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It’s not uncommon for doctors to make jokes when they’re about to do something unpleasant.

But why? Is it done out of cruelty or lack of caring? Could there be a humane reason behind what appears to be a misguided attempt at humor?

As a family physician, when someone asks me whether a procedure is going to hurt, I usually answer, “I won’t feel a thing.” But that’s not true. It always hurts me, at least a little. Occasionally it brings tears to my eyes.

Doctors don’t like to cause pain. “First do no harm” is taught from day one of medical school. Just as parents don’t like to hurt their children, physicians don’t like to cause discomfort, even when it’s in the best interest of the patient. Humor is a way physicians counter their own unwillingness to harm another person. It’s a method for doctors to reassure themselves that they are doing what is right.

But more importantly, humor helps put patients at ease. Patients who are nervous tend to experience more pain. Often the fear of pain, or fear of the unknown, causes more distress than the actual procedure. If a doctor can dispel fear, the discomfort will be much easier to manage. Humor helps people relax, but it also distracts them from what’s about to happen. The human brain can only focus on so much at a time. If the brain is involved in laughing, it’s less focused on worry or pain.

Humor is also a way of gauging a patient’s attitude toward their problem. Some patients can laugh over a heart attack or mastectomy. Others consider a minor blemish a serious threat to their self-image. Physicians can use a joke as a measure of a patient’s ego and stability. People who cannot see a lighter side to their situation often require more reassurance than a person who can laugh at themselves.

Sometimes doctors use humor as a way of getting to know their patients better. (What would you have them talk about anyway? How sharp the knife is? How deep the needle will plunge?) Just as humor creates a bond between friends, it can strengthen a doctor-patient relationship.

A mistake common to doctors and patients alike is taking medicine too seriously. True, some problems are life-threatening, but most physician encounters are not. Many problems physicians see would heal on their own if given sufficient time. Sharing a smile may speed your healing more quickly than an antibiotic.

Laughter is the best medicine, according to the good book. Physicians need jokes, too. Bring a good one to your next office visit and see if you don’t brighten your doctor’s day.

Copyright 2010 Cynthia J. Koelker, M.D.


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Today is celebrating the day for all people because today is “National Doctors Day”. In this Article, we are discussing national doctors day, national doctors day 2018, national doctors day articles, and national doctors day | 2018 | article | theme | history | celebration | essay | speech | in India

national doctors day | 2018 | article | theme | history | celebration | essay | speech | in Indi


National Doctors day 2018 will be celebrated by the populate every single one over the India on 1st of July, at Sunday.

National Doctors day in India is a large awareness movement donation absolute opportunities to every one of to progress experienced about the roles, consequence and responsibilities of the doctors as pleasantly as promote medicinal professionals to go more rapidly and stick to the responsibilities of their profession extremely dedicatedly. This day is celebrated in the recollection of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in command to earnings pride to the total medicinal profession.


Doctor’s Day in India was conventional by the direction of India in 1991 to be accepted and celebrated every day on 1st of July as state Doctors day. It is celebrated on 1st of July on the birth and downfall anniversary of the as a rule famed medical doctor of India Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (Dr. B C Roy) to salary masses of principle and tribute. He was pleased with the majestic Indian civilian decoration called Bharat Ratna on 4th of February in 1961. He was instinctive on 1st of July in 1882 in the Patna, Bihar. He had accomplished his medicinal graduation from Calcutta and returned to the India in 1911 after finishing his MRCP and FRCS degrees in London and began his health career as a general practitioner in India in the matching year.

Afterward he attached the Calcutta remedial school as an instruction wand and after that he enthused to the Campbell health drill and it follows that to Carmichael medicinal College. He was on the whole celebrated general practitioner and celebrated educationist as nicely as an autonomy fighter as he connected the Mahatma Gandhi during Civil defiance Movement. Later on he became Indian resident upper house chief and next Chief Minister of the West Bengal. He conceded missing on his birthday instrument 1st of July in 1962, after 80 being of his lofty examine in this world. Behind his name, Dr. B. C. Roy native grant was instituted in the day 1976 to recompense honor, admiration and tribute.


National doctors day is celebrated every day every single one across the India on 1st of July to offer keep to the largest part eminent and legendary doctor of medicine as correctly as 2nd Chief Minister of the West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

It is a grand performance in India which helps in fulfilling the genuine destitution of doctors and physicians in the lives of every person as capably as their large roles and responsibilities. The twelve-monthly celebration of this awareness drive helps ordinary communal to follow attentive about the roles, significance and the precious tending of the doctors.

Substantial populace crowd of the India depends in a lot of customs on the physicians and their value treatments which reveal the remarkable improvements and make progress in the medicine and treatments methods. Once a year celebration of the doctors’ day has been proved as a tactic of encouragement and lofty observe opening for every one the physicians and doctors of the India to awaken up from their flaw career outstanding to the not have of obligation towards their profession.

Sometimes joint and disfavored inhabit comprehend wedged in the unsuitable supply of irresponsible and immoral doctors which becomes the brains of shared violence and protests against folks doctors. This awareness movement is the terrific manner of attracting every the doctors and physicians at one file to give them at one marks of job towards the days’ economy remedial profession.

Public doctors day celebration has been noticeable as the day of appreciate for full authority doctors who say finished their absolute labors in cutback the go of patients. Doctors …

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