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Gordon MacDonald tells a story of young man (Tom) who has nothing much of note going for him; sloppy, disorganized, a coaster. This young guy seems slow to learn and is generally disinterested in the flow of life that most others his age find a breeze. His prospects are slim indeed.

Does anyone see a prospective, well-known and highly successful church leader here?

What is revealed in this story is the ability for five normal people, including two couples (one older, one younger), to get in beside Tom and patiently model to him a way of living; a good way of living.

He learns patience and a passion for people and 'the lost' with couple number one – the younger couple. Not that they 'teach' him per se. He uses (or even abuses) lunch invitations for a free feed – the couple's response? – they receive him with open arms. They don't push him away.

What is he learning from them? What is he learning about life? How is this changing his perspective on how he wants to live his life?

The older couple model (a pastor's family) model what family life should be about. They help him with things like his laundry, and invite him to dinner every other Sunday. He observes a well-adjusted family and likes what he sees.

What is he learning from them? What is he learning about life? How is this changing his perspective on how he wants to live his life?

The fifth person is an associate pastor (AP) of a church and Tom lives with him. Now, what he learns from the AP is hard. It's putting the toilet seat down; putting another roll of toilet paper on the dispenser; taking the garbage out; doing the dishes straight away; staying tidy and organized etc.

There are many heated discussions but the mid-30s AP patiently persists. And he simply models how to keep a house.

What is he learning from him? What is he learning about life? How is this changing his perspective on how he wants to live his life?

He just observes each of these models like most human beings do. And he's a sponge. What he sees he judges good or bad, right or wrong … he asks, 'Is that how I want to be?'

And what is he learning through all this role modeling? Love, patience, kindness, acceptance, values โ€‹โ€‹…? And probably a lot more.

With young people there is often very little seen potential. If they're low on confidence it is even more apparent.

What the young people of this society need – or any society for that matter – is sufficient and adequate adult support via role modeling of good values โ€‹โ€‹of love, patience and acceptance, because they will learn.

Tom, by the way, was or is Gordon MacDonald himself – Thomas Gordon MacDonald. No hoper teen turned highly successful adult and leader.

What role model are you? What is the young person in your life seeing in you, that they either want to replicate or incinerate?


Source by Steve Wickham


Those who prefer a healthier lifestyle consider elliptical machines an integral part of their daily workouts. However, it is a good idea to read the various elliptical reviews before narrowing down what equipment to get for your own gym. The following are popular elliptical machines by Life Fitness.

Life Fitness X1

It is the simplest elliptical model, and it offers the most basic features such as the standard and non-adjustable stride length. While it may be simple, this model is good for those who are still beginners and those who have a tight budget.

Life Fitness Elliptical X3

Elliptical X3 is, indeed, one of the most often purchased machines because of the relatively lower price range (less than $ 3,000). This machine enables users some customization options by letting them choose between either the Basic or Advanced Console. It works smoothly because of the technology called WhisperStride. Users of this elliptical have enjoyed the smoothness of movement while exercising.

Life Fitness Elliptical X3i

This is another version of the Elliptical X3i. It works pretty much the same way except that it has an additional four (4) programs. It does have some new features such as the Activity Zone console, with automatically installs instant controls. It has also magnetic resistance motors, and there are pre-programmed workouts available already in every unit. Elliptical X3i is higly rated.

Life Fitness Elliptical X5

Those who are very detail-oriented in their workouts might prefer this over other elliptical machines because of its advanced Select Stride technology. Users can choose and enable at least four (4) stride lengths, depending on their comfort and convenience. Here, they can also add Basic or Advanced Workout Console.

Life Fitness Elliptical X7

It is one of the latest offers of Life Fitness and despite its being new in the market, those who do elliptical reviews say it is good in providing comfort to users. It is primarily because of the new feature called Whisper eStride. This feature allows users to choose and adjust from seven (7) quiet electronic strides, depending on their level of comfort.

Life Fitness Elliptical X9i

The latest model seems to have the best performance. It offers many benefits to users, including the eighteen (18) programs already available, and it even allows the users to have at least seven (7) personal programs. This is perfect for those who always monitor their heart rate every workout period because it has a wireless heart rate monitor. This product even claims to be of equal quality with Health Club elliptical machines, as its strides have been designed in the same way.


Source by Mike Singh

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