Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator is a high end product aimed at true tanning aficionados. This product was designed to be effective when used for indoor tanning sessions as well as out at the beach. In addition to allowing for a deep tan, Australian Gold includes vitamin E and native oils which enhances overall skin appearance.

The effectiveness of Australian Gold stems from its ability to prompt the skin to produce more melanin. The production of melanin is a crucial aspect of a dark and uniform tan. Many people are unable to produce melanin in given areas of their skin. This can result in freckling or uneven tanning with unattractive coloration.

Australian Gold's effectiveness in spurring melanin isn't its only advantage. This product contains vitamin E and native oils. Many experts believe your skin's health and glow are positively impacted by the application of these ingredients. Dry skin can greatly detract from the attractiveness of an otherwise great tan. Australian Gold addresses both areas ensuring you look your absolute best after either a tanning bed session or a day outside under the sun.

This tanning accelerator also has the added benefit of producing a greater deepness of tan in less time than one would need without use of the product. Often with today's busy schedule one doesn't have the luxury of a full tanning session. When time constraints only allow for a quick trip to the tanning salon, use of Australian Gold produces results ordinarily only seen after your normal, longer sessions.

Everyone has unique skin. Some produce melanin easily, while others have many skin areas deficient in melanin. Other products do not address these differences among us. Accelerators without the ability to help melanin production often result in splotches and unsightly freckles. Australian Gold addresses these variations and proves beneficial to people with all spectrums of skin shading and patterns.

While Australian Gold produces excellent results for all skin shades, many experts advise that those with the lightest pigmentation use protective products with a very high sun protection factor (SPF). Adverse health effects are well known from overexposure to the type of rays producing suntans. It is up to each person to decide upon the safest tanning regimen tailored to their own individual circumstances. Guidance from a qualified health provider can greatly assist in these decisions.

The inclusion of vitamin E and native oils helps to address the drying and wrinkling which can result from prolonged tanning. If you decide that a healthy tan is important to you, it is important to address both the "healthy" and the "tan" components. Australian Gold's patented formula allows for pursuit of a glowing tan while retaining smooth, silky skin.

Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator is a premium product which addresses all the various facets of your tanning experience. The accelerator component allows for saved time when schedules get hectic. The inclusion of vitamin E and native oils allow for restorative therapy to combat the adverse impacts of tanning. Most importantly, Australian Gold is made so that anyone can benefit from its wide array of advantages.


Source by Adam Hefner