Self-think has the power to make or break anyone. The power of thought can be examined through word release and illustrated behaviors. In order to become whole, positive thinking must increase to escape random negative cycling. Advancing the fragments of your power key, unlocks the door to self-realization and success. Working your, you vision; scoping inner works; curing grounds, through planned demolition can be exciting and invigorating as it solidifies wholeness of health, love and soul. Time is worth its weight in gold, highly valuable, irrevocable, able to leap a mountain in a single bound, faster than a speeding bullet, totally performance measureable.

Many would agree that we never get enough of it, yet most people take it for granted and then draw back perplexed as to where it was all spent, having nothing substantial to show for it. That was the good news, here’s even better news, time, so long as it’s on your side welcomes your go at it. It is said that, until you value your time, no one will find you valuable. Wasting time sends a serious message to those who are or could be potential stakeholders toward your “making-me-over project”. In summary those who waste their own time pretty much would be of very little value to the next guy. Becoming whole in a fraction rich world, of individuals looking in all the wrong places, can be an erroneous and disappointing pursuit. Whole is something that begins and evolves within. People who think and live in fractional states are not doing so, because they were created that way. They delay wholeness and success because of poorly planned take-offs i.e. execution.

There are critical steps that if overlooked could potentially wind up much like a rocket exploding before getting off the ground. What’s in your hand, who’s heading plans, what’s in your way? These are important questions in the equation that should be taken seriously. Where are you going, before doing the ground work in the way of discovery? Coming to know self may not an easy pill to swallow, but if you begin to nibble on the truth after a while it does the body good. It may not taste so hot at first, in fact it might even stink, but it gives you a chance to remix the recipe cutting back here, adding there, mixing thus and such. Step 1, will begin by taking your mind, eye and ear off others, for a season. This is a critical time during which you will need to be a little selfish so that when you get back to being selfless you will be of greater value to self and others. Get to know the brand true you, the “not so bad after all” person that drives destiny and does not mind leaping even, against all odds. Looking at self is major but it ensures grounds for become one success, in three phases; “Demolition Readiness”; “Branding My Brilliance” & “Authentic and Loving It.” Demolition Readiness.

  1. Settle down, be still, increase focus and clarity
  2. Take a deep look at your authentic self
  3. Be honest assess the good, bad and indifferent
  4. Note the falsities, fruitless and potentially detrimental
  5. Be willing to make adjustments; evacuate/eliminate for the greater good
  6. Assess strengths, celebrate the discovery of developmental opportunities
  7. Schedule Demolition, begin with self
  8. Prepare your runway for both take-off and landing

How awesome it will be to discover that the whole, draw success from near and far, are magnets for love and frequent the “yes” zone. They are clear winners and people want to attach themselves to winning networks. Getting to the yes can be like daily bread, making you more than marketable, by becoming an unconquerable brand. Be mindful, time requires that you respect, maximize and honor the grace it offers. Don’t put off tomorrow what can anchor your win today. Get that slate straight, spend quality time with self. You deserve your undivided attention and will celebrate what you’ve done and become. Defy the eleventh hour’s grip as you have the power to break the bondage of procrastination. My clients used a dumpster in the 4th quarter of 2010 to move matters of mountainous effect. You may find …