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The emergency service professionals play a large role in providing immediate medical attention to people in all areas of the world. Another phrase for “Emergency Medical Services” is ‘EMS’ for short. The service is activated through the use of a phone call to a special telephone number, which is usually ‘911’.

The common rule of thumb for activating the emergency medical services is to do so anytime that you suspect that an emergency is apparent. You should not hesitate to contact EMS, even if the situation of the emergency is not clear and you are still unsure of all of the details. If you are not alone, send another person to call 911 while you perform emergency medical care.

When you call, an emergency operator will ask for basic information about the emergency and your address. You will then be asked about the emergency situation and what has taken place. Your answers will help the dispatcher determine the appropriate medical response teams that might need to be sent to the emergency location. Even if you are not sure about any specifics, you will have started the potential life saving chain of events for all who are involved.

In the case that you are the victim, and you are unable to speak on the phone, the EMS operator will automatically know your address and will be able to respond to your emergency. However, this situation is not the same when you call from a cell phone. They might be able to tell who owns the phone, but there will not be an address for the EMS team to report to.

At the same time as your call, a separate person, or emergency dispatcher will likely be alerting the appropriate resources to respond. Remain in contact with the emergency operator until EMS providers arrive or you are instructed to hand up. In many EMS systems, emergency operators are trained to help guide your care. If possible have another person call so you can provide emergency care such as CPR, First Aid or rescue breathing.

Another guideline when dealing with the activation of emergency medical services is if the victim is a child or infant who is unresponsive, then you should try some type of rescue breathing for at least two minutes before making the call. This situation would be the opposite, and ring true for the above information, if the victim were an adult. In that case, you would need to contact EMS immediately before attempting any type of care.

The reason for taking the two different approaches is due the fact that most child or infant emergencies involve chocking and require immediate live saving rescue breaths. An unresponsive adult emergency usually involves heart related issues. Emergencies such as this require time sensitive help from EMS responders with an AED and the appropriate drugs for resuscitation. Therefore you should call 911 immediately so as to have responders at the scene as soon as possible. Immediately after the call you would begin helping the victim.

Being prepared for an emergency can save the life of family members and friends. Be prepared by taking a CPR Training course. If you have already taken a class in the past, be sure to keep your skills updated by taking a refresher course.


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If you have been trying to learn how to jelq, you may have come across a ton of jelqing videos on YouTube. It may be tempting to spend some time clicking through these so-called jelqing videos, with the hopes of coming away with the knowledge of how to jelq properly. Just watch a handful of videos and then you can start doing the jelqing exercise and get a bigger penis, right? Not exactly. A matter of fact this can be the worst way to learn about the jelqing technique.

Here are 3 reasons you should avoid jelqing videos on YouTube:

  1. Most are simply “text videos” with absolutely no tutorial or visual demonstrations. This defeats the whole purpose of watching a video. If you just wanted to read about jelqing you wouldn’t be clicking on a video to do so, but rather reading an article like this one. Yet, so many of these are simply “words on a screen” which just define or describe the jelq exercise (and usually not very well).
  2. Many are just talking heads. Instead of words on a screen, you have a guy (or sometimes a girl which is bizarre) talking about the jelq technique. And most of the time they are simply reading from a script. Again, you have no visual demonstrations, and no real good or unique information.
  3. Waste of time. You can spend hours on YouTube trying to find a good video on a certain subject. Usually you have to go through dozens of videos before you find what you are really looking for. When it comes to male enhancement exercises, the same applies. You can spend a lot of time going through vids and easily become disappointing at the lack of real, tutorial information. Now there are exceptions and we’ll discuss those below so you will be able to save a lot of time if you do choose to search for jelqing information on YouTube.

Here are some exceptions that can help you find good informational videos on the jelq exercise.

  • Look for “human body videos”. When you are searching, skip over all the thumbnails which appear to be “text only videos”. Instead, go for the thumbnails which show a human body. Now here’s the trick that will save you a lot of time. If you see a “face”, skip it. The instructional videos will be the one’s in which the camera is pointed down towards the groin area. If the thumbnail shows a face, likely it will just a talking head video with no demonstration.
  • Banana or elongated object. If you see a banana, a cucumber, or some elongated object in the thumbnail, then you know this individual is going to be doing some actual demonstrating. While these may not be perfect in demonstrating the technique to an absolute tee (obviously a banana is not the same as a penis), they do show you how the exercise is performed and they can give you a very good visual sense of what jelqing is all about.
  • Real jelqing videos. Occasionally YouTube will allow some real jelqing videos to slip through the cracks. For some reason they get by the censors and when you click on the video you suddenly have “the real deal” in your face. Honestly, many guys would rather look at a banana demonstration video, as opposed to the real deal. The thing is, these videos usually are very poor anyway, and the banana demonstrations are much more thorough. Any informative real jelqing video is going to be included as part of a jelqing program, and will not be a generic demonstration video that somehow slipped through the censors on YouTube.


Source by Chess McDoogle

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