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She looked harmless enough. 3 foot 6, maybe 3 foot 8.

Probably 70 pounds. I guessed she might have been 4, maybe

5 years old.

How can you be afraid of a child that small? Looks can

be deceiving, can’t they?

I’m a grown man. A fat man. I worked too hard in the

nineties climbing the corporate ladder, and I let my

waistline get away from me. Now I was paying the price for

too many chocolate cakes, 2 martini lunches and Must-See-TV.

I gasped and wheezed my way off the couch to a downtown

empty building turning ninja factory.

I’m standing in a freezing cold dojo, dressed in white

pajamas that they call a “gi”, with a white belt wrapped

around my waist. A bunch of midgets all under the age of

8 are standing near me.

A scruffy looking teenager stands at the front of us. We

call him “Master”. He barks orders at us, and we grunt.

And kick. And punch. And bow. I hate him. He is skinny.

I am not. I am gasping for air.

I am in my first karate class. They stuck me in a kids

class. I don’t think its funny. The sad part is I am the

worst one of the bunch. This little 5 year old girl keeps

wanting to spar me. This little karate girls feet and

hands are the size of a 3 Musketeers chocolate bar. And

yet I am sure she could kick my ass.

Why oh why didn’t I look after myself when I had the chance?

I hate doing knuckle pushups!

Note to self: everything from now on in moderation. No more

crazy eating, no more letting myself go. I hope I can be

a shining example to these children of what not to do!


Source by Yoshi Kundagawa


"I'm Waiting for My Diagnosis Before I Do Anything."

It astonishes me how many times subscribers to my Healing Auto Immune Disease Newsletter tell me they are not doing anything to help themselves, until their doctor labels them ! Is it lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or a long list of other potential disease 'labels', all of which are inflammatory issues that have simple, common sense, safe, no cost solutions to help start the healing process !! This, all the while experiencing painful, even debilitating autoimmune symptoms such as severe fatigue, muscle pain, extreme joint pain / arthritic symptoms, fever, migraines, skin rash, hair loss, kidney issues, (etc).

The first line of defense should never include a 'wait and see what your diagnosis is' approach.

The first line of defense should include an immediate, full out attack on anything that creates inflammation! For example, a lupus diet (anti inflammatory) has shown drastic improvements for most, as do many supplements aimed at realigning the immune systems faulty 'attack' message. These are 2 of the most powerful and simple steps one suffering from an inflammatory disease can do.

Only you, not your physician, must take full responsibility for your health!

Unfortunately, the diagnosis of lupus (and other related autoimmune issues) often take months, more commonly years to diagnose, all the while a simple, natural, and effective healing protocol could have been initiated. Add to this the possibly of avoiding unnecessary hospital visits, future meds, reducing the need for current ones, and avoiding serious, often devastating side effects from prescription drugs and worsened symptoms.

Start a healing regime with natural common sense solutions to wellness that include (but not limited to):

Body- The right food / nutrients that support the healing process with lupus diet do's and don'ts, ensuring healthy digestion and absorption of food particles, supplementation, eliminating toxins, promoting an alkaline internal terrain, etc.

Mind – Stress reduction, Eastern Healing strategies, Self-Healing Visualizations, Power of the Mind / Attitude etc.

Spirit – Faith, Prayer, Meditation, Support from loved ones

… with immediate implementation!

Each of the above is a safe, natural, common sense approach that supports the body in the healing process. (Of course, get the approval of your health specialist with any change to your diet or lifestyle).

As you blast the fire of disease with everything at your disposal, have your team of experts (hopefully this includes a naturopath or alternative health expert in the mix) help you identify the root culprit so you can further target it, once it's been found.

For some it's food / digestion related, for others it's environmental / toxin related, or perhaps it's acute and / or chronic stress (as it was with me), or even meds known to trigger lupus. Many people never find the root cause of their symptoms, yet by implementing the right healing protocol still improve, if not reverse their symptoms.

In the meantime, minimize the fire and keep it from spreading!

Far too many people 'wait and see' position leads them straight into avoidable flares, even worse, serious long-term health consequences. The sad news is it could have been prevented, or at minimum significantly reduced with a pro-active, common sense natural approach to healing.

Please note, this is not to say there aren't issues specific to disease. Of course there are. However, getting on a natural, healthy protocol is in your favor. Get off the culprits that are known to be harmful to health. White foods (sugar, salt, flour, dairy), fatty foods, processed foods, and alcohol, are just a few common sense 'diet don'ts'.

Fact: The foundational principles for healing is 85% the same for all disease. Therefore, why wait for a label?

Most doctors aren't taught healing methodology. They're expertise is in disease, the diagnosis of it, and utilization of prescription drugs for a symptomatic, treatment approach that suppress symptoms versus heal the root cause. Symptom suppression can be very helpful at times and over short term, however this paradigm is a non-curative approach.

In fact, serious legal issues are now associated with people or institutions making 'curative' claims (even if claims are scientifically substantiated). Recently I was excited to hear a claim from a Canadian University, whose research …


Water is 71% of Earths surface, not much news to most of society these days. However, approximately 783 million people do not have access to clean water and about 2.5 percent of the 71% is fresh water. Around 2.5 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation. This is causing six to eight million people to die annually from the consequences and water related diseases. While people in well-developed counties have everything they need to satisfy the necessities of their people, or so it would seem, 85% of the world population lives on the otherwise half of the planet, water is short in those locations more than anywhere else on Earth. People are dying everyday do to dehydration, caused by intensifying heats. In America 40% of the rivers and 46% of the lakes are polluted and are considered unhealthy for swimming, fishing, and aquatic life. Chin's cities had 80-90 percent of their water contaminated and polluted do to past events of natural disasters. The young tend to receive the worst effects of contaminated and polluted water sources, 760,000 children under the age of 5 die every year from Diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water.

There has been an infinite amount of ideas to solve water pollution, contamination, and sanitization. Organizations everywhere are popping up to take part in the efforts to clean and purify water. These organizations do not have the power or the availability to secure every individuals needs. People that can go out and fend for themselves should be self-sufficient. There are several devices out on the market to purify your water. For example, the Pump2Pure. This mechanism works just like a hand pump siphon, stick one end into the dirty water and it pumps out clean water from that source into whatever container you are storing your now purified water into.

Pump2Pure is exactly what its name is. It has a hand pump suction that will allow the water to flow from one end of the pump to be purified by a filtration replaceable cartridge that purifies 100 gallons of water. Then the filtered water will push its way through to the next end of the pump into the container you are storing your new purified water. This pump is a very effective way to receive large quantities of water throughout your days, weeks, or months. The Pump2pure takes tree minutes to cycle through one gallon of water. this is equivalent to pumping twenty gallons per hour. That may not seem like it's effective, and sounds like a cramp in the hand, this pump is meant to be used as a survivalist tool and is a huge key item if you as a survivalist would like to stay alive without catching a disease from a contaminated convenient water source.

With around thirty-three percent of the world dying because of contamination and pollution in water, having a side attachment such as the Pump2Pure is a well-deserved precaution to act on. 100 gallons of clean pure water can go a long way for one individual. Don't be afraid to share you water with your friends and family.


Source by Marvin Barber

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