Wherever we turn in our modern age, we see charity events looking to raise money for any number of wonderful causes, both locally and globally. With so many events and so many causes in need of the all important resource of money, it can be somewhat of a challenge to pique interest in the general public. That should no longer be a problem when you consider putting together a cornhole tournament to raise money for your charity.

Don’t look now, but here comes cornhole!

Cornhole has grown in popularity in the last decade and a half and people from all over the nation, and the world, are being turned onto this fun and thrilling recreation for their family get-togethers and functions. Now, tournaments grab the interest of more serious players who want to put their newfound skills to the test against other avid fans of the game.

When it comes to a charity event, cornhole is the perfect answer. While there are certainly other options, such as kickball and softball tournaments, motorcycle rides and the like, cornhole can be played by anyone at any age and there is no need to differentiate between young and old, male or female.

Organize your cornhole tournament

The first thing you will need to effectively organize a cornhole game tournament is a location. Town parks, especially ball fields, are ideal locations. Contact your local community parks director and begin the process of leasing the grounds for the day you have in mind. Ideally, this should take place on a weekend to allow the highest number of potential participants.

Each town will have its own requirements when it comes to organizing an effect using public areas, so you will need to make sure that you understand what is permitted and what you will be responsible for.

Next, you will need an estimate on the number of people who will be playing at your cornhole tournament. It might pose a challenge to determine this without having any inclination as to the interest it might generate in your area. It would be a good idea to limit the total number of players. The best method for this kind of tournament would be single elimination, meaning players will be paired against one other player and the winner moves on to the next round. If you start with 64 participants in the first round, the second round would consist of 32, the third round would be 16, then 8, 4, and 2 for the championship round. It’s always fun to have runner up matches as well.

Securing cornhole boards and bean bags

When organizing your own charity cornhole tournament, you will need a number of cornhole games, all set up for regulation play (27 feet apart). The more you have, the less time people will be standing around waiting for their turn. Many people own their own cornhole boards and would be willing to donate them for the day’s use. Advertise in the local papers, post flyers, and get the word out. This will also generate interest in signing up to play.

Prizes, prizes, prizes

Don’t forget the prizes. Most local stores and shops will be happy to supply free goods and services as a donation for you charity event. Ask each business if they will be able to donate to this wonderful cause. Usually, it’s a good idea to do this before advertising the tournament, because with some great prizes and fun, you will be able to charge more and subsequently make more for your charity event.

Make everything legit

Don’t forget to check with local, state, and federal authorities to ensure that your charity event is run according to laws in place to oversee such events. You can never be too safe and don’t assume that you think you know about a rule or regulation -make certain.

Ultimately, the more fun you have organizing the event, the more fun your participants will have and that will lead to more interest in a follow-up cornhole tournament.


Source by Dave C. Roth