Every hemorrhoids sufferer wants to get rid of hemorrhoids fast and some of them want to cure it within 24 hours. This solution is cheap and fast, which you do it right from your home. Unfortunately, it works well for about 60% of people only, 25% of people taking a week or more to be cured of their hemorrhoids and remaining people claimed it never help them.

The remedy for this 24 hours solution that we are talking about is apple cider vinegar. It can be used on internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids, and if the hemorrhoids are bleeding and or prolapsed, it doesn’t matter and including pregnant women.

The procedure for using this solution is very easy.

1) External hemorrhoids

You just need to soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and slowly ring it out so that the cotton ball isn’t runny. Apply it to the hemorrhoids for half an hour’s time.Your hemorrhoids should be shrunk by the time you remove the cotton ball.You may repeat this method on daily basis if it is still not cure after 24 hours later.

2) Internal hemorrhoids

For internal hemorrhoids, freeze some apple cider solution into the size and shape of a small rifle bullet about an inch long and about quarter of an inch wide (2cm x 0.5cm). Most importantly, it has the round shape without sharp pointy bits.

Once frozen, gently insert the apple cider vinegar bullet inside by lubricating the apple cider vinegar bullet with Vaseline and taking care to slightly warm the surface to almost melting point – if you insert it too cold, it will possibly cause freeze burn. Therefore, you do not want to freeze the apple cider vinegar bullet until it is too cold. Then, you just need to hold it in for 10 minutes. By then it should has been melted and causing the hemorrhoids to start shrinking.


Source by David Jonathn