If your business is looking to improve the caller experience then call recording software should be your first port of call; without a recording system in place how can you be entirely sure that your staff are managing their expectations?

For businesses who keep customers at the heart of their business, call recording is a necessity not a luxury. BT, Virgin Media, HMRC and most of the health care sector are all beginning to increase their call handling abilities, recognizing this need during economic downturn to care for, and keep the customer.

Call centers have often bared the brunt of bad press and angry customers but by implementing the right solutions we can turn this around. In the age of real time messaging and social media, no company can afford to frustrate their customers.

What is Call recording?

Call recording solutions come in many different forms to suit all the different call center technologies on the market. You can expect to find hardware, software, hosted and VoIP recording to ensure that all businesses are catered for regardless of their current communications strategies.

You can select from inbound or outbound recording or both depending on the nature of your business. As soon as a call is made to or from your organization the hardware or software is activated, you are then able to listen to your recordings via a simple web interface.

Call Center Standards

Did you know that there are many standards call centers are expected to abide by – although not compulsory? Some of these are listed below.

• SLA for speed of answer is 80% of calls to be answered within 20 seconds, 90% of calls to be answered in 10 seconds
• Average handle time of the call is typically between 4.5 and 6 minutes
• The typical call center SLA for answered calls is 95% or more of all offered calls
• Some agents are allowed 10 seconds wrap time before becoming available again as a breathing space between calls

Call recording can make sure that you are maintaining a satisfactory level of customer responsiveness and satisfaction in line with the SLAs above.

Benefits of Call Recording

There are many benefits of call recording, each to cater to any type of business. You may realise your organization could benefit greatly from one, or all, dependent upon your needs and the nature of your business.

Train and monitor staff. Focussing on staff performance will increase customer satisfaction and allow your agents to improve and excel in their role. By listening to calls you are able to see where staff are falling short or misguiding customers, allowing you to quickly nip this in the bud.

Improve customer satisfaction. By making sure your staff are well trained and attentive to customers you are able to benefit from improved levels of customer service and satisfaction, which is the gateway to increasing revenue and profit.

Implement quality processes and stricter controls. Implement strategies and procedures that you are able to assess, such as effective complaints handling.

Identify areas for improvement. Can offer invaluable reporting and statistics to enable you to identify areas where processes can be slicker or where more technology may need to be implemented. For example, are your customers ringing into the wrong department and having to be transferred elsewhere? This would signify a problem with your IVR or a need for IVR services.

Bring a bit of fun to your business. Can bring employees together when seen in a positive light – create fun tactics for feedback meetings instead of having agents fear their reviews. By implementing fun weekly programs, coffee mornings or making scoring games during playback can raise morale and increase staff confidence. Don't forget to praise agents when they have executed a great call – a recording system isn't just an excuse for criticism.

Helps protect the reputation of your business. Call recordings are much more reliable than written notes; they are an irrefutable form of evidence. Should you find yourself amidst customer or legal disputes you can quickly put these to rest.

Hosted Call Recording

A hosted call recording solution works in the same way as any …