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A friend once said, “You Have A Flair For The Dramatic.”

I will keep this one brief :)))

For years ~ I have suffered from “Migraine Headaches” 🙁 🙁 I use 2 frowning smilies symbols to illustrate how severe these headaches are :((

I Have Had Migraines That Hung On For Days :(( Nothing would provide lasting relief :(( When a Migraine finally did go away ~ His Brother From Hell was sure to arrive !!!

Well ~ “Oil Pulling” just “Knocked Out My Migraine ~ In 10-Minutes flat”!!! :))

My “Miserable Migraines” are as a “Direct Result” of a “Soy Allergy” 🙁 Yes ~ the “Mean SoyBean” that the sick business “Beancounters” have foisted onto the public under the guise of being ~ “Good For You”~ for their own economic gain :((

God made other “Poison Plants” too ~ But HE never intended for His Mankind Creation To consume them in virtually all of their prepared foods :(( A tsp. of Mao’ in a salad dressing or ~ on a sandwich ~ will mean a “Mean Migraine” :(( I Seriously doubt if the “SoyBean” was resident in “The Garden Of Eden” 🙁

I realize that I Am “Running The Risk”of being sued by the growers for “Defamation of SoyBean Character” ~ especially if my article is widely circulated and negatively affects world markets :((

Yet ~ the “Money Mongers should realize that they “Can’t get any blood out of this turnup”!!!

Still ~ they may manage to silence me? Please ~ do forward this brief article to your friends and post this ~ my “SoyBean Sickness” Article ~ to ALL “Human Beings” that you care about :))) They may be glad that you did :))

Let’s “Save The Planet” from the “Savage Ravage Of SoyBean Destruction”!!!

I have a friend from Hawaii 🙂 Joe said that “Dole has been plowing under the Pineapple Plantation’s Lands ~ To Plant More Profitable SoyBeans” :((

I can only imagine what other “Covert ~ Sly ~ SoyBean Operations” are already underway :((

All Right ~ Not Everyone IS “Allergic” To “Stinkin’ SoyBeans”~ As Am I 🙁 Soy and SoyBeans are very”Succulent and Tasty” :)) What A Clever Disguise?

Nearly All of the “Vitamin E” IS derived from the “Sadistic SoyBean” 🙁 Is “The Traditional Medicine Community” involved in this “SoyBean Coverup” ~ for “MegaMoney”?

I Am Certain ~ That “Medical Experts” Can Be Brought Forward ~ To Dispute My “Dangerous Allegations” ~ “Attack My Character” ~ And “Prove Me Wrong” :((

This is a “Follow-up Article” ~ actually Article # 2 of a new “Health” series ~ involving my personal experience with “Oil Pulling Therapy” :))))

If you are a “1st Time Reader”~ you might want to read my 1st ezine article on the subject of “Oil Pulling”?

1st “Oil Pulling” Series Article.

I Ask You ~ My Valued Readers ~ To Answer These 5 Questions:

1. “Has ANY Legitimate Medical Research Been Published ~ That Substantiates that The SoyBean IS NOT “A Health Risk Hazard?”;

2. “Animal Lover’s ~ Dare we allow the “Researchers” to “Subject Future Felines ~ Dire Dogs ~ And Endangered Primates ~ To The Evils Of Establishing Scientific Evidence That The SoyBean Is Not Safe?? Perhaps, Mosquitoes Or Fruit Flies??”;

3. “Would There Be Anything Left For Our Supermarkets To Sell ~ Except Good For You Fresh Foods ~ A Few Canned “Veggies” ~ and Ketchup ~ If ALL Of The Products Containing “Partially Hydrogenated” SoyBean’s Derivatives Were Removed From The Shelves ~ While The Needed Analysis and Research Was Completed???”;

4. “Will The Fast Food Joints ~ Like McDonald’s ~ Survive This More Devastating Disclosure Challenge Than The “SuperSize” Movie????”;

5. “Will Mother Earth’s ~ Old Mother Hubberd ~ When She Returns To Her Cupboard ~ Again Find It Bere?????”

For The Good Of The Planet Earth ~ The Very Survival Of Mankind And Future Generations ~ For The Protection Of Our God’s Great Universe ~ For The Benefit Of Soon To Be Revealed …