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Many of women are into pole dancing and fitness nowadays. If you are one of them, and if you want to be the best you can on the pole, take your time to read these essential tricks and tips.

1. Make sure you warm your body up before any pole practice. Do something that raises body temperature such as dancing and body weight exercise i.e. squats and lunges. And don’t forget to work on your shoulders, wrists and hips too.

2. Have a plan when practicing your moves. The formula is this:

– 3-10 repetitions of each of the basic strength exercises on the pole (on both sides);

– 5-10 minutes of spins and transitions;

– practice climbing variations and sitting on the pole;

– inverting and aerial work;

– stretching.

3. Over a period of time as you become more familiar with the moves, you can start combining them to design your own routine.

4. Take regular breaks and drink a lot of water.

5. Grab your girlfriend to practice with. Great for motivation and you can spot each other on the more challenging moves.

6. Ideal clothing is a pair of shorts or hot pants, a vest top and sports bra. You need bare arms and legs for most of the moves – especially as you progress through the levels with more skin needed.

7. Make sure your skin has no body lotion or oil on it.

8. Understand that you may accumulate a few bruises when starting out and trying new moves. As you gain more strength and control, bruises will disappear.

9. When starting you pole practice I recommend bare feet to all my students. As you become more skilled, shoes are an option for you to dance in. When learning anything new always practice bare feet. When putting routines together and moving through transitions I love to play in my shoes – it makes me feel sexy, womanly and my posture feels great. Check my other articles for more information on shoes for pole dancing.

10. Grip is always an issue with students, whether new or experienced. I recommend liquid chalk, or ‘Dry Hands’ for your hands and rubbing alcohol or window cleaner to clean the pole. Have a towel handy to wipe the pole whenever you need it.

11. Always complete your pole workout with a full body stretch. If you want to increase your flexibility, make and follow more structured flexibility routines.


Source by Julia Mexx


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There are a couple of brands of poles for dance and fitness, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In my last article I wrote about Carmen Electra pole. Today I would like to write about Peekaboo Hot Pink Party Stripper Pole Dance Kit, which is sold for $ 109 at Amazon.

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Experienced pole dancers and professionals have tried and tested and given a green signal for it. Also, there are many pole reviews of this dance pole on the internet. You can check them out at Amazon or other similar websites.


Source by Julia Mexx

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