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Let’s face it! Lots of us have trouble swallowing pills and capsules. Breaking open fish oil pills or capsules, however, is not the easiest way to deal with the problem.

There is no fundamental reason not to break open a capsule of a high quality supplement into a clean spoon or even into a glass of V-8 juice or some other salty, flavorful vegetable juice. As long as the oil is consumed right away, it will not oxidize and the essential fatty acids it contains will not spoil. You can just throw the capsule away, although some brands like Nordic Naturals add flavoring to the capsule itself to make it tasty enough to chew. But don’t! You don’t really want to squirt fish oil in your mouth unless you have tasted it before and grown accustomed to it.

There are reasons, however, not to break open a capsule of any product that is labeled as containing “marine liquids.” Another term for marine liquids might be fish juice. Just as a fish would go bad if you put it in a bottle and left it on your shelf for six months or more, marine liquids ferment inside the capsule. They don’t really smell rotten. They smell fishy. They are the component of low-quality products that give you fishy burps and indigestion. Never open a fish oil capsule if the label lists marine liquids as an ingredient.

There are two easy ways to deal with the problems of swallowing omega-3 supplement pills.

One is to buy chewables. Usually offered in fruit flavors, such as cherry, lemon, orange, and lime, these omega-3 gummy bears are meant to be chewed and swallowed. The best brands don’t taste fishy and both children and adults usually enjoy them.

The other way to get your fish oil dose without having to break open a pill or capsule is to buy liquid fish oil in bottles.

Back in the days when the only available type of this oil was rancid, nasty cod liver oil, getting your daily omega-3s, vitamin A, and vitamin D from fish oil seemed more like punishment than nourishment. The awful flavor of the oil was due to the fact that fishing vessels lacked storage and basic sanitation.

Fortunately, today this problem no longer exists. Fish are caught in cold waters and immediately put on ice. Supplement makers do not tolerate bacterial contamination in the catch and they test their products for any signs of spoilage or bacterial contamination.

It is still possible to buy fermented cod liver oil, and, believe it or not, it is actually the most nutritious form of fish oil on the planet. Just a teaspoon (5 ml) a day is enough for your daily requirements of vitamins A and D.

There are other types of these oils not made from livers which are also available in fruit flavors. In Norway, they are even a popular breakfast drink.

Make no mistake about it! It’s OK to break open capsules of high-quality fish oils. But it’s a lot easier to use chewable DHA capsules or fruit-flavored oil.

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A successful home gym must enable and motivate you to start and sustain a good workout program from the comfort of your home. After all, the entire idea is to be able to let go of that pricey gym club membership and work out when you feel like it. By working out at home, you can get onto your elliptical, do your program and move on with your life without having to devote half a day to the program. There are many great home gym units that back that aspiration. Among the best is the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer because it has what you require to get in shape at home but it does not stress the budget to own one.

An Extraordinary Work Out for the Occasional User or the Health Nut – No matter your objectives of beginning an exercise program, the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer is constructed to assist you in finding success. That means that for the parents who merely want to get their daily exercise, the Elliptical Trainer is a good well-made but if there is a serious exercise enthusiast in the household, they can get a effective workout too. Whatever the goal, the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer assists the user with a solid 30-pound drive system that makes your workout, forward or backward a flowing experience. The home gym is exceptionally secure because of added ball bearings at every pivot point and the user can keep tabs on his or her heart rate with pulse sensors that can be accessed from the fingertips.

Allowing the Machine Adjust the Pace – the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer can help you figure out where you are in your fitness plan and provide a preset training program to help you excel. This is intelligent engineering because it means you do not need to plan your workout from the ground up. This Elliptical Cross Trainer is like a personal trainer in machine form with ideas from the included plans that you can change or adapt to fit your goals for getting in shape and staying that way.

The Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review – Unfavorable Aspects

It Makes You Wonder – The Monitor on the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a little puzzling at first. You will figure it out and get used to it but it might be puzzling when you are first getting used to the machine.

A Few Assembly Defects – The plastic coverings that are installed on the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer do not fit perfectly in place. So the installation is not as snug as you might like.


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