip the rod forcefully. The next best thing about this fishing reel is the drags. Operation of the drag is defined by its smoothness. No problem with snatching or jerking here. The reel is so much fun when you hook up to a powerful fish. It absorbs the runs so smoothly without ever letting the pressure off.

You will not experience any line twist problems either and the bail arm doesn’t close unexpectedly. Combine this with good seals to stop the moisture getting in you have eliminate a lot of the things that can spoil your fishing experience. Shimano have given maximum strength to the handle by machining it out of one piece of aluminum and attaching it directly to the gears. This reel is not cheap at around $270 but the quality and fishing satisfaction it offers make it well worth the price.

If a spinning reel is not your thing then Shimano has some great drum style options. An outstanding example is the Shimano Calcutta TE. Here is a beautiful lightweight reel that packs in the benefits. These include a good line capacity thanks to levelwind and a drag that allows fine adjustment. It weighs in at a light 12.8 oz and costs around $360.

This is a very attractive reel with a low durable maintenance finish. Good looks isn’t the only thing this reel has going for it. Although this is a completely different style of reel to the Sustain it lives up to its bait casting label. Its a beauty to cast and makes you feel and look good. The oversized drag is made from a Dartanium and offers very smooth and effective performance. Even though the reel does not weigh much it still exerts a powerful 16 lbs of drag pressure It would be hard to beat this reel for sheer fun and ease of use. When you get hooked up to 45 pounds of fighting fish you will know that your money was well spent because the reel is up for this kind of workout.

Sure the price is at the high end of the scale for a reel in this class, but so is the performance and quality which makes it good value for the money spent. If you are wanting a reel that will continue to provide fishing enjoyment for a long time to come then this reel would be a good choice as long as periodic maintenance is carried out.

The final reel in our review is in a different class from the first two. Also produced by a Japanese company, the Daiwa Saltiga Expedition is an extraordinary reel designed for big fish. With 66 lbs of drag this reel has serious grunt. Not the kind of power you normally associate with a spinning reel. Anyone into hunting big fish will be interested in this product. It will haul a big bass out of heavy cover or be equally at home hooked up to one of the bruisers of the sea. One of the toughest materials available is marine bronze, and Daiwa have used a precision digital cutting technique to fashion this material for the main drive gear. Daiwa call this feature Digigear which results in extremely fine tolerances and flawless matching of the gear faces. The reel body has been cleverly designed to seal out water. This has been accomplished by making the aluminum housing very rigid to eliminate flexing. There is a string of other features including 14 super corrosion resistant ball bearings, ultra-tuff one piece handle and a saltwater proof hyper-tournament drag.

There is a ton of cranking power with the handle and gearing setup and drag system is superbly smooth and strong. Most reels can’t be washed down without the risk of water penetrating the housing. No problem with the Saltiga which has been designed so you can wash it off and remove any trace of saltwater. Daiwa have put in a special drain on the underside of the reel so you can wash it off good without causing any damage. This will provide less maintenance and longer service. Its what you want to hear when you are parting with a large chunk of money to buy a top performing reel. Corrosion is probably arch enemy number one for fishing reels.

And that about sums it up. For the most angling fun possible one of these three reels should do the job superbly.

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Source by Chris R Johnston

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