Antioxidants, pH and alkalinity are terms that are being used more and more when it comes to health benefits. However, most people are confused by these terms, let alone how they relate to your health.

First off, I will give you a simple description of each of these terms: Antioxidants, pH and alkalinity. Then I will summarize for you what this means to your health as well as what you can do to fight disease and illness. And finally, I will give you a free eBook that will give you an even better understanding of these terms, and the role they play on your health as well as a simpler way to help you achieve optimum health by drinking the right kind of water and eating the right kinds of foods.

  • Antioxidants are molecules that protect you from environmental factors such as pollution, the sun, and toxins in your food and water. Antioxidants are substances such as vitamins C and E, beta carotene and selenium that slow the aging process and give your body the tools to heal already damaged cells. “Anti-oxidants” are the opposite of “oxidants.” Oxidants create unstable molecules called “free radicals” that cause damage to your cells and DNA which in turn lead to disease and premature aging. Oxidation is the rust on a pipe or what happens to an apple after you cut it and leave it out on the counter- it oxidizes, the apple turns brown, it starts to rot. Oxidation leads to disease! The more “antioxidants” you can get the better off you are! Add antioxidants and alkalinity and you have the keys to live a disease-free life.
  • Ph stands for “potential hydrogen” and is a value measured on the Ph scale from 0.0-14.0 with 7.0 being neutral. Any number under 7.0 is acidic, and any number above 7.0 is alkaline. Ph is simply a measure of how acid or alkaline a substance is. People test their swimming pools, fish aquariums, ponds, and soil for Ph and alkalinity levels. You need to test your body fluids. If its important for fish and soil then its important for you. After all your body is 70% water. Most people take better care of their fish than they do their own bodies.
  • Alkalinity is the opposite of acidic. It has a Ph above 7.0 (neutral). It has the ability to buffer and neutralize acids. The higher the Ph measurement of a certain alkaline substance the more buffering or neutralizing power it has on acid. The main thing to know is that Alkalinity neutralizes acids and that leads to a healthier you. You can begin to achieve alkalinity by eating primarily alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water. Alkaline foods are also typically high in antioxidants as well.

All food, when eaten, metabolizes into acid in your body. Pollution, pesticides on your food and other contaminants also metabolize into acid. Too much acid creates an environment that invites disease and allows disease to thrive in your body. An acidic environment feeds disease making it virtually worse and impossible to get rid of. You can find pH test strips online or at your local drug store. Test your urine and saliva for alkalinity to see just how acidic you are. Your body pH should range from 6.5 to 7.0 pH throughout the day. Eat foods and drink water high in alkalinity and antioxidants.


Source by Nina Meister