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At one time or another, you are bound to find yourself in the midst of a Health, Wealth, or Romance (relationship) crisis – or a combination thereof – and left to wonder what if anything should or could you do.

So, what should or could you do?

The first thing that you need to do is realize and understand the relationship these three very important factors in your life have in common. Something many people take for granted, isolating one from the other; hence, the only outcome, more often than not, is an escalation of the problem.

The solution, in all reality, is relatively simple – You must see the three, Health, Wealth & Romance as the whole of A Better LifeStyle. To quote Frank Sinatra, "You can't (shouldn't) have one without the other". It's a cycle you should not even attempt to disturb, much less break.

The degree of harmony and balance you maintain with Health, Wealth & Romance will be a determining factor in your lifestyle. If you haven't done this already … It's Never Too Late!

Health – Accommodate a proper healthy diet and exercise routine (doesn't need to be every day nor strenuous).

Limit Fatty Foods

Keep a low in fat. Saturated fat such fried foods, chocolate, cakes, and biscuits should not be a part of your regular diet. Unlike unsaturated fats, this fat is easily deposited as fatty tissue and will convert into cholesterol, causing your blood cholesterol level to go up, often to unsafe measures.

Reduce "Empty Calories"

Empty Calories are all those things you consume which are high in energy. However good this may sound on the surface, this energy comes from things such as alcohol and sugary drinks and serves no benefit in the nourishment of your body – not to mention that this energy is also short-lived. Consumed in "moderation", these drinks may pause no real problem, however.

Eat Foods Rich in Calcium and Iron

Calcium – is essential for maintaining strong, healthy bones.
Iron – helps deliver oxygen throughout the body

The Breakfast Myth Unfolded

Simply put – Don't skimp on it. A hearty breakfast will provide you the energy needed to push forward through your day at the office (or wherever you may work).

A Few Tips For Healthy Breakfasts:

– Fresh fruit, whole grain (bread or cereal)
– Rolled oats made with quick oats
– Toast with a thin spread of margarine (polyunsaturated or monounsaturated).
– A small glass of orange juice
– Yogurt (preferably plain) with some fresh fruit topping

Never, ever underestimate the importance that a regular exercise routine, no matter how medium, is to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Wealth – Although most commonly defined in financial terms … It is better defined in terms of "the degree of happiness in your life (loved ones, friends, etc.). Nevertheless, financial" does "play a big role in accommodating for the other two aspects of Health and romance. That's why it's essential that you find the right system – one that is time-tested and meets your needs and expectations. Just be aware of the many ill-intended "gurus" offering their less-than -complete system; full of empty promises.

Romance – By far could be the most interesting, yet disappointing, and frustrating of the three. However, what you want to keep in mind, whether man or woman, is that the best practices to follow are faithfulness & truthfulness. This piece of fact comes to you from 40+ years of marriage (yep, to the same woman). with this one the cards may very well always be on the table, so walk lightly … and whatever you do – adhere to those two best practices.

A Better LifeStyle


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In pure classic Pilates, pupils usually begin in flat-back, supine position to enable them to concentrate their attention inward, to listen and connect with their bodies, and to associate with the necessary muscles. In flat-back, supine position, we do not have a localized gravity force pulling the weight of the head and torso down into hip joints, knee joints, ankles joints and feet, as we do in vertical standing position.

In the horizontal position, with the ground as a tactile cue, there is an opportunity to practice placement, alignment and muscular articulation with gravity's force being more evenly distributed through the span of our body. Flat-back supine position also supplies the learner with significant tactile feedback from the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac or Barrels, because they support the back and, in some cases, the entire body. Supine position encourages psychological regression, which can actually facilitate psychological growth and progress. Psychoanalysts call this process "active regression in service of the ego" or ARISE. It is significantly that Joseph Pilates planned for us to carefully consider our alignment, placement, length, energetic intensity and muscular stabilization in a slightly regressive emotional state-yet more focused mental state-in order to prepare us for learning the complexity of his system.

In the traditional method, complexity expands quickly as we advance from flat-back supine to sitting, to kneeling and standing positions with ever increasing movement vocabulary. When a conventional instructor observes certain emotions communicated through a student's body (for example, disappointment, anxiety, anger or depression), it can be appropriate to suggest ways of working through these emotions. In other cases, pupils may manifest threads of frustration that unconsciously deflect from feeling unconscious self-criticism. Pupils may alternately come for assistance in actualizing their idealized self. In this case, if someone dreams an inner drive to transform qualities or attributes into an idealized state, we can gradually help these individuals move from idealistic aspirations to self-acceptance. These students, with our guidance, may shift from working towards an impractical exit and move towards appreciating the method and journey towards healing.

Again, our work as traditional instructors often includes assisting students in experiencing their true, authentic selves, helping them work with constructive trends towards progress and fulfillment. During this procedure, students may have to work through their own self-criticism, and even shame. Both health psychology and traditional health specialists also assess the kind and degree to which pupils readily upon imaginary, unrealistic ways of perceiving themselves. The more a student identifies with exaggerated ego and pride, the more motivation there is to repress unconscious disturbance, so staying put in an emotionally crippling, fantasy-constructed world. Attitudes and perceptions that undertake irrational or faulty beliefs are powerfully ingrained because they were formed a long time ago during early childhood and young adulthood. They develop under the duress of basic anxiety and are used tactically to cope with the dissonance.


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