Thinking of gaining weight? With CB-1 Weight Gainer you can put your worries at ease. Putting on weight will never be as easy as using CB-1 Weight Gainer and achieve a full body composition for your age.

CB-1 Weight Gainer is specially crafted for people who are so skinny and underweight that eating tons of food is not really an option. With CB-1 Weight Gainer, you will gain weight even when you eat so little on most days due to the busy life you are living.

Sometimes, your inability to add a few more pounds is not really because you don’t eat enough: your fast metabolism may also be the factor why it’s hard for you to gain a healthy weight.

With a unique blend of minerals, vitamins, herbs, and all – natural ingredients called isobutyl amides, this weight – gaining elements works to activate a receptor called CB-1 to stimulate your appetite while slowing down metabolic rate for a quicker weight gain. The formulation is reassured that you can expect to see the result on your weight scale in just within the second week of taking the supplement.

CB-1 Weight Gainer is a no – steroid health product that works wonderfully to stimulate your appetite, delaying the feeling of fullness in your stomach by slowing the hormone production associated with feeling full such as insulin and lepton signal. By eating a bit more than you should, you will have the extra calories necessary for a healthy weight gain.

While gaining weight with extra calories is one thing, slowing down the metabolism is also important as well. If you have a considerably fast metabolism, it will make weight gaining harder as the excess calories tend to get burned off instead being stored in your body. To prevent this, CB-1 Weight Gainer slows your metabolic rate temporarily, reducing the calories used as heat (a process called thermo genesis). With slower metabolism, you will put on weight quicker.

With these process coupled together, you will experience a significant effect of weight gaining at an average of 2.4 pounds gain per week. And the good thing about CB-1 Weight Gainer is while men can get their body buffed up and muscular, the women will have a sexier curves developed. And yes, the weight stays permanently for good!

All you need is to take two capsules taken thirty to sixty minutes before your meal. You can take up to three times a day to boost your rate for a healthy weight gain. Keep in mind for any minor side effects such as nausea and digestion problems.

Try CB-1 Weight Gainer and see the curves forming around your body for yourself.


Source by Antonio Pierce