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Brand name: Peekaboo
Price: $ 109 at Amazon
Type: Adjustable and portable
Material used: Chrome steel
Includes: One pole of chrome steel, one adjustable top section, one base piece, one ceiling plate, one carry bag, instruction manual and a DVD.

There are a couple of brands of poles for dance and fitness, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In my last article I wrote about Carmen Electra pole. Today I would like to write about Peekaboo Hot Pink Party Stripper Pole Dance Kit, which is sold for $ 109 at Amazon.

Everybody knows that a professional dance pole is an expensive affair. However, this is not the case anymore. Now, you have Peekaboo Hot Pink Party Stripper Pole Dance Kit at your doorstep for a very affordable price. Peekaboo hot pink party stripper pole dance kit is a fabulous product that is designed especially keeping the amateurs as well as the professionals in mind. This kit is a dream come true for all the professional pole dancers. You can rely on this chrome steel dance kit completely, as it proved to be very durable and stable. Peekaboo hot pink party stripper pole dance kit is a must in your house when you are planning to throw a party for your friends. This pole dancing pole is one of the best pole dancer pole for all types of pole dancers including beginners and professionals.

Peekaboo hot pink party stripper pole dance kit is a must for all those who are willing to cut the extra inch in your body. Peekaboo knows that you deserve the best for yourself that is why they have introduced this amazing product for a very affordable price. This is a fabulous product and a must if you wish to reduce your weight in no time and get the curvy figure which you have always dreamt of.

The professional pole dancers can also rely on this product as this is one of the best products that you can gift yourself. This pole dance kit is technically tested and is proved to be durable. Actually, the endurance level of Peekaboo hot pink party stripper dance kit is beyond your expectations.

Experienced pole dancers and professionals have tried and tested and given a green signal for it. Also, there are many pole reviews of this dance pole on the internet. You can check them out at Amazon or other similar websites.


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One of the most often asked questions of Zumba instructors is about what is the best dance fitness shoes or sneakers to wear to a class. This beats out the second most often asked question which is can I lose weight by doing this type of dancing aerobic workout.

Zuumba as it sometimes misspelled, is really an aerobic work out which brings together Latin based dance moves as well as conditioning steps.

However, everyday workout footwear just wont cut it.

It doesn’t have the necessary support, comfort or the ability to absorb shock. It may also be too heavy to properly execute the Zumba moves. The ideal dance fitness shoe is lightweight and does not have grips on the bottom or sole.

So, how do you get the best aerobic sneakers or shoes?

Fortunately for all of us, with the ever-increasing worldwide recognition of the effectiveness of fitness classes there is a decent selection of footwear available to us today. This is great for those of us that have a hard time with getting the proper shoe size and/or because our feet are too slender, too wide, or if we have elevated arches.

Some of the major brand names, including Zumba, can provide you with a decent selection of cardio or aerobic shoes. Companies like Nike, Ryka, Avia, and Sansha just to name a few.

One neat trick that I have found to make any shoe more comfortable, is to purchase a cushion insole that’s made out of gel. This not only makes it more pleasurable to where it also absorbs some of the shock that comes from the dancing moves.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get back to how to pick a dance fitness shoe for your Zumba fitness workout.

If you’re used to searching online, you will probably find some decent reviews of the different manufacturers. Such as the ones I listed above. Another way to find out what type of workout shoe you should use is to ask your aerobic workout instructor. Many times, they have already done all the research for you. Since, they usually spend a great deal of time teaching.

So for them having the proper aerobic shoe is perhaps a little more important than it might be to an occasional dance class participants.

Let me leave you with one last tip. Whatever manufacturer you choose, make sure that they offer some kind of money back guarantee. You really won’t know too much about how comfortable, supportive or shock absorbing the sneaker is until you try it out in class.

Some of the better retailers will allow you to return them or exchange them even after you have worn them once.


Source by Robert Deangelo

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