The Journey So Far.

I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to a particular article by Orison Swett Mardon (founder of SUCCESS magazine). Hearing these truths that I've pracrised in so many areas of my life being shared by someone who has applied them in financial realms, brings such wonderful encouragement to me. I have the privilege of knowing by experience that they work and that I only need to apply them as committed to to this facet of my life to see the same level of freedom emerge.

Isn't it amazing how we can know the answer, can know what to do, yet take so long to simply do it ?! Sigh .. that's because the inferior thinking has a very sound hold. We have to get to that place where we are unwilling to accommodate the condition any more or make excuses for our poor lot. Never, having accepted total responsibility, have I failed to achieve that for which I am. When the 'want to' is big enough, and commitment to the desired outcome unfailing-then, you can call it "DONE!"

Every hour of every day, all that I've built in my heart over my life is being fortified anew through the attending to the Truths I choose to own fully. If you've never really applied yourself to mental discipline, it will take a little while, but there are no shortage of great ways to help yourself. I have TONS of personal practises, developed over decades, so if you want help, just ask.

I am happy to assist-my gift to whosoever will receive it.

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things unseen" Heb 11: 1

When the Bible says 'hope', it doesn't mean some vague wish of doubtful fulfilment. Bible hope is 'confident expectation and joyful anticipation'. Bible hope is a 'blessed assurance'! This kind of hope has a clear picture of what it is the heart desires. It is the blueprint of what is wanted. This well defined outcome is what the universal law of attraction uses to bring your desire to fruition.

BUT !!! The Universe is none discriminatory. It does not judge your choices. The law is simply established to bring back to you whatever characteristics are in your blueprint.This is why whatever you focus on, and / or the deep state you live in, fill your experience.The universe is constructed in such a way as to work with us to continue to be created and unfold. Everything is fluid.

You are the consciousness center that is creating your part of the Universe. The ultimate work of your life is to perfect this practice and create by volition all that you want. How many things in your life do you attribute to something outside yourself ?? Anywhere this is the outlook, the one viewing becomes impotent. Freedom is accepting total responsibility. There is no empowerment in blaming other people or situations. To accept the power of one's consciousness center, is to begin to take back one's freedom.

Step one: Accepting that my life is a perfect representation of what I believe: about myself, God, people, money, sickness, circumstances etc. My faith is giving precise substance to the blueprint I've drawn.

What do you Want?

OK .. so how clear are you about what you want? What do I want, what don't I want? Where does my blueprint need to change so that my life looks more like the dreams I have for it? What is my state of being actually "asking" for? You can tell by looking at your life.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the current state of these areas, compared to your 'hoped for' state?

  • Your spirituality
  • personal health and fitness,
  • mental and emotional well being
  • family / friends and relationships
  • finances
  • possessions
  • vocation / education
  • Dreams

Define in writing, how you would like these areas to be. Now, it's time to draw up a new, modified blueprint. Why not create your own 'Treasure Map, depicting the highlights of your life as physical milestones?

One of the steps you can follow to help with clarity is found here http://www.thepassiontest.com/

The Passion …