It is tough to be diagnosed for a sexually transmitted disease. This is particularly because the medical condition is associated with promiscuity. The situation is an emotional roller coaster with feelings of disbelief, anger, anxiety and sadness running through. Dealing with the situation becomes even more difficult when you have to face isolation and alienation. It is hard to find true friends around you who will not end up judging you or making you the butt of jokes in public.

The world of the internet can be your place your succor. Quite similar to online dating, there are reliable and trustworthy friend-finder websites catering to people suffering sexually transmitted diseases. With members from across the globe, these sites function like little comfort zones designed to offer a warm and simple environment where you can be yourself with other singles suffering the same diseases as you. It is not just a place where you can foster new relationships, but also functions as a support group where you can discuss your condition, fears and doubts and seek solutions on the same.

About STD Friend-Finder Websites

As already stated above, their system is similar to dating sites. They are not restricted to a particular state or country and accept users from across the globe. One has to register to become a member and thereafter create a profile for public viewing. The registration process involves filling up a simple form providing personal details. After you register and create a profile, you can start looking up other member's profiles. You can send friend request's, personal messages and even chat with other users.

Speaking about their approval process, they accept users suffering from all kinds of STDs including HIV, HPV, HSV, Hepatitis B / C, Chlamydia, syphilis and thrush among others. However, there are a few sites that focus on one particular illness targeting one group. The greatest advantage of going online is that you are freed of the burden of revealing your secret to others.

How to Get Started?

It is easy; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

  • Start by choosing a friend-finder website. It should be a reliable one that guarantees to keep your personal and private information secure and confidential. Make sure you read their privacy and safety policies before you join.
  • If you have any queries regarding how the process work or the registration, it is advisable to contact support before you go ahead.
  • A few sites give you the liberty to choose how much of information you would like to reveal in public.
  • When creating a profile, be truthful and accurate. Give your proper name, age and photo.
  • You can make contact with only those singles you feel you will get along with comfortably.
  • Some sites have a registration fee, but it is minimal. It is a better option to go for these as they have zero tolerance for security infringement and are quite serious about the user approval process.

So, leave the hardships behind and start anew. Registering at such a friend-finder website will not only help you get over the loneliness but also infuse confidence to start living life all over again.


Source by Satvik Mittal