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Automatic blood pressure (bp) monitors are an integral part of any vital signs monitor used in hospitals, critical care units, emergency rooms, and even homes. The reason is quite simple – While an EKG can give the representation of the electric signals in the heart muscle, the oximeter can give the oxygen content of the blood in the body, only the bp monitor is actually capable of measuring the actual effectiveness of the heart pumping blood into the system.

The importance of blood pressure measurement

In other words, both the EKG and the oximeter could be showing normal values, yet, without the proper blood pressure sensor reading, the patient’s body cells would still not be receiving an amount of oxygen sufficient for normal functioning. Which means, the life of a patient would be endangered without us knowing.

Manual blood pressure meter

Before we look into the workings of an automatic meter, let’s investigate how a manual blood pressure monitor, or NIBP monitor, or high blood pressure bp monitor works. The meter consists of the bp cuff that is filled with air gradually and presses on the main artery in the upper arm. The basic physics of the pressure meter reflects the interplay between the air pressure in the cuff and the air pressure in the artery. There are two principal pressures, the systolic, and the diastolic in the artery. The systolic is the maximal pressure in the artery, and the diastolic is the minimal pressure.

The simple principle of operation is this: When the cuff air pressure is higher than the systolic pressure, the cuff continually squeezes the artery until the blood flow into the lower arm is stopped, and there is no pulsation audible in the stethoscope. When the cuff air pressure is less than the diastolic pressure, the artery pressure always maintains the artery at its full size. In between these two pressures, the expansion and contraction of the artery follows the varying bp in the artery, and the pulsation is audible in the stethoscope attached to the arm.

So, in manual bp monitors, as the manual blood pressure cuff the air pressure is gradually increased up to the diastolic pressure, we begin to hear pulsation, and by further increasing the cuff air pressure we come to the higher, systolic pressure point, where the pulsation disappears again.

How does an automatic blood pressure (bp) monitor work?

The action of an automatic digital bp monitor is quite analogous to the operation of the manual pressure meter with a couple of differences:

  • First, for speed, automatic digital bp monitor will measure the diastolic pressure and the systolic pressure already on the first pass, while increasing the air pressure in the cuff.
  • Second, the air will be provided to the digital bp cuff by an electric pump instead of the manual pump.
  • Third, the pulsation will not be observed by hearing but rather by the built in microphones or other sensor types.


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When it comes to faucets there is the wide range of varieties. And automatic sensor faucet is the best solution for hygienic, cost-effective as well as environmental sustainability. Be it a home or restaurant, hospital touchless faucet is the best choice. And you people are not aware of the benefits of automatic sensor faucets. As there are many different varieties available in the market it has become difficult to choose the perfect.


Nowadays sensor taps have completely replaced normal taps as they have many advantages. The customer services provided are excellent and at the same time provides high-quality products. Few of the advantages are,

  • Water conserving: With the help of sensor taps that are specially designed with a low flow rate prevents the leakage. Normal taps have an average leakage that contributes to wasting lots of water. With the help of touchless bathroom faucet, one can easily conserve natural resources like water.
  • Very easy to install: The installation of automatic sensor faucets is straightforward and easy to implement as well. It is purely based on the mounting instructions given by the manufacturer. And is an ideal choice, especially while running the system on battery power options.
  • Affordable price: Even there a wide range of varieties automatic bathroom faucet, kitchen faucets they are available at low prices. The online retailers will help in providing unique faucets at the best price.
  • Saves money on water bill and energy consumption: Depending upon the brand each and every sensor faucet requires 6, 9 or 12 volts. The use of the sensor kitchen faucet by selecting the preferred flow reduces the wastage of water. And is even an ideal choice that saves lots of power in an eco-friendly way. Water and Energy Efficiency reduces the total bill amount in dwellings.
  • Advanced Infrared Sensor Technology: With the improvements in design as well as technology in the faucets that have been welcomed by everyone. As the automatic faucets are designed with the combination of four key components like Solenoid valve, sensor, control electronics and power source. Which helps in the automatic functioning of the faucet that can be accessed very easily.
  • Hygienic solution: In public areas, hygiene is one of the biggest issues that need to be focused. The sensor faucets can work excellently providing a good sense of hygienic health care and is ensured only with the motion sensor bathroom faucet. If one believes in attending a hygienic goal, then this is an excellent startup.


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