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“You Have to Feel to Heal.”

Before recovery, I would use just about anything not to feel. Drugs, alcohol, relationships, food, TV — the list was endless. Without tools to deal with my feelings, I was uncomfortable and afraid of them, and they often became overwhelming.

In early recovery my sponsor always used to tell me that feelings were not facts. They were just feelings. It took me a long time to understand that, but now I know that as bad as some of my feeling are, they won’t kill me. Recovery has taught me that I can now sit with my felings and learn what they are trying to teach me.

Today I have come to welcome my feelings rather than run from them. Today my feelings are like little guides that lead me to the depths of who I am, and I am no longer afraid to go there. Today I know that to feel is to heal in a sacred and profound way. Today I am grateful for my feelings.

“The difference between my will and God’s will is that my will starts out easy and gets hard, and God’s will starts out hard and gets easy.”

A perfect example of this quote is the program itself. My will told me it was much easier to keep using and doing what I was doing then to work the program and the steps. Of course, my will may have appeared easier at first, but oh how hard that path was. By contrast, God’s will for me was to recover, and though it was hard at first my life is infinitely better and life truly is easier.

The main problem with my will is that it is first and foremost about me. It tricks me into believing that if I take care of my wants first, then I’ll be able to help another — of course I usually find out that my wants are insatiable, and I quickly become lost in their demands.

God’s will, on the other hand, is usually about helping others and with what’s right for all concerned — the whole picture in which I am just part. While this seems backwards to me at times, I always find out that when I’m able to surrender to God’s will, my real wants and needs are met and exceeded in ways I never could have imagined.

These days it’s easier for me to differentiate between my will and God’s will, and more and more I’m able to make the right choice. Ultimately. it’s about being comfortable in my own skin, and only choosing God’s guarantees me that.


Source by Michael Z


Now, before you go crazy on me… hear me out.

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry (more specifically health clubs) for a while now and I really have to say that if I were to start a club from scratch… I wouldn’t include an aerobic program at all.


Because I’ve never REALLY seen these programs work.

Sure, I’ve seen people start to drop weight with step aerobics, but they tend to plateau extremely quickly and plateaus lead to frustration. Frustration leads to doubt and doubt leads to failure.

Studies have shown that aerobic activities can burn away valued muscle AND have shrinking effects on the heart and lungs. Now, of course I’m not taking about aggressive cardiovascular routines that truly challenge the body.

No, what I’m referring to are the activities that try to “put” you in a certain target rate… you know… the vaunted “fat burning” zone.

Listen to this:

Yes, it is true that your body burns more calories from fat when you are operating at a certain effort level like what is experience when most people are involved in activities like step aerobics.

However, what you truly miss out on are the “afterburn” effects that other types of exercises can provide. Most people lose any and all the benefits of a heightened metabolism within 30 minutes of finishing a step aerobic workout. Compare that to the 72 hour lift in metabolism that interval training and weight training can provide and you can now start to understand why many of the people that are actually on the workout floor subjecting themselves to more grueling workouts look and feel better than their “step aerobic” counterparts.

I’m sure you’ve seen all of the step aerobic DVD’s and tapes that go on sale in places like Walmart or even on TV…

Don’t waste your money.

Most people only do these tapes for a short amount of time and then they quit.


No results… it’s too convenient… it gets stale… etc.

Remember, your body is an INCREDIBLE assembly of systems and it’s ability to adapt to any given stimulus is quite remarkable. That being said, the other downfall of step aerobics is that you are always doing the same routines over and over again and you adapt.

Adaptation = NO RESULTS

There is one good thing about step aerobics though…

Most step aerobic classes are VERY SOCIAL and this social atmosphere actually helps people to continue their workout programs.

I like social programs and working out… the right social program properly formatted will give you incredible results.

Unfortunately, step aerobics really doesn’t fit the bill of what I would consider “proper formatting”.


Source by Brad Howard

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