One of the more fun ways to exercise in Flower Mound, TX is to run and explore new places. If you have lived in Flower Mound your whole life, running in the areas you know well, will bring back great memories and let you see a different side of the place you normally just drive past.

Here are some of my favorite places to run when I visit Flower Mound:

  • Parker Square- There is not much more of a picture perfect place to run in Texas. The developers did a great job making it like the perfect town square with a gazebo, beautiful buildings, a pond and other features that bring back Flower Mound’s roots of small town suburb.
  • Reudasil Pond- This is a beautiful pond located near Donald Elementary on the southside of town. Simply take Morris Rd to Forest Vista Dr or take FM 3040 until you get to Lake Forest Blvd (make a right onto Lake Forest Blvd.) and you will see the pond right next to you. Make a few laps around the pond or take the biking and running trail across Forest Vista Dr. past two smaller ponds, along a creek and all the way up to Main St!
  • Head out to Grapevine Lake- It is just a short 5-10min drive from any point in the Lewisville area and it provides a great location for nice views and a relaxing workout.

If you want to workout in a more controlled environment then there is also a nice YMCA that has been here for nearly 2 decades, which is just around the corner from Parker Square, so enjoy a nice run and then head over to the YMCA for a little weight workout.

There is also a Lifetime Fitness in town which is about 1/2 way between Reudasil Pond and Parker Square, so if you are a Lifetime member this is also a great option for you.

I hope you enjoy Flower Mound and you are able to get a great workout in while you are there!


Source by Nicholas Lane Wood