Tantalizing pieces of information about body-types have been channeled over the last 20 years.

The four topics we will discuss are: what defines each body type, what foods work best with each of them, what is the best way to use exercise or other healing techniques for each body type, and some hyperlinks to pictures of people that present good examples of what each of the body types looks like for your comparison to your own.

First, let us provide some general information on body types. Body types are based on the astronomical bodies in our local solar system, starting with the Sun, then the Moon, then Mercury and so on all the way out to Saturn. The other planets, Uranus and Neptune and the planetoid Pluto only provide influences on the main body types. Newly discovered planetoids near Pluto will probably eventually be seen to have body type influences as well, but that is a topic for future channeling. For now, since any planetary body further away than Saturn has only a small influence on a minority of people we will concentrate on the main body types.

Most people have two body types in combination, meaning their body reflects the characteristics of two distinct planets; for instance, Solar and Mercurial, or Martial and Jovian. You will have to decide, unless you get some channeling on it, which two planets influence you and which of those two is dominant. It usually only takes a few minutes reflection after you have read all of this material and processed it. We have included some links to pictures of some classic examples of each type to help you along.

There are a few people who show only one body type and a few people who actually show three main body types. If you have only one body type, it will be to facilitate a life task or karma. If you have three, one of them will be a small influence, generally 10% or less.

There are seven main body types. Less than 10% of the population is influenced by one of the three outer planets. We have listed them because they help explain the appearance and characteristics of some people even more precisely. An example would be the famous Russian monk, Rasputin. His Plutonian influence was revealed by his mesmerizing eyes, high forehead, and the fact that, while controversial, he still maintained a loyal following. We will discuss each body type and influence thoroughly using examples to eliminate confusion.

There are some very practical reasons to understand body types. Each works best with a diet that suits it well. That can be easily seen in a large household. You may have some Martial types that adore protein mixed in with Saturnian types that love a broad based organic diet and a Venusian that just loves sweets. That makes for interesting dinner planning. Most families compromise as they go along but understanding the unique needs of all parties simplifies matters.

Have you ever noticed that people seem to fall into patterns that work for them? Some people just need to shun meat, often preferring a vegan diet. When they eat meat, it seems to make them ill. Others thrive on milk and cream, or luscious desserts and sweets while others are meat eaters, feeling weak and cranky without regular ingestion of animal proteins.

Some people just love to jog, they can do 6-7 miles a day; while others crave resistance training, and the only thing that satisfies them is the muscle burn they get heaving iron in the gym. Knowing your body types can help you understand what works best for you, making it easier to stay on the path to good health.

Here are a few tips for reading this information.

Vision activates 65% of the neurons in your brain. Keep your eyes open and try to stop noticing things in your environment: it isn’t possible; you are hard wired to use your eyes for perception. That is why you close your eyes to really taste or hear or feel, it allows more of your neurons to switch to that sense. Therefore, we suggest that you use the hyperlinks to view examples …