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Listen up America, Discovery Channel wants you to join the Discovery Health’s National Body Challenge! It is a weight loss and health challenge that aims to keep America fit and healthy for life.

It actually started as an eight-week fitness and health program started to kick off the New Year right but now it operates as a comprehensive health and weight loss program designed to help people lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle.

The health and weight loss challenge by Discovery Channel is handled by health experts such as doctors and fitness trainers so you are guaranteed of a safe and medically-approved program.

The eight-week time period required by the program is based on the recommendation of experts who say that it is just the enough time period for most people to realize their goals, make changes in their life and see the results they wanted.

The Discovery Channel’s health and weight loss challenge program provides expert advice on fitness, weight loss and having a healthy lifestyle. The program also includes online customized meal plans, a personalized fitness plan and weight tracker.

Unlike fad diets and plans this has medical-supervision and all its programs are safe and effective. The meal plans in the program are based on the most recent 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the US Department of Agriculture.

The challenge is open to any US resident aged 8 and up. Children (8 – 12 year olds) who want to enroll in the program must be enrolled with their family.

The best thing about the Discovery Channel’s health and weight loss challenge is that it is free and signing-up is a breeze. Just visit their website, fill out the online form and you’re done.


Source by Phillip England


The Journey So Far.

I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to a particular article by Orison Swett Mardon (founder of SUCCESS magazine). Hearing these truths that I've pracrised in so many areas of my life being shared by someone who has applied them in financial realms, brings such wonderful encouragement to me. I have the privilege of knowing by experience that they work and that I only need to apply them as committed to to this facet of my life to see the same level of freedom emerge.

Isn't it amazing how we can know the answer, can know what to do, yet take so long to simply do it ?! Sigh .. that's because the inferior thinking has a very sound hold. We have to get to that place where we are unwilling to accommodate the condition any more or make excuses for our poor lot. Never, having accepted total responsibility, have I failed to achieve that for which I am. When the 'want to' is big enough, and commitment to the desired outcome unfailing-then, you can call it "DONE!"

Every hour of every day, all that I've built in my heart over my life is being fortified anew through the attending to the Truths I choose to own fully. If you've never really applied yourself to mental discipline, it will take a little while, but there are no shortage of great ways to help yourself. I have TONS of personal practises, developed over decades, so if you want help, just ask.

I am happy to assist-my gift to whosoever will receive it.

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things unseen" Heb 11: 1

When the Bible says 'hope', it doesn't mean some vague wish of doubtful fulfilment. Bible hope is 'confident expectation and joyful anticipation'. Bible hope is a 'blessed assurance'! This kind of hope has a clear picture of what it is the heart desires. It is the blueprint of what is wanted. This well defined outcome is what the universal law of attraction uses to bring your desire to fruition.

BUT !!! The Universe is none discriminatory. It does not judge your choices. The law is simply established to bring back to you whatever characteristics are in your blueprint.This is why whatever you focus on, and / or the deep state you live in, fill your experience.The universe is constructed in such a way as to work with us to continue to be created and unfold. Everything is fluid.

You are the consciousness center that is creating your part of the Universe. The ultimate work of your life is to perfect this practice and create by volition all that you want. How many things in your life do you attribute to something outside yourself ?? Anywhere this is the outlook, the one viewing becomes impotent. Freedom is accepting total responsibility. There is no empowerment in blaming other people or situations. To accept the power of one's consciousness center, is to begin to take back one's freedom.

Step one: Accepting that my life is a perfect representation of what I believe: about myself, God, people, money, sickness, circumstances etc. My faith is giving precise substance to the blueprint I've drawn.

What do you Want?

OK .. so how clear are you about what you want? What do I want, what don't I want? Where does my blueprint need to change so that my life looks more like the dreams I have for it? What is my state of being actually "asking" for? You can tell by looking at your life.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the current state of these areas, compared to your 'hoped for' state?

  • Your spirituality
  • personal health and fitness,
  • mental and emotional well being
  • family / friends and relationships
  • finances
  • possessions
  • vocation / education
  • Dreams

Define in writing, how you would like these areas to be. Now, it's time to draw up a new, modified blueprint. Why not create your own 'Treasure Map, depicting the highlights of your life as physical milestones?

One of the steps you can follow to help with clarity is found here http://www.thepassiontest.com/

The Passion …


In an effort to promote health and wellness, as well as bring a slice of championship golf to the desert, and instill the idea of participating in improving the quality of life, the PGA along with Humana has teamed up with the Clinton Foundation to present the newly christened Humana Challenge.

Formerly known as the Bob Hope Classic, the Humana Challenge spanned 9 days from January 14th to the 22nd with a host of events lined up along with the involvement of the 42nd President of the United States William J. Clinton. With a new trophy, a new format and a new name, the Humana Challenge took part at the PGA West Golf Club in La Quinta, CA that involved players, spectators and viewers in a variety of activities and events that circled around the theme of lifelong well-being.

