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There are many people who cannot eat this or that for a variety of reasons. Long ago it was discovered by ardent Nature-cooks that a power house of “growth” factors are found in natural seeds. By “growth” it is not meant your actual height increase, although the vitamins and minerals in seeds are very beneficial for youngsters.

Seeds offers an “internal growth” benefit that may vitalize your digestive system. To correct problems of constipation, diarrhea, and dyspepsia, you may drench seeds with vitamins such as the B-complex group. The same goes to the nerve system. Seeds have minerals such as calcium and phosphorous in a good balance so that the bones, body fluids, and soft tissues will be strengthened. The minerals in seeds combine with protein to aid in fat metabolism. The phosphorous of seeds is a vital constituent of brain tissue. Let us also note that iron in seeds are needed to help nourish a bloodstream that washes and feeds every cell and tissue, including your organs and glands. Seeds can really promote health growth with the Nature-built nutrient store within them.

There are a variety of seeds available and you can have choice of different seeds to suit your palate. Among some available at any outlets and nearly all large health food stores are these: barley, basil, buckwheat, caraway, carob seed, flax seed, hemp seed, millet, pine cones, pomegranate, poppy seeds, senna seeds, sesame seeds, and the ever-popular sunflower seeds. These are so popular, they are available almost anywhere these days. At one time, only “faddist” ate them but eventually the doubters discovered how sunflower seeds are such dynamic sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes, they had a change of heart. We hope it is a healthy change.

You can eat much seeds raw. Shelled sunflower seeds, for instance, are very tasty when raw. Chew well, however, to facilitate digestion. Sprinkle over foods, soups, salads, and sauces. Try raw wheat seeds which is a prime source of nutrients usually depleted in the baking process. Eat them raw or sprinkle over foods, hot or cold. Seed oils are available at many health stores. These are rich in minerals needed for nerve strengthening. Seed oils are unsaturated so they can help wash the sludge from your arteries.


Source by Sandy Y.


Mini-sites are growing up all over the web because they are so easy to set up and fast to provide a stream of passive income. You can become a webmaster in a couple of weeks and learn how to create many mini websites for fun or for profit.

A mini-site is a two or three page website that is designed for a specific task: either to sell something, get a subscription or to make money as an affiliate for somebody else.

There are four types of mini-sites you can create, without knowing any code, which can bring you four different streams of internet income.

1. Creating a "1-page" sales letter mini-site. Obviously, this is the first type of website that you will think of. A "1-page" sales letter mini-site's main purpose is to sell your own product, whether it is an ebook, some software or multi-media product. When finished, your mini-site contains your sales letter page and your order page where people can download the product they just purchased. If you already have templates of these two, you can create your mini-site in 10 minutes flat.

2. Creating an "affiliate showcase" mini-site. An "affiliate Showcase" mini-site is an organized page where you offer a list of products people can buy. An affiliate is where you advertise someone's product and when someone buy's it, thanks to your publicity, you get a percentage. The products you recommend to your potential clients need to be related to each other. For example, If you are in the health and fitness industry, you will recommend a weight loss ebook or a good fitness equipment guide. You can include private sites to get a coach and / or a specific program on fitness.

3. Creating a "simple newsletter" mini-site Newsletters serve several purposes. A newsletter will help you position yourself as an expert, help you build credibility and rapport. Setting up a simple newsletter mini-site has one purpose only: get as many subscribers as possible. When you position yourself as an expert through the different issues of your newsletters which you send out every week, two weeks or even every month, you can recommend products or services related to your niche market. That's how you create another stream of income through newsletter or Ezine marketing.

4. Creating an "about me" page mini-site. An "About Me" page mini-site is simply a site where you will tell the world about yourself and your interests. On this page, you will set up links to your products, or newsletters to your affiliate's products. By getting traffic to this kind of site, you can convert people into buyers and make another streams of internet income.

