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The fitness world is like a world filled with different sorts of candy for a little kid, so obviously this little kid will be distracted by all the fancy colours and designs, and the kid will want to try out all the candy at the same time. This will create a problem, one is that the kid will have a very difficult time finding their favourite candy, two the kid will be eating so much candy at the same time that by the time he is tasting the 10th candy, he has already forgotten about the first candy which he might have also enjoyed eating, and given more time and consumption that candy would have been the kids favourite. How is this connected to working out or fitness in general? Worry not for I will tell you below.

Spoilt for Choice in Fitness

Just like in the land of candy you have many choices in the fitness world. There are many methods to get in shape, there are many that work and many that do not work in the promised period of time. Getting fit and in shape is about finding the perfect candy for yourself. Let us look at your options in fitness land. You could hire a personal trainer, who can then design a workout program and diet specifically for you, that is if you can afford a personal trainer. Alternatively you could train from home using bodyweight training, but you would have to do some research into the best bodyweight exercises for each of your body parts such as legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders and abs. If you are the type of person that needs to be told what to do and how to do it, if you need that push you would get from a personal trainer but you cannot afford one then your best option would be to buy one of those home workout DVD’s.

The other route is to use the internet to find great websites and videos to help you get in shape for free, you could spend hours looking for great website with good information for you to use and search YouTube for some great YouTube channels that share home workouts and workouts you can do at the gym to best achieve your fitness goals. And finally in fitness land there is always the fitness magazines which are updated monthly with different workouts and diets for readers to try out. As you can see there are way too many options to try out in fitness land just like in candy land, this could leave one confused and not knowing what to do, but I can definitely tell you this much, trying out all the flashy new workouts is definitely not the way to go.

How to have a Focused Approach to Working Out

As I have just proven above, you are spoilt for choice in the fitness world so the first thing you do is figure out what sort of a workout program will suit you the best. You have to figure out what your fitness goals are which will help you choose the kind of program you need, by this I mean you must figure out if you want to be really big and muscular like the guys and girls at the Olympian, or you want to be Hollywood fit with a lean muscular physique or maybe you just want to lose weight. Once you have got your fitness goal figured out, it is easier to choose a fitness program or fitness blog to follow, you just choose one blog or fitness video program to follow that promises what you are after, for example if you are just looking to lose weight you could but yourself one of those dance based DVD programs to do at home.

The other thing you must do is to choose one program to do and stick with it for a certain period of time then at a later stage assess how far you have come with that program. Like I said the fitness world has a lot of distractions, every month there is a hot new workout, if you got a certain workout from …


Unlike the vast majority of the world, the United States treats health, using a narrower perspective, and focuses exclusively, on what is referred to, either as Conventional Medicine, or alleopathic. This approach depends, largely on using a chemical approach, including prescription drugs, and over – the – counter (OTC) ones. In most other nations, the widespread approach, is combining, alleopathy, with a combination of alternative methods, including homeopathy, aromatherapy, Reiki, etc. This is often referred to as a Wellness approach to health care, etc, and is based on differentiating between methods and methodologies, and focuses on treating symptoms, by considering their causes, etc, rather than on, merely treating symptoms. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, consider, and examine, and discuss, the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives, and how, balancing both, and using the most beneficial components, of each, might make a lot of sense.

1. Conventional method: Most of us are used to the conventional medical approach and treatments. This begins with inoculations, as children, which continue, throughout our lives. The interesting thing, is vaccines are, in fact, based on the philosophy of homeopathy, because we inject a very small quantity of the disease, etc, in order to develop a resistance to it, and, thus an immunity against certain illnesses, etc. In the United States, we often treat illnesses and sicknesses, by using chemical medications, which cover up, and temporarily eliminate the underlying symptoms, but, often, witness, what is referred to, as bounce – back, which means, the particular illness returns. However, when it comes to life – threatening illnesses and diseases, such as cancers, certain blood disorders, etc, conventional medicines, are often, the best option. However, even then, the treatment is often, more effective and humane/ comforting, when combined with using alternative treatments. For example, antibiotics are generally far better tolerated, when we also take probiotics. Many calmatives, etc, make these treatments, more effective and worthwhile.

2. Alternative approaches: Pain, discomfort, and many other ailments, when not life – threatening, or demanding more aggressive treatments, are eased, and/ or relieved, using acupunture. This ancient Chinese treatment, uses what is known an Meridians, to determine, the best way to proceed. I have personally taken advantage of these treatments, and found them, non – intrusive, and helpful. Homeopathy is based on introducing a minute amount of a particular disease, in a specific way, in order to build up our own immune system. This is non – intrusive, with no side effects, and I have also found these helpful, but, the advantage is, either they’ll help or not, but do no harm. Others have found comfort in many other alternative treatments, such as aromatherapy, herb therapy, etc.

3. Wellness therapy: Doesn’t it make sense, to begin with the non – invasive, alternative therapies, especially for minor ailments, and then use conventional medicines, when needed, necessary, and indicated?

We need to open our minds, and think beyond the conventional. After all, isn’t the objective of health care, maximizing a healthy life and living?


Source by Richard Brody


Doesn’t it, make sense, to be more willing to use, more extreme approaches, possibilities, and approaches, if there is a serious, and/ or, life – threatening, treatment, than, when, this doesn’t exist? Several years ago, I remember watching a television advertisement, for a prescription drug, for treating, foot – nail fungus. This product, perhaps, effectively treated its desired ailment, yet, when the contra – indications, etc, were listed, which included causing cancer, liver ailments, etc, I wondered, why, anyone, would use this, for a seemingly, less – than, life – threatening ailment. With that, and similar issues, considered, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 possible scenarios, and, whether, they are warranted, using the risk/ reward approach, and mindset.

1. Chronic ailments: Many of us, suffer, from one, or more, chronic ailments, especially, as we age. Some people learn to live, with the discomfort, and/ or, address it, by using some safe alternative remedy, and/ or approach. Others, either, are so uncomfortable, have such a low pain/ discomfort threshold, etc, they seek more aggressive treatments, and modalities. A chronic ailment, is one, which lingers, on an ongoing basis, either, consistently, or on a sporadic time – frame.

2. Acute ailments: Acute ailments are those, which come on, rather suddenly, and may, come from known, or unknown causes. Known causes may include injuries, due to falls, strains, etc, while, unknown ones, often, come from something, we may not even recall happening. The smart approach is to, first, recognize, and consider, the reasons, and causes for the discomfort/ ailment/ pains/ aches, etc, and, then, evaluate the possible remedies. It is always wise, to contact, and consult, a trusted, health professional, as soon as possible, in order to ensure, nothing is overlooked! Once, more serious ailments, and/ or, causes, have been ruled out, it is often wise, to consider alternatives, which may be safe, effective approaches.

3. Life – threatening illnesses: Obviously, if you are diagnosed with a life – threatening disease, such as cancer, etc, it makes sense to consider using a more aggressive treatment, with potential severe side – effects, than it is, for lesser ailments. If, without the treatment, your chances are somewhat poor, your risk is limited, and reward enhanced!

4. Options/ alternatives: If you don’t pay keen attention to taking care of yourself, no one else will! Examine your true needs, medical causes of your discomfort, and your options and alternatives. The lesser, the danger of the ailment, it is wise, to take fewer risks/ chances, and vice versa!

Take care of your health needs, by using the risk/ reward approach, and consideration! Doesn’t that make sense?


Source by Richard Brody

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