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What if you were told you could lose weight fast, tone, sculpt, feel healthier and stronger within 90 days or less? What if the xp 90 workout system was the secret to success? Would you question this latest breakthrough secret and toss it up to another fad or diet?

Weight loss and toning our bodies is something we all struggle with, especially if we want to get in shape, get healthy and look good!

Maybe you have tried to keep up with all the hype on the latest fitness craze and fitness secrets of the stars, but never succeeded? If you are still searching for a breakthrough on extreme fitness, check this out!


Reasons why you don’t succeed in your weight loss journey

• Skinny fat – this is the latest fitness update, most people exercise, but never develop, tone or lose the body fat, so we may seem to lose weight, but we are still fat.

• Motivation – most people give up, lose interest and do not continue on any diet, or exercise routine.

• Diet Pills & Drinks – many try the latest diet pill or drink on the market, it’s fast and will help you lose weight quick. Wrong, this is a myth, most diet pills and drinks have been found to be unhealthy. In the long-run, quick diet pills will destroy your metabolism, heart and keep you fat.

Breakthrough Tips to Xtreme Fitness

The xp 90 workout system is the latest craze, but why does this work? Here are the tips that will bring you fitness success for life.

• Muscle Confusion – the latest breakthrough on true fitness and losing weight. This is a unique combination of extreme muscle burn on different parts of your body. It revolves around never doing the same routine or the same reps. Your muscles become confused and you will sculpt your body like never before and then lose the weight.

• Motivation – motivation is key to losing weight and developing and toning your body. It has been proven that most people need motivation and personal training. Fitness success is 95% motivation. Motivation is usually through personal training, which is expensive or through the help and support of family or friends. If we are lacking in motivation, we usually fail at weight loss.

• Fat Loss Diet Plan – diet is another important aspect of fat loss and developing our muscles. Most diets are not geared toward your fitness goals. If you do not follow the correct diet plan then your fitness goals will not be accomplished.


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Do we truly want to take our physical fitness to the next level? Are we authentically committed to do whatever it takes to change our habits of not working out at all to becoming perfectly fit in the next 21 days? Do we want to take our athletic performance to the highest possible level that we can? Are we committed to become pro-athlete at the sport that we love the most? What it would take for us to be HUMBLED and follow-through on a daily regular routine exercise program?

What is your short-term athletic goal that you have? What is holding you back from being exercising everyday after knowing the benefits on your personal well-being? What are the beliefs that you have about yourself and your personal fitness? What are your top athletic goals? Do you want to become a professional athlete? Which team do you want to play for? Are you aware of your strengths and the areas you need to grow in your athletic abilities? Are you willing to take your body training to have the ideal body you always dream to have? If you are not having your personal fitness goal met, what is really getting on the way for you to be in action? What are we pretending that we are not in action and the world of performance? What are our pretenses and fears that kept us from actually being authentically committed to produce optimum athletic results? What would it be like if you met all your maximum athletic performance at the sport that you love the most? What would it be like if you are in the your best body shape and feel always energized with the zest to live life to the fullest?

I asked to myself all those questions to get me started to give up all my resistance and live life fully being on the athletic field every single day because that is my authentic self-expression where I can express myself with the highest level of excellence. I know for a fact that HUMILITY is the key to perform your best at any sport. I remember being a kid playing soccer barefoot in my neighborhood and little by little I became a master of the soccer game that I ended up being the team captain and team player of great soccer team-Club Deportivo El Suace- in my native town La Ceiba. Athletics is all about being in action. You can perform your best in any sport by putting your mind into it in less than 21 days working out intensively. You can go from being with no motivation to exercise to be completely excited and committed to workout everyday in 21 days commitment to your personal fitness.

Are you committed to take your athletic performance to the next level in the next 21 days?


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Undeniably, mobile healthcare and fitness apps development soared in the recent years, making huge scopes for people to embark into a healthy living. When the real fitness boom in the apps industry exploded in 2014, sports and healthcare apps became the new trend. Mobile app development market saw an unexpected expansion from apps of gaming, social, photo editing to apps catering sportsmen’s spirit and avid runners. With the advent of such apps, people are wearing smart devices, synced to apps on their mobiles to monitor caloric intakes, exercises, fat burns, pulse rate and other critical metrics. While fitness is a never-ending and pretty hot topic now at every open discussion, let’s find out the crucial facets to remember while planning out the development of a perfect fitness app.

Consider the type of app

Fitness apps are of varied types and come with different features like activity tracking, health signs assessment and workout tips. While some are like a personal coach to users, some are like dieticians guiding them a daily food regime. Thus, you need to decide which type of app you are going to offer and what functions you want to integrate into your app for that.

Allow intensive personalisation

Irrespective of the type, a personal account is certainly a must-have in a fitness app to offer end-to-end personalisation of the activities. Users can create own accounts and put in their all personal health criteria to get the fitness recommendations/support from the app that best suits their criteria. Further, a personal account will allow users to switch to different devices for separate activities without losing any data as both Android and Apple’s ecosystem now consolidate all data from various activity trackers and fitness apps in mobiles.

Alerts through push notifications

This is one of most crucial aspect for consideration in any fitness app as in-app push notifications will always alert the users about necessary workouts and diet plans. This will no doubt keep them motivated. Further, enabling push notification pop-ups from time to time are must-have for users because they can set them according to their workout schedules and personal fitness goals. Thus, notifications will keep them reminding about the activities, needed for fulfilling their pending targets.

Integrate options for socialisation

Fitness apps’ makers need to consider socialisation aspect too to allow users to connect with other like-minded and health-conscious freaks. This is necessary as users can share their personal fitness accomplishments which will eventually make them happy.

Provide tips for health planning

Lastly, make sure that your app will help users to plan appropriately a healthy lifestyle and a diet regimen. Aimed at helping users to achieve their personal goals, apps must contribute towards their healthy living by providing vital tips on diet, exercising, the process of gaining/losing weight, on maintaining stable heart rate, sugar levels and so forth. To cut it short, apps that allow creating personal profiles to users as per their physical attributes, should also be capable of planning and providing solutions to any health situations.

To put in a nutshell, creating a fitness app is not as easy as a pie and needs lots of considerations that will make it a perfect one for guiding people on healthy living. While it is no doubt a challenging task for owners and developers, these core attributes are compelling requirements for a fitness app to let it bloom in a short span of time.


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