On Saturday the 14th the event kicked off with the Humana Wellness walk along the Bear Creek Trail along with a Healthy Fun Fair that took place in Palm Desert that provided a number of interactive activities as well as valuable information on health and wellness. Sunday brought the Humana Farmer’s Market at Old town La Quinta where I was able to sample some of the delicious veggies and fruits that lines the streets and allowed myself to share some friendly words and smiles with the large gathering of food seeking people. The festivities continued on Monday with spectators being welcomed to come out to one of the three courses and catch some practice rounds from the pros or watch the Bob Hope Legacy Pro Am that took place on the PGA West Nicklaus Private course.

Tuesday presented the Kickoff Breakfast at the La Quinta Chamber of Commerce followed by the Clinton Foundation Conference with the keynote speaker being former president Bill Clinton with the topic centered on Activating Wellness in Every Generation. Then it was time to play some golf.

Starting on Thursday professional golfers such as Phil Mickelson, Greg Norman, Anthony Kim, David Toms, Stuart Appleby, Justin Leonard, David Duval, Rich Been and defending champion Jhonattan Vegas tee’d off along with celebrities like Alice Cooper, Morgan Freeman, Billy Crudup, Michael Bolton, Smokey Robinson, Don Cheadle, and the legendary basketball hall of famer Julius Erving who is better known as Doctor J.

The four day tournament played the first three rounds in a pro-am format. Each team consisted of one pro and one amateur playing in groups of four, with the amateurs competing in daily competitions as well as overall.

The final round was professionals only. The field size expanded 16 professional spots from the previous format making it 144 professionals along with 144 amateurs. The number of courses used in rotation was reduced from four to three. Those three were the La Quinta Country Club, PGA West Nicklaus Private, and PGA West Palmer Private. So along with the golf action that took place throughout the week, the Humana Challenge presented a number of activities that were designed to play a key role in the way we all strive to live healthier lives.


Source by Mitchell Sussman


I’m sure I can speak for most people, that we want to sustain a healthy life so that we have the ability to live up to a ripe old age. One such sore subject we never like dealing with is weight loss. It’s the type of thing that we can turn on like a light switch, and on the opposite end, turn it off. But not exactly to our own free will. Weight loss and exercise was something I have always wanted to pursue and keep doing, but what are the right things for a man my age that I can easily do. I’ve decided to give the Green Tea diet a check for thirty days and see what all the buzz is about. I’ve heard so much good things, and doctors and scientists believe this herb has many positive elements that can help me curb my appetite, lower my blood pressure, and feel young.

Just an overview on what I have to deal with. First of all, I’m about 40 lbs over weight, I don’t have the best metabolism but I do live an active lifestyle full of sports. Secondly, I have inherited hypertension, it is in both my father’s side of the family and my mother’s, it’s inescapable! That is the overall realization I’m faced with, a foundation for my study. Let’s see what some of the results come out to be.

I dove head first into this diet to achieve one thing, not to lose the weight, but to see what it does to my blood pressure without depending on blood pressure medication. I’ll still eat my three square meals a day and use the green tea solution as my snack in between meals. Because believe me, I love my in-between snacks, and who doesn’t? So in the beginning of March, I took my last blood pressure pill, and bombs away!

After drinking green tea for the first week, I’ve noticed a drop in my blood pressure readings close to what they were when I took blood pressure pills. I was shocked because I didn’t think there was something that could have dropped it like that. I’ve also noticed a less desire to eat when I drink the tea, I don’t know where it comes from, but it could be a result on filling up on fluids. After another couple weeks, my blood pressure has held steady, so I know it is doing its thing. And after the final days, still no spike in the readings, so I was hooked. In the thirty days, I have also lost seven pounds, very nice! It seemed to me the urban legend was the truth! The one negative, green tea is not the most tastiest of teas, it kind of has that hint of grassy seaweed taste, but you get used to it.

In addition, from what I understand, green tea has antioxidants to prevent sickness, make our skin feel smooth, and protect our memory. But by seeing the short term effects, I can say that I will make green tea a regular staple in my diet. I would not recommend green tea pills as they have caffeine in there, don’t want to be up into the wee hours of the morning! All in all, my thirty day test has proven that green tea has great positive properties that just can’t be ignored. Let’s see what other effects it has six months from now!


Source by Shaun Patrick Davidson

Mental Fitness Challenge: 90 Days to Change


I have read hundreds of examples recently where people have taken a 90 day challenge to improve the physical fitness and I love it! What better way to get in physical shape than partner with a community of like-minded individuals? However, with all the focus on a physical challenge, aren’t people missing out on two other key aspects of fitness – the mental and spiritual sides?

If people are going to challenge themselves anyway, why not launch a 90 day total mental fitness challenge? Work on all three areas of life by improving one’s physical, mental, and spiritual sides. For example, just as flabby muscles must be worked out in order to tone and strengthen, so too does flabby thinking. In fact, if anything, flabby thinking can have more disastrous effects in a person’s life than flabby muscles. Therefore, if a person is investing energy for 90 days anyway, then make it a total transformation, not just a physical one.