You don't need to know programming. You don't need to be a computer geek, buy expensive software, or pay outrageous fees to a webmaster. With professional-looking templates, you can set up a mini-site with graphics, headlines and a mini sales letter in about 3 hours. If you want to elaborate a more complicated mini-site with a long sales letter, some compelling graphics, powerful headlines and a subscription box that will help you generate leads like crazy, you would spend 2 to 3 days.

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Source by Emmanuel Segui

How To Create a Healthy Kitchen


Changing the organisation of your kitchen can help you achieve the body you want.

Throw out lollies, biscuits and chips. If it isn’t in the house you can’t eat it. If you really are craving it, you’ll have to go to the shop.It will make you re-evaluate how much you really want it.

If you do find yourself at the shop, buy a single serve. Just buy one ice cream, one chocolate bar or one small packet of chips. Buy as you need. Don’t stock up.

Move your fruit and vegetables to the middle of the fridge. Don’t hide them in the crisper. When you open the fridge and in the most prominent position are your fruit and vegetables you are more likely to choose these to snack on.

Leftovers should be stored in containers and towards the back of the fridge. Why increase temptation by putting last night’s pizza, or leftovers at the front of the fridge.You open the fridge many times a day, re organise so that you only see the good stuff. Better still, get the in habit of freezing left overs to avoid you constantly going back for more. Even better, give it away to someone else or throw it out. It may be wasting food, but if it’s last night’s take out, better in the trash than around your waist.

Buy lots of small containers or zip lock bags. When you do your supermarket shop, get in the habit of dividing up large packets into single serves. You can do this with nuts, dried fruits and even cereal.

Use small plates and small spoons. ¾ cup of cereal looks like a lot in a small bowl, but in a larger bowl, you’ll feel unsatisfied. Using a small spoon will slow your eating down. We often eat too quickly and shovel down too much food. Our brains don’t get a chance to tell you that you’re full. Slow down and enjoy what you are eating, let the body send the signals to the brain to tell you that you’ve had enough.

Out of sight, out of mind.


Source by Elizabeth Pattalis


Is there a book inside of you? Start with a PDF eBook. Where does your interest lie? Fiction or self-help books? In this article I address both.

To create a PDF eBook either fiction or self-help, it’s better you start typing in MS Word document.

If it’s a fiction or self-help book you will type, it’s better you write out a paper draft and then type it fast on MS Word document.

You just don’t want to write an ordinary or average fiction or self-help book. Whether it is a paid or free book you will write to grab the attention of your adequate audience, it’s best to write a brilliant, innovative book which your audience will like.

For fiction eBooks write some interesting story from your life experience. In that case you will not have to work hard to make up imaginary characters and come up with a plot. You just have to write the story as you know and type it on MS Word.

On the other hand, self-help books can be in the area of health and fitness, improving confidence or concentration power and the lot. There are lots of books in these niches and so you will have to come up with a killer title with superb, innovative content.

The eBook you write on self-help should give insightful solution(s) to a problem or two. It should be something new that helps to attract readers in your niche.

Fiction and self-help books should have copyright information, disclaimers, table of contents, page numbers, preface, introduction and upcoming chapters on your story in case of fiction or on the self-help title you have chosen for your self-help eBook.

After writing and typing are complete, proofread your chapters thoroughly three times. This gives you the edge in making your eBook free from grammatical/spelling errors.

Your eBook either fiction or self-help should have a glamorous e-cover as well which you can design on your own by getting appropriate images from the web and using matching/contrast colors for fonts of your book title and author’s name. You can also choose suitable font styles. Or if you don’t want to go through the pain, you can get professional help.

Once your MS Word document is in place and ready, convert it to PDF by using “Save As PDF” option. You can then upload your file to the landing page of your download URL at the backend. Next send the opt-in page URL to your subscribers for your new eBook and also promote it on your Facebook page and website. You are likely to attract a whole lot of subscribers who download your paid or free eBook. This way you not only attract subscribers but also gain publicity of your eBook(s). And once the word is out, more people will subscribe to your newsletters and buy and read your eBooks. Sounds good?


Source by Rosina S Khan

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