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P90X and Insanity workout both give you outstanding fitness and health results. Both workouts alone give you show-off muscles. The difference lies in technique underlying both workouts and trainer. Both workouts are discussed below:

P90X Workout

Tony Horton created it. Tony Horton is a great motivator. He keeps you motivated by posing jokes off and on. He has created many workouts exclusively of this workout. He is the creator of Power 90, Tony Horton and Kids, P90X2, Ten-Minute Trainer and P90X one-on-one. This workout comes along fitness and nutrition guide along with workout calendar. You can learn to eat clean while learning about workout moves. You will get your free Beachbody coach to keep you motivated and online assistance for emergency 24/7. It requires 90-days to complete one round. The best thing about this workout is that you can switch to multiple schedules.

You can keep your muscles healthy and strong by consuming supplements. These supplements are meant to be purchased separately. If you have medical issues, consult your physician before jumping into this workout. It is a fusion of resistance and strength training. It engages “Muscle Confusion” to build rock solid body.


It is a rough terrain to health and fitness. Shaun-T created it. He is a creator of many other famous programs like Insanity Asylum, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin’ body workout. It is a no equipment workout. It requires 60-days to complete one round. It engages “Max. Interval Training” to train you harder. It comes with its nutrition guide to guide you on clean eating tips and recipes. Fitness guide comes along to teach you about workout moves. Workout calendar that comes along this workout ensures that you do your workout on time. It engages High Intensity Interval Training that is not at all suitable for beginners. It is a fusion of Cardio and resistance training.

A comparison

P90X is suitable for beginners whereas Insanity is tough. If you are in a hurry to get fitness and health result, go for insanity. It took less time but it is not for the faint hearted people. The other workout is easy to go with beginners but requires many equipment.

P90X Insanity Hybrid workout

For any hybrid workout, make sure you have completed both workouts separately. P90X Insanity Workout is done by many fitness enthusiasts to maximize the benefit of both workouts. Together, it is an excellent combination of Cardio, resistance and strength training. P90X Insanity results give your body enhance muscle definition. The review indicates that doing hybrid workout is fun. At the same time, it is a grave challenge to your body.


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When you receive you P90X package in the mail, the first thing that you will want to do is …

Watch the "How to Bring It" introduction video!

The entire program is great and is the best program that I have ever used!

Here are a couple of suggestions of what to do on Sunday after you watch the introduction video and before you get started on the first workout on Monday …

1. Put your p90x calender on the wall somewhere you can see it every day and put a pen or marker by it or attached to it on a string.

2. Have your water bottle or container out of the cabinet and full of good filtered water. I do not recommend buying bottled water. It is not good for you, it does not quench your thirst and it cost to much. (That is my opinion)

3. Make sure your pull up station is ready with a chair nearby to assist you. They will teach you how to do modified exercises, including pull ups using a chair.

4. Have your weights set up in a place that you can quickly grab them during your workout.

5. Make sure that you have printed out the worksheets that go with P90X if you did not get some in your package and have them ready. I have the printable worksheets on my website to download if you ever need more. Find them under "Downloads" on the left sidebar of my site.

6. Get a hand towel and place it with your stuff at your workout area.

7. If you are using the bands … Have those set up and ready to go.

8. Have your yoga mat ready and nearby for when you need it. You will need it the very first day for the Ab Ripper section.

9. Make sure you have plenty of space to jump up! You don't want to throw your hands into a ceiling fan or a light fixture.

10. MOST IMPORTANT !!! Take the time to write down your fitness goals and post them where you can see them everyday and night!

11. TAKE YOUR BEFORE PICTURE !!! (I can't stress that enough.)

12. And finally … Remember this … as you are recording your information on the worksheets on the days that have them … Strive to beat what you did the time before at least by one rep and / or increase your weights .

All of these things will help prepare you to have a smooth start and a successful 90 days of P90X. Learning how to bring it, is a constant and never ending improvement.

There is a Workout Book that is available at my website for free that has a section on how to bring it in our class.

"How to bring it" isn't exactly the same as "Why to bring it". Your "Why" trumps all areas of how, so be clear on why you have chosen to take the 90 Day challenge .

Do these 12 things, watch the "How to Bring It" video, do your best and forget the rest!

Coach Mattman


Source by Matthew Stephen Thompson


The P90X personal fitness program is best described as an advanced personal fitness training program. It is meant to be implemented at home through a combination of exercises and dietary modifications. It is aimed at people, who already have decent levels of physical fitness, but who aspire to “take it to the next higher level.”

It is worth noting that most of the physical training programs available on the market today are designed for people, who recognize themselves as physically unfit and are simply aspiring to attain basic physical fitness. Unfortunately, the designers of physical fitness training programs seem to have forgotten that there is another group of people, and that is those, who are already reasonably fit and want to be fitter. This is the group for which the P90X was designed. However, other groups of people can benefit from its exercises as well.

Structure of the P90X personal fitness program

As mentioned earlier, this is a program with efficacy based on exercises and dietary modifications.

The specific physical exercises used in the program mainly fall into five categories:

1. Cardiovascular workouts

2. Strength training workouts

3. Yoga moves

4. Stretching exercises

5. Plyometrics

These are stretched over a 90 day period and divided into 13 weeks. Participants need to work out 6 days a week. Individual daily workout sessions are supposed to be less than one hour.

The dietary modification aspect starts with a high protein and low carbohydrate phase. Percentage of proteins in the diet is increased progressively. This is accompanied by a commensurate increase in the rigor of physical exercises.

Objectives of the P90X personal fitness, and how they are achieved

The key objective of P90X personal fitness program is to get rid of “plateaus” that frustrate those working towards advanced personal fitness. These plateaus manifest when the body adapts to physical exercises and creates a situation, where exercises no longer yield desired outcomes. Thus, a person performing strength training is likely to see improvements in physical strength initially, but regardless of how hard he or she works, there are no further gains beyond a certain point. The person has reached a plateau.

To get rid of plateaus, designers of the P90X personal fitness programs devised what they refer to as “muscle confusion” strategies. With the help of these, growth is sustained throughout the personal fitness program. Thus, people, who attained what appeared to be their “highest potential'” in terms of physical fitness, are actually able to progress to higher levels of fitness.

The objective of the dietary modification aspect of the P90X personal fitness program is to provide participants with the “fuel” they need for often rigorous exercises. This is mainly achieved through the use of a carbohydrate-rich “athletes” diet.


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