There are many people who cannot eat this or that for a variety of reasons. Long ago it was discovered by ardent Nature-cooks that a power house of “growth” factors are found in natural seeds. By “growth” it is not meant your actual height increase, although the vitamins and minerals in seeds are very beneficial for youngsters.

Seeds offers an “internal growth” benefit that may vitalize your digestive system. To correct problems of constipation, diarrhea, and dyspepsia, you may drench seeds with vitamins such as the B-complex group. The same goes to the nerve system. Seeds have minerals such as calcium and phosphorous in a good balance so that the bones, body fluids, and soft tissues will be strengthened. The minerals in seeds combine with protein to aid in fat metabolism. The phosphorous of seeds is a vital constituent of brain tissue. Let us also note that iron in seeds are needed to help nourish a bloodstream that washes and feeds every cell and tissue, including your organs and glands. Seeds can really promote health growth with the Nature-built nutrient store within them.

There are a variety of seeds available and you can have choice of different seeds to suit your palate. Among some available at any outlets and nearly all large health food stores are these: barley, basil, buckwheat, caraway, carob seed, flax seed, hemp seed, millet, pine cones, pomegranate, poppy seeds, senna seeds, sesame seeds, and the ever-popular sunflower seeds. These are so popular, they are available almost anywhere these days. At one time, only “faddist” ate them but eventually the doubters discovered how sunflower seeds are such dynamic sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes, they had a change of heart. We hope it is a healthy change.

You can eat much seeds raw. Shelled sunflower seeds, for instance, are very tasty when raw. Chew well, however, to facilitate digestion. Sprinkle over foods, soups, salads, and sauces. Try raw wheat seeds which is a prime source of nutrients usually depleted in the baking process. Eat them raw or sprinkle over foods, hot or cold. Seed oils are available at many health stores. These are rich in minerals needed for nerve strengthening. Seed oils are unsaturated so they can help wash the sludge from your arteries.


Source by Sandy Y.