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Listen up America, Discovery Channel wants you to join the Discovery Health’s National Body Challenge! It is a weight loss and health challenge that aims to keep America fit and healthy for life.

It actually started as an eight-week fitness and health program started to kick off the New Year right but now it operates as a comprehensive health and weight loss program designed to help people lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle.

The health and weight loss challenge by Discovery Channel is handled by health experts such as doctors and fitness trainers so you are guaranteed of a safe and medically-approved program.

The eight-week time period required by the program is based on the recommendation of experts who say that it is just the enough time period for most people to realize their goals, make changes in their life and see the results they wanted.

The Discovery Channel’s health and weight loss challenge program provides expert advice on fitness, weight loss and having a healthy lifestyle. The program also includes online customized meal plans, a personalized fitness plan and weight tracker.

Unlike fad diets and plans this has medical-supervision and all its programs are safe and effective. The meal plans in the program are based on the most recent 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the US Department of Agriculture.

The challenge is open to any US resident aged 8 and up. Children (8 – 12 year olds) who want to enroll in the program must be enrolled with their family.

The best thing about the Discovery Channel’s health and weight loss challenge is that it is free and signing-up is a breeze. Just visit their website, fill out the online form and you’re done.


Source by Phillip England


On my quest to identify the right solution for clients seeking weight loss, fitness and nutrition solutions I occasionally discover an excellent source that I can’t help but write about.

This article highlights one of those recent discoveries and it is about Empowered Fitness. I believe that empowerment is the only true path to ultimate success on your weight loss journey or when you are looking to develop the ideal body image. And as I learned more about the work of Adam Daredia, Chief Consultant, I developed a great respect for his approach and offering.

According to Adam, the biggest challenges that he sees in clients looking to improve are a lack of time and a lack of willpower.

When asked about how he helps his clients mitigate these challenges, Adam responds: “My approach is based on training the root system. By that I mean training the mindset. The body follows where the mind goes! I coach and educate my clients that weight loss and health/ fitness is connected to every aspect of their life. From their thoughts to desires to their daily lives.”

Adam is a former competitive martial artist / personal trainer and a fitness professional; he uses a combination of training methods comprised of:

· Martial Arts – which provides focus and energy

· Strength Training – which allows for toning and sculpting

· Advanced Core Training – to dig deep into the waist, and a

· Flexibility Program – to enhance posture.

His communication style with his clients is one of encouraging words to coach the mind while expressing the body.

Separate of his own program, he also recommends that clients consider a yoga class, interval training cardio programs and whatever else they love or enjoy doing.

He’s clearly a strong believer in making it fun. To me that is a rare find in someone so well trained in the martial arts. And frankly, that is what I find so exciting about his approach and offering; my experience with those who hail from martial arts is that they are too militant or demanding.

Granted, exercise and progress toward any fitness goal requires discipline and determination but who ever said that you have to take the fun out of it? Clearly, this is one fitness expert that gets results while helping his clients experience the joy of the journey.


Source by Kevin E Graham

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