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Looking for the best fitness equipment that’s easy on your wallet while burning mega-calories? You may be surprised to know you have some great options out there.

The fitness equipment industry is always coming up with innovative products to help you lose weight faster – and get more bang for your buck. But you do have to do a bit of hunting.

To help you out, here are 3 fitness machines that will help you burn a lot of calories – and they all come in under $1,000!

#1. Hybrid Trainer

This is a very cool 2-in-1 machine that comes in for under $400. You can use it as a recumbent bike – or as an elliptical trainer.

By moving the pedals and the console, in 2 quick steps you can change it from an elliptical trainer to a bike – or vice versa. There are 16 resistance levels to add more challenge to your workout and burn more calories.

Plus it comes with iFit LIVE – which lets you connect to the Internet and download countless new workouts. You can even go online and run (or bike) famous trails all over the world, from Paris to Sydney.

The hybrid trainer is a great way to get 2 machines for the price of (almost less than) one. Plus you get great workout variety. So if you don’t want to do an elliptical workout one day, no problem just use it as a bike – and vice versa.

Note that the original Hybrid trainer has a 15 inch stride – which might be a bit too short for taller users. However there is a Hybrid Trainer Pro model that gives you a longer stride for a few hundred more – under $600.

#2. Ski Machine

This is a classic – the ski machine has been around for year and still keeps selling over and over again.

Ski machines simulate the cross country skiing workout, using both your upper and lower body muscles.

By using both upper and lower body muscles, you end up burning more calories than say, a treadmill walking workout. And you get upper and lower body toning as well.

Another great thing about the ski machine is that it is generally lighter and easier to move than a regular treadmill or elliptical machine. And the price comes in usually around $699 – so it’s also very affordable.

#3. ACT Elliptical Trainer

The ACT has also been around for a couple of years however it’s generally updated every year with the latest toys and new workout features.

What makes this elliptical interesting is that instead of one large flywheel in front or behind the pedals (like you get with standard crosstrainers), there are two smaller flywheels on either side of the footpedals.

This gives you several advantages. First of all, you end up standing more upright on the pedals and leaning less on the handrails on this trainer than with other designs.

That means you can possibly burn more calories (since you’re not putting as much weight on the machine itself). Also, the footpedals tend to be placed closer together – which lessens the strain on your hips. So a lot of people feel more comfortable on this machine – especially after long workouts.

Finally the ACT also comes with the option of iFit LIVE. As stated above, this means you can download new workouts, or run anywhere in the world.

You can also track your workout stats online – to set new goals and see how far you’ve come. This alone can help you track and burn more calories faster than with another machine that doesn’t have iFit.

And the ACT elliptical comes in under $1,000 in most areas.

So those are 3 ideas for the best fitness equipment for under $1000 that still give you more for the money.

Take your time and remember to listen to your body when exercising. Get a machine that you love and before you know it, you’ll be watching the weight come off and loving how you look in the mirror!


Source by Karen T Miller


P90X and Insanity workout both give you outstanding fitness and health results. Both workouts alone give you show-off muscles. The difference lies in technique underlying both workouts and trainer. Both workouts are discussed below:

P90X Workout

Tony Horton created it. Tony Horton is a great motivator. He keeps you motivated by posing jokes off and on. He has created many workouts exclusively of this workout. He is the creator of Power 90, Tony Horton and Kids, P90X2, Ten-Minute Trainer and P90X one-on-one. This workout comes along fitness and nutrition guide along with workout calendar. You can learn to eat clean while learning about workout moves. You will get your free Beachbody coach to keep you motivated and online assistance for emergency 24/7. It requires 90-days to complete one round. The best thing about this workout is that you can switch to multiple schedules.

You can keep your muscles healthy and strong by consuming supplements. These supplements are meant to be purchased separately. If you have medical issues, consult your physician before jumping into this workout. It is a fusion of resistance and strength training. It engages “Muscle Confusion” to build rock solid body.


