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This is an extremely helpful resource when it comes to American Nursing Certifications. You can find a wide range of certifications for registered nurses that help to keep themselves updated in order to survive well in the current healthcare industry.

Check out some of the best listed APRN Certifications

1. Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certification Review:

As the name suggests, the main purpose of this certification is to train nurses the advanced nursing care practices to adult, elderly patients with acute and critical conditions. The curriculum of this certification is strictly in accordance to the latest guidelines from American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) and American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). We provide certifications to individual students and for institutional subscribers. The different course pricing packages available. One may choose any package as per their convenience.

2. Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Certification Review:

This certification is specifically designed for AGNP who are applying for Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (AGPCNP- BC) or (AGNP-C) board certification. The main role of this certification is to specialize the nurse how to take care of the adult patients across the lifespan. This curriculum is in accordance with the latest guidelines from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC).

3. Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Review:

The main objective of this certification is to educate the nurse practitioner to assess the needs of patients, interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, analyze illness and disease, recommend medication and prepare treatment plans. One may subscribe to this certification as individual students and as institutional subscribers. There are different packages available out of which one may choose the packages as per their needs and requirement.

4. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Nurse Practitioner Certification Review:

The main aim of this certification is to impart education in order to assess, diagnose and treat families or patients with psychiatric disorders and identify other mental health-related issues. The certification is strictly in accordance with the latest guidelines from the American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC). Different packages are available and depending upon the requirement one may choose the desired certification.

5. NCLEX Review:

If you need to study for the NCLEX but you’re not sure how to start preparing, NCLEX Review helps you get ready for the exam with comprehensive NCLEX study guides. This is a convenient study guide contain a variety of tools and NCLEX resources that simplify your test preparation efforts and maximize your chances of passing the exam.

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Nursing scrubs and uniforms have evolved as the needs and wants of the medical community change. One thing we have noticed is the influx of stretch scrubs and their importance in the marketplace. Most major brands have identified their stretch technology, yet it can become confusing, therefore we’ve put together a ‘cheat sheet’ for you to reference:

Cherokee has (4) stretch collections – Premium Core Stretch, Premium Rayon Stretch, Flexibles and Perfect Stretch. Each collection has a spandex component for ease of movement and stretch. There are some differences in the Cherokee collection as the Flexibles collection includes a soil release technology and the Perfect Stretch collection is a 4-way stretch technology. The Premium Core Stretch and Premium Rayon Stretch are a 2-way stretch fabric from the popular Cherokee WorkWear collection.

Dickies has (3) stretch collections – Gen-Flex, Performance System and Xtreme Stretch. Each collection has a spandex component for ease of movement.. There are several differences in the Dickies collection; The Gen-Flex collection has a multi-needle stitch detail. The Performance System has a technology called Aerocool which wicks moisture away from the body in addition to the 2 way stretch technology and the Xtreme Stretch collection is a 4-way stretch fabric for ultimate ease of movement.

WonderWink has (2) stretch collections – WonderFLEX and Four-Stretch. The WonderFLEX collection includes high end detailing with a premium stretch component. The Four-Stretch collection is 100% polyester (spandex free) yet moves with you and incorporates double stitching for maximum durability.

Carhartt has (2) stretch collections – Carhartt has the Cross-Flex and Work-Flex collection. The Cross-Flex collection not only moves with you it also incorporates an element to wick away sweat to keep you dry. The Work-Flex collection is spandex free (Polyester/Rayon blend), is durable and lightweight

Jockey incorporates a performance driven fabric that incorporates 7% Spandex for comfort and durability that will last.

There are many benefits to stretch scrubs in that they are high performing fabrics with minimal care (wash, dry and wear). The stretch allows for ease of movement, the fabric allows for color vibrancy wash after wash which allows new pieces to be introduced without worry of fading colors or matching. Additionally, they allow for flexibility and movement with your grueling schedule.

Most stretch scrubs consist of a 3% to 7% spandex component, whereas several collections are constructed of a polyester and or rayon blend. Personal preference is the main factor in determining which scrub is right for your body/style. For the most part, the stretch technology is consistent from brand to brand. The key component is to determine which characteristics and details are right for you.


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