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It’s not uncommon for doctors to make jokes when they’re about to do something unpleasant.

But why? Is it done out of cruelty or lack of caring? Could there be a humane reason behind what appears to be a misguided attempt at humor?

As a family physician, when someone asks me whether a procedure is going to hurt, I usually answer, “I won’t feel a thing.” But that’s not true. It always hurts me, at least a little. Occasionally it brings tears to my eyes.

Doctors don’t like to cause pain. “First do no harm” is taught from day one of medical school. Just as parents don’t like to hurt their children, physicians don’t like to cause discomfort, even when it’s in the best interest of the patient. Humor is a way physicians counter their own unwillingness to harm another person. It’s a method for doctors to reassure themselves that they are doing what is right.

But more importantly, humor helps put patients at ease. Patients who are nervous tend to experience more pain. Often the fear of pain, or fear of the unknown, causes more distress than the actual procedure. If a doctor can dispel fear, the discomfort will be much easier to manage. Humor helps people relax, but it also distracts them from what’s about to happen. The human brain can only focus on so much at a time. If the brain is involved in laughing, it’s less focused on worry or pain.

Humor is also a way of gauging a patient’s attitude toward their problem. Some patients can laugh over a heart attack or mastectomy. Others consider a minor blemish a serious threat to their self-image. Physicians can use a joke as a measure of a patient’s ego and stability. People who cannot see a lighter side to their situation often require more reassurance than a person who can laugh at themselves.

Sometimes doctors use humor as a way of getting to know their patients better. (What would you have them talk about anyway? How sharp the knife is? How deep the needle will plunge?) Just as humor creates a bond between friends, it can strengthen a doctor-patient relationship.

A mistake common to doctors and patients alike is taking medicine too seriously. True, some problems are life-threatening, but most physician encounters are not. Many problems physicians see would heal on their own if given sufficient time. Sharing a smile may speed your healing more quickly than an antibiotic.

Laughter is the best medicine, according to the good book. Physicians need jokes, too. Bring a good one to your next office visit and see if you don’t brighten your doctor’s day.

Copyright 2010 Cynthia J. Koelker, M.D.


Source by Cynthia Koelker


Human needs are unlimited. I heard that when we wish for something, we become very aggressive to achieve it but as we get it, another wish takes place. And I found it true but this is a long journey. So it is always good to make a control on our desires. By doing this we able to live our present and stop crying for more things.

So ideal way is to work with full of your energy and enjoy the things which come in your way. Short jokes are the best medium to enjoy the present moment. Whenever we crack a jokes, we are not only making ourselves happy but we are giving a reason others to enjoy.

It has rightly been said that "you grow up on that day when you have your real laugh at yourself." It is easy to laugh on others but the day when you learn how to laugh at your own self is the day you learn how to live life. When you laugh, you intake large amount of oxygen in huge gulps which is very good for your heart and healthy heart is the secret behind all success. Here I would like to share some experts opinion and research about the value of laughter:

Miller said that "the most significant study finding was that people with heart disease responded less humorously to everyday life situation." They laugh not much even the positive situations and they shown more anger and hostility.

Erma Bombeck said, "If I could live my life over, I would have laughed more." How beautifully she expressed the importance of laughter in our life.

Fun, humor and laughter are the reaffirmation of our life. There is lot of panic in everyone's life but laughter helps us to forget all the sorrows for a moment. It does not matter that how many problems are there in life but it really matters that how we deal with them. If the laughter is necessary for good health but short Jokes are essential for laughter.

So I stick on that the way to happiness can be achieve by passing through the street of short jokes as they create fun and humor. I would like to share some plus points of cracking pranks:

– It bring us in notice.
– It help us to keep away from negative thoughts.
– It is great way to live present moment.
– They polish our personality.
– It is the secret of good health.

When you can get all these great benefits with little efforts so what are you waiting for? Just start entertaining yourself as well as others.


Source by Bhawna K Kapoor


As Empire Magazine does its own countdown in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, they featured Heath Ledger as The Joker. One of the cunning villains of Batman, the coveted role was first be portrayed by a non-American putting our Aussie hot men to the ultimate test. That is for us moviegoers to find out, meanwhile he will be one of Bob Dylans in the coming biopic I’m Not There. Opposite Dark Knight co-star Christian Bale, Richard Gere, Ben Whishaw, Marcus Carl Franklin and Cate Blanchett they will employ the musician’s multi-faceted stages of his life.

Prior to his former characters as Ennis Del Mar in the critically-acclaimed movie Brokeback Mountain, he managed to keep his masculine status despite his erotic love scene with fellow actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Before his acclaimed fame, he started in a low-budgeted movie Blackrock then tv assignments comes so suddenly. Then he was casted in films like The Patriot, A Knight’s Tale, Monster’s Ball, Ned Kelly and The Brothers Grimm. After the series of films made, he did Brokeback Mountain earning him a nod for Best Actor in the 2006 Oscar Awards.

Aside from his latter works, we can see him again in Tree of Life for 2008 and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus set for 2009. He is known for his notorious relationshipwith the paparazzis to the point of squirting him with water guns while he was for the premiere of his movie. His relationship with Dawson Creek’s star Michelle Williams were great despite of their split leaving them best of friends and great parents for their daughter Matilda Rose. The ex-couple, was once engaged but due to their busy schedules decided to go separate ways. This only proves that he is just human after all.


Source by Cedric Canierro

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