It is a rough terrain to health and fitness. Shaun-T created it. He is a creator of many other famous programs like Insanity Asylum, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin’ body workout. It is a no equipment workout. It requires 60-days to complete one round. It engages “Max. Interval Training” to train you harder. It comes with its nutrition guide to guide you on clean eating tips and recipes. Fitness guide comes along to teach you about workout moves. Workout calendar that comes along this workout ensures that you do your workout on time. It engages High Intensity Interval Training that is not at all suitable for beginners. It is a fusion of Cardio and resistance training.

A comparison

P90X is suitable for beginners whereas Insanity is tough. If you are in a hurry to get fitness and health result, go for insanity. It took less time but it is not for the faint hearted people. The other workout is easy to go with beginners but requires many equipment.

P90X Insanity Hybrid workout

For any hybrid workout, make sure you have completed both workouts separately. P90X Insanity Workout is done by many fitness enthusiasts to maximize the benefit of both workouts. Together, it is an excellent combination of Cardio, resistance and strength training. P90X Insanity results give your body enhance muscle definition. The review indicates that doing hybrid workout is fun. At the same time, it is a grave challenge to your body.


Source by Bruce John Carter

Three Exercises to Burn Fat


While I am about to recommend three specific exercises for burning fat, I don’t want to put down other exercises. In fact, if you really care about health and fitness, you should have a varied workout routine which includes cardio, as well as other strength building exercises than just these three.

However, unless you are a professional bodybuilder or full-time gym rat, your time and resources, including your energy, is probably not unlimited. When it comes to health, fitness, weight loss, AND burning body fat, you want the most bang for your exercise buck.

That’s where these three exercises come in. They not only work big muscle groups, giving you the max overall fitness of the strength building exercises, but, they also enhance some of the other, less productive exercises.

First, let’s take a look at just a couple of those “less productive” exercises; the curl and the press.

While big biceps (curl) and big triceps (press and/or triceps extension) may look impressive, when it comes to the effect these muscles have on overall fat burning, you’re looking at small change. In fact, I would DO, but not CONCENTRATE ON, these types of exercises, unless, of course, I wanted to be a competitive body builder. They will make your arms look fancy, but, even they lack that little something that really builds a lot of lean muscle and helps burn body fat.

So, what ARE the magic three?

They are the basic squat, bench press, and rowing motion (or lat pull down).

What these three have in common is that:

They target the largest muscle groups

They also target smaller, assisting muscle groups

They allow you to use heavier weights

They can be done almost anywhere in one form or another

When done with resistance bands, they can also strengthen your core

In fact, while the basic strength training workout is built around about six exercises, these three alone will work almost every muscle in your body while building more lean muscle mass, more easily, than the others.

Now, I am NOT saying to skip the others, I am just saying to focus on these if you want to burn body fat with strength training while getting the maximum health and fitness return for your efforts.

Think about this:

The squat targets the large quadriceps muscle in the front of the thigh, and the large (no offense intended) gluteus maximus, or, as it is more commonly referred to… your butt.

These are some huge muscles and respond quite well to strength training. Lean muscle becomes an internal furnace which burns fat, and these are a couple of biggies. There are a huge number of assisting muscles during the squat, including just about any muscle associated with the core, and, the calves and ankles are involved as well.

Squats can usually be done, or you can fairly easily train to do them, with pretty heavy weights. Rule of thumb, heavier weight means more fat burned during the exercise. Bigger muscles means more fat burned after the exercise.

Even squats done without weights are still using some big muscle groups, but you can easily add weight almost anywhere. On the road? Do squats with your suitcase or one of the chairs.

The bench press targets the pectoral muscles, which is a pretty big set of muscles… and pretty strong as well. Most people will find that the chest muscles respond well to strength training. While doing a bench press movement, the arms are exercised, particularly the triceps, as are the muscles of the upper back and shoulders, another bunch of big muscles.

The bench press does normally require a bench to do it properly, but, I find that I can really get in a good set of “bench presses” with some strong resistance bands. In fact, I prefer using resistance bands because, in addition to the other muscles involved, I have to use my core muscles, and leg muscles, to stabilize my body.

If you don’t have resistance bands, weights, or other type of exercise equipment which allows you to do a bench press type exercise, there’s always the old reliable… the push up. If you cannot do a 100% on-the-floor …

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