Losing weight is a difficult task for most people. To really shed pounds and then keep it all off, you need to develop a new lifestyle. Healthier cooking, better restaurant choices, and regular exercise can put you on the road to real, lasting weight loss. Essentially, you must become a new person. A health farm can be a great way to do this, but not everyone finds the idea appealing. For many, the words “health farm” conjure up images of dormitories with bunk beds, early morning wake up calls, disgusting food, and workouts that feel like torture. However, there is also a type of health farm that is less like a military boot camp and more like a fitness holiday.

Part bootcamp, part gourmet dining experience, part relaxation spa, a fitness holiday allows you to learn new ways of thinking about food and exercise. There is plenty of exercise, but it can include enjoyable activities like hiking in the countryside. The staff is supportive and encouraging, and can help you find ways to work around your physical limitations. A good fitness holiday should feel like a luxury spa, with comfortable private rooms and other activities in addition to exercise.

The idea behind a fitness holiday is to learn new lifestyle changes, and practice them before returning home to the temptations and shortcuts of everyday life. Not only should this type of retreat offer excellent food, there should also be some nutrition education and even cooking classes. Before you leave, you should know how to cook your own deliciously healthy meals. You should return home with ideas for meal planning, grocery shopping, and what to order at a restaurant. Few people have the time to cook an extensive meal, and you need to know how to prepare fast, healthy, and delicious foods. Remember, you can’t make a lasting change in your diet if you do not find healthier foods you enjoy. A fitness retreat can help you discover new foods that suite your palate.

A health retreat should include more than just good food and plenty of exercise. For it to truly be a holiday, there should be some time to relax and enjoy yourself. A good retreat will have activities like yoga and offer services like massage. A massage and some relaxation in the sauna can help soothe sore muscles and make the journey to fitness more enjoyable. Some retreats even offer hypnotherapy to help you retrain your mind. Although guests at a health retreat will work hard, they can also enjoy themselves and relax at the same time.

The most important reason to consider a weight loss retreat is how effective this type of program can be. A retreat offers the opportunity to leave old habits behind and learn new ways of thinking. There is time to build new habits and routines that persist even after you return home.


Source by George Z. Rolf