Doesn’t it, make sense, to be more willing to use, more extreme approaches, possibilities, and approaches, if there is a serious, and/ or, life – threatening, treatment, than, when, this doesn’t exist? Several years ago, I remember watching a television advertisement, for a prescription drug, for treating, foot – nail fungus. This product, perhaps, effectively treated its desired ailment, yet, when the contra – indications, etc, were listed, which included causing cancer, liver ailments, etc, I wondered, why, anyone, would use this, for a seemingly, less – than, life – threatening ailment. With that, and similar issues, considered, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 possible scenarios, and, whether, they are warranted, using the risk/ reward approach, and mindset.

1. Chronic ailments: Many of us, suffer, from one, or more, chronic ailments, especially, as we age. Some people learn to live, with the discomfort, and/ or, address it, by using some safe alternative remedy, and/ or approach. Others, either, are so uncomfortable, have such a low pain/ discomfort threshold, etc, they seek more aggressive treatments, and modalities. A chronic ailment, is one, which lingers, on an ongoing basis, either, consistently, or on a sporadic time – frame.

2. Acute ailments: Acute ailments are those, which come on, rather suddenly, and may, come from known, or unknown causes. Known causes may include injuries, due to falls, strains, etc, while, unknown ones, often, come from something, we may not even recall happening. The smart approach is to, first, recognize, and consider, the reasons, and causes for the discomfort/ ailment/ pains/ aches, etc, and, then, evaluate the possible remedies. It is always wise, to contact, and consult, a trusted, health professional, as soon as possible, in order to ensure, nothing is overlooked! Once, more serious ailments, and/ or, causes, have been ruled out, it is often wise, to consider alternatives, which may be safe, effective approaches.

3. Life – threatening illnesses: Obviously, if you are diagnosed with a life – threatening disease, such as cancer, etc, it makes sense to consider using a more aggressive treatment, with potential severe side – effects, than it is, for lesser ailments. If, without the treatment, your chances are somewhat poor, your risk is limited, and reward enhanced!

4. Options/ alternatives: If you don’t pay keen attention to taking care of yourself, no one else will! Examine your true needs, medical causes of your discomfort, and your options and alternatives. The lesser, the danger of the ailment, it is wise, to take fewer risks/ chances, and vice versa!

Take care of your health needs, by using the risk/ reward approach, and consideration! Doesn’t that make sense?


Source by Richard Brody