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Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors… One thing that you’ll notice about any health club is that they’re full of mirrors! In the weight room, change room, cardio room and everywhere else you’ll find walls of large, full length mirrors. Mirrors allow members to view their reflection and inspect their exercise form, and determine whether they’re progressing with their workout program. Mirrors for home gyms are less common, but they can serve as a valuable evaluation and motivational tool as well.

Exercising in your home gym that is equipped with mirrors allow you to view your exercise form to make sure that it is correct. With a mirror you can visually determine whether you’re cheating during an exercise, rounding your back or anything else that you shouldn’t be doing. As you’re performing your set, a mirror provides a visual feedback where you can check your form and posture, and make any necessary corrections. If you’re exercising at home and you don’t have a mirror, it can be difficult to determine this by feel alone.

Mirrors in your home gym can also serve as a tool to track your progress. Consistently working out over time will produce noticeable results, and if you see that in the mirror, you’ll be more motivated to push harder! You can always wait until you’re finished your exercises and look at yourself in the bathroom mirror, but this does not have the same effect compared to seeing yourself in the mirror while working out. Additionally, just seeing your muscles pumped from lifting weights and noticing the progress you’ve made inspires and motivates you to keep on going.

Overall, a mirror in your home workout room can help you with your form during exercise, allow you to visually track your progress and motivate you to achieve greater results. Don’t workout at home without one!


Source by John Phung


Blasting into the Home Exercise market, the T-Bow is a new idea in exercise equipment that combines heart-pumping cardio workouts with muscle conditioning and toning and adds core stability for a full-body workout every time!

I’m a Personal Trainer, and I specialize in training clients in their own homes. Some lucky clients have their own gym and swimming pool, which makes my job easy. Most, however, just have a few square feet in the spare room for their exercise – and it’s my job to work out how to give them the results they want. Most are on a limited budget, and want a piece of equipment that will tidy away easily into a closet when their workout is over.

That’s asking a lot! Most small exercise machines just do one thing – cardio, or muscle toning or core and ab work. But – and here’s the bit that gives me a headache – you need to do ALL 3 types of exercise for optimum fat-burning and muscle toning. Tell the client that they need, say, a Stepper, and some dumbbells and a fitball, and they’re likely to give up before they start.

So, to the likes of me, the entrance of the T-Bow is as welcome as sunshine in January in England. Heaven-sent! (Weather’s miserable here in UK. Cold ‘n’ wet in winter, mild ‘n’ wet in summer. Give me Florida winters any day)

The T-Bow will do all 3 types of workout, fits away easily under a bed or stacked in a closet, and comes with its own exercise bands and a great DVD for well under $200. And it makes exercising fun!

Here’s how I create the perfect workout using a T-Bow:

Cardio exercise

Essential for burning fat and calories and making heart and lungs healthier. My client warms up by using the T-Bow curve up as a Step; up and down, side-to-side, knee lifts, single leg kicks, you name it. Then we turn the T-Bow over and really rock! Balancing on the unstable side uses more muscles, including core, and really works those legs. We go from slow to fast, turn so we’re rocking forward and back (that takes some balancing, let me tell you!) and sing along to all those cheesy 80’s tracks when pop stars really could sing…I’m showing my age here!

Muscle Strengthening

No workout is complete without muscle work. Ladies, forget those worries about building big, bulky muscles – not going to happen (unless you specifically want it to). Toning muscles makes them sleek and shapely and smaller. And having muscle burns fat – all the time. Cool, huh?

So we attach the exercise bands to the sides of the T-Bow – now curve side up again – and my client tones legs, shoulders, butt, arms chest and back.

 Core Stability and Stretching

Whittle that waist and lengthen those legs! We get down to floor level now and use the T-Bow to lie over, lean on and sit against for a Pilates and core workout that uses muscles you never even knew you had! Pilates exercises are unrivalled for sculpting long, lean leg muscles and a trim waist and hips as well as strengthening your back and helping you walk taller. We finish our workout with some stretching on the T-Bow, which lengthens muscles and makes them feel good!

So with just 1 piece of equipment, you have performed a perfect workout – as good as if you had your own gym (and certainly a lot cheaper).


Source by Carol Bartram

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