A person’s thought life changes when he begins to feed on a steady diet of positive books, audios, and association with others who do the same. Indeed, I know of no other activity than can change a person’s life as fast as changing his associations. Birds of a feather, in other words, do flock together. My good friend, the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, used to say, “Five years from now you will be pretty much the same as you are today except for two things: the books you read and the people you get close to” It was eighteen years when I first heard Charlie’s words and took his advice. It changed everything.

Fitness experts say that 85% of physical fitness is in proper dieting. I believe the same principle holds true for mental and spiritual dieting as well. Tell me the thought diet a person routinely feeds his mental and spiritual sides and I can fairly accurately predict his five year future. Success is that predictable; however, it isn’t that easy.

Why not? Because the right habits, although easy to do, are also easy not to do. Left to themselves, most people will choose the path of least resistance, which means continuing in their bad habits rather than changing. The good news, however, is that through associating with others in a 90 day challenge, a person can leverage the community to help drive his personal change. In essence, community is the difference between good intentions and good results. Many will give up on themselves, but fewer are willing to give up on others who are counting on them.

Fortunately, it only takes three steps for a person to change everything:

1. Develop a proper diet for the food and thoughts entering his body and mind.

2. Make commitments to himself and others to follow the new diet for 90 days.

3. Maintain association with others who have committed to do the same thing.

There it is. A recipe for success in any area of life. It’s been said that a person changes when the pain of staying the same or the joy of changing becomes big enough. Eighteen years ago, I took Charlie “Tremendous” Jones up on his mental fitness challenge and it has made all the difference for me. I share this with the readers to encourage them in the three step process for real change. Are you ready to take the mental fitness challenge?


Source by Orrin Woodward


One of the craziest things about the fitness industry these days is how everything is geared to make exercise easier, instead of helping you to get in shape.

A while back I took a looksy in this new mega fitness club that had just opened, and when I walked onto the main exercise floor I thought I had accidentally stumbled into the testing facility for The Kennedy Space Center.

I had never seen so many machines and widgets in my entire life that would supposedly help me gain muscle and burn fat.

They had cardio equipment that allowed you to surf the web while you were on it, and workout machines that even kept track of your weight and reps for you…no lie.

Most of the equipment required you to sit down to use it, and each machine had multiple seat and lever adjustments, as well as a giant plastic sign with full instructions written on it.

I jumped on a few of the different pieces and banged out a couple sets each for about 15 minutes, but quickly grew bored with the limitations that they placed on me.

The problem with these gizmos is that they all isolated different bodyparts; one machine was for my biceps, another for core exercise, another for my pecs, and so on.

If all I had cared about doing was pumping up different bodyparts for purely cosmetic enhancement, I guess the machines would have been fine.

But I believe that this is one of the major setbacks for most of the people that workout in a regular health club.

You are being led like rats on a wheel, being told that this is how you should train, that machines are “safer” than free weights and just as effective.

You move from machine to machine, pumping up each bodypart individually, and then go run on a treadmill or an elliptical for an hour.

The problem here, boys and girls, is that none of this type of training is actually preparing you for real life, day-to-day activities.

It’s building “fake” muscles…toned, yeah, but unprepared for real athletic endeavors and leaving you prone to injury.

Think about this.

Most activities happen to you while you’re on your feet, and usually involve multiple muscle groups working simultaneously whilst doing things like bending, turning, twisting, running, etc.

For example, I’m thinking back to the day after Halloween last year, when I had to pick up and put away eight storage bins full of decorations weighing about 60-80 pounds each.

Let me tell you, no amount of measly isolation exercises on a machine would have prepared me for the amount of effort involved, or the stress on my back.

I had to not only hoist these up from the floor to shoulder level, I also had to press them above my head and twist my whole body 90 degrees to get each bin into its proper cubicle in my garage.

Whereas isolation training works individual bodyparts instead of preparing the body to work as a unit, most people who would have found themselves in my situation would have ended up with a tweaked back as a result of their inadequate training regimen.

So what’s the answer?

You need to train differently.

The type of training that will benefit you the most are exercises that require you to balance and coordinate, as well as challenging your strength, speed, flexibility and stamina.

You need to forget about what’s trendy and instead focus on what works.

You need to start training like a warrior, because every day, in a way, you ARE going into battle.

That battle consists of the strain being caused to your back and neck from sitting at a desk looking at a computer and watching reality shows and sports and DVD’s for long hours.

It consists of long commutes to work, and traffic jams and heavy traffic, all sapping your energy and making your muscles weak from disuse.

And lastly, there’s the stress of trying to be a great parent, boss, employee, son, daughter, and friend, all at the same time, every day.

E-mailing someone while you’re walking on a treadmill doesn’t make you better at time management, …

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