Formadrol Extreme XL from LG Sciences is promoted as an anti-aromatase, anti-estrogen and a testosterone boosting agent. It contains a complex of ingredients that each work in a unique pathway for obtaining the desired outcome. Anti-aromatase agents have been around for many years and they have been shown in human clinical trials to boost testosterone, which is the goal of most men over 18 who are into bodybuilding.

The first ingredients in Formadrol Extreme are called aromatase inhibitors. The enzyme aromatase is responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. In men, this has a dual function of reducing your natural testosterone and also increasing the female hormone estrogen. Body fat contains a high amount of this enzyme, making chubby men more likely to have high estrogen levels.

3-beta-3-hydroxy-urs-12-ene-28-oic acid and 2-Penyl-benzo{h}chromen-4-one are both plant based aromatase inhibitors. They have slightly different functions since 3-beta-3-hydroxy-urs-12-ene-28-oic acid seems to be a suicide inhibitor based on its structure and 2-Penyl-benzo{h}chromen-4-one is a competitive inhibitor. These stop the enzyme from converting testosterone to estrogen, thus reducing the female hormone estrogen and increasing the male hormone testosterone. This testosterone boosting effect is something that is prized by bodybuilders who wish to increase their male hormones!

Sodium caprylate is a natural fatty acid that has been shown in preliminary studies to make the androgen receptor more sensitive. This ingredient should help the higher testosterone levels work better by giving them more of an effect!

Highly Standardized Ellagic Acid was shown in preliminary studies to be a natural SERM. SERM’s block the effects of estrogen at the receptor, which can also impact the ability to boost testosterone and also reduce the effects of the female hormones.

Ginger extract has been shown in animal studies to boost the testicular ability to make testosterone. This will help increase the ability of the body to produce testosterone resulting from the signaling of the aromatase inhibitors.

Luteolin, Quercetin and Piperine help all of the other ingredients make it through the gut and may help them be more active in the bloodstream.

Formadrol is used to help men above 18 boost their testosterone levels to the highest possible human range. Because of the performance enhancing benefits of high testosterone, anti-aromatase agents are banned by Olympic athletes so anyone in sports should be careful to make sure that there isn’t a ban on aromatase inhibitors.

For anyone looking to boost testosterone to the highest possible human levels and take advantage of the extra performance benefit and sexual benefits of higher testosterone, then Formadrol is a good product.

Formadrol can also be used after a cycle of andro or anabolic steroids to help the testes recover more quickly. This is called PCT or “post cycle therapy”. It is used in the LG Sciences Trifecta Stack for this purpose.

Formadrol Extreme is a very potent mix of testosterone boosting herbs and should be very good for any male over 18 who wishes to reduce estrogen and boost testosterone. It is available online or at numerous retail stores for a reasonable price of $25-35 and should last 30 days.

The Formadrol Extremem side effects are typical of supplements that boost testosterone. They include the potential for increased acne, potential for hair loss and the potential for increased aggression. Formadrol Extreme XL was simply a larger, 90 count sized bottle for one retail customer, but now all bottles of Formadrol are the XL version.

Like every supplement results using Formadrol Extreme XL depend on proper diet and exercise.


Source by Erin Raad