It will come as no surprise to any man to read that an erect penis is typically a vital component of sexual activity. Although a couple can have forms of sex (such as oral sex) in which a partner may be sexually satisfied without an erect penis being present, in most cases that erection is desired – by its owner, if not by his partner. Good penis health routines help to make an erect penis more likely, so gentlemen may wish to consider the following strategies which can be performed throughout the day to keep the penis healthy and more prone to erection.

– Start the day right. Men are familiar with "morning wood," that is waking up with an erect penis. Sometimes, it is an insistently hard erection, but in other cases it may be somewhat softer. In the latter case, try to spend a few minutes stroking the penis into a harder erection. (If there's time, feel free to masturbate to ejaculation.) Some doctors believe that taking advantage of a semi-erection and bringing about a full hard-on helps strengthen the penis.

– Have a cup of Joe. Some scientists believe that there are erectile benefits to caffeine, as it may help penis arteries to expand so that more blood can flow into the penis, thus strengthening its erection. So enjoy that cup of coffee with the knowledge that your penis may thank you for it.

– Plan your daily diet. Eating right is important for the entire body, and general physical health translates into better penis health as well. A diet which sees to an individual's needs through healthy food choices is best. Some scientists also believe that specific flavonoid-rich foods, including apples, pears, berries and oranges, keep the arteries in better shape for blood flow.

– Incorporate meditation breaks. Stress is a huge problem for many men, leading to serious issues including high blood pressure and strokes. Stress is also a killjoy when it comes to an erect penis. Men who experience stress – which often occurs during the workday – should find a way to incorporate 2 or 3 breaks of 5 or 10 minutes each into their day for meditation, which is shown to relieve stress. If finding a way to engage in actual meditation is difficult, try to take a nice walk outside in the sunshine or do a few exercises to release tension.

– Visit the gym. Keeping the heart healthy keeps the penis healthy, so getting an appropriate amount of exercise is crucial. Stopping by the gym on the way home from work and getting in some cardio exercises will keep those penile blood vessels happier and better prepared when a rush of blood is needed. Exercise helps produce nitric oxide, which is useful in artery and vessel expansion.

– Kick butts. If a guy smokes, stopping can be one of the most significant things he can do to improve not just his penis health but his overall health. Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, which is exactly the opposite of what an erect penis wants and needs. Quitting smoking can be difficult, but men who do smoke should take the first step on that road today.

– Brush well. Brushing regularly – at the beginning and end of the day at least – should be part of any dental hygiene routine – as well as of a penis health routine. Why? Plaque caused by gum disease creates inflammation which damages blood vessel cells, even those as far from the mouth as the penis. So brush well to keep the penis well.

Taking steps like these throughout the day can help strengthen the erect penis by improving penis health. That same health also benefits from the daily use of a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Choose a crème with L-arginine, an ingredient which is known to help boost nitric oxide production – which as mentioned earlier is a boon in keeping penile blood vessels open and expanded. In addition, find a crème with alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant which protects penis skin from …