There is almost nobody in this world who goes days or weeks without some form of neck pain. Your head is roughly 8 pounds, which forces your shoulders, neck muscles, balance, etc.. to all be in tune in order for you to maintain your posture and head position. After several hours of this, let alone a full day depending on what you do for a living, your neck will most likely be sore at some point.


For me personally, I work on a computer 14 hours a day and when I have time, I like to play golf. This creates a forward head motion, and my shoulders tend to roll forward because of years and years of golf muscle memory. Thus I often have daily neck pain. I have seen chiropractors, massage therapists, and more to help relieve my problems. Unless you are rich or have a great health insurance plan…its not feasible for the average person to visit these practitioners on a daily or weekly basis.

So Simple, A TENNIS BALL!!!

What I am about to tell you can be done with a simple tennis ball, or if you want to get more advanced you get buy a foam roller. You can find these at Walmart, online, or any fitness store.

Often times, neck pain is not present because of actual problems in your neck, but because of issues surrounding your shoulders, trapezius muscles, or what I have actually found in my arms and/or deltoid muscles. The pain you often feel IS in the muscles in the neck, but not necessarily the cause.

How I pinpointed the cause of my neck pain

When doing pull ups, I ultimately found the muscles on the outside of your arms, near your shoulders were the cause of some of my neck pain. The solution is to literally roll on a tennis ball in those areas. If side neck pain you are experiencing is bad, I am willing to bet the more sore you are in arm/shoulder area.

Great example on YouTube

This video on YouTube is for shoulder pain, but the tennis ball location is almost the exact location I want you to target. It might take a few times finding the sore points…but if its SORE, you want to work on it. The more sore it is, the more you need to work it. Don’t be afraid of some pain. If its excruciating…obviously don’t do it or find a way to apply pressure lightly at first.

>Here is the video I recommend you watch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EVxjpiKSqw I only care about you watching the part where the guy is lying down with the tennis ball under his arm.


After performing that tennis ball exercise for a few days, you should start feeling some relief with your neck pain. It is not instant, so don’t expect a result in 1 day. This is a solution I personally have found to be helpful in relieving my neck pain. I can’t promise it will work for you, as many other factors could be involved as to why you have neck pain (medical conditions, car accidents, etc…) so if your situation is unique, always consult a physician before trying to treat it.

Also consider other environmental factors that are reasons for neck pain. For me, trying to work on my posture, moving to a flatter pillow, and doing various stretches everyday have significantly improved my neck pain.

I hope this article has been helpful and please let me know if it helps your neck pain!


Source by Randall Dakota