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Like so many people out there, I'm sure you're looking for a change? Want to fit back into your old clothes or perhaps buy some new ones that look great? Are you so god damn sick and tired of being overweight and not just want … but NEED a change?

There is actually a way that does not take hours and hours and hours a week and you can really achieve the fitness Utopia of being able to burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time … and that is a Tabata Fat Burning workout ! And they only take around four minutes!

So here's the basic strategy of Tabata workouts!

You're going to do twenty seconds– yes, you read it right, a mere twenty seconds– of really, really, really intense aerobic exercise. No mucking about here, I really do mean intense. Intense enough so that you are definitely huffing and puffing! But the good part … after that 20 seconds you're going to stop and do positively nothing in any way for a whole ten seconds!

Then you're going to repeat the exercise, again at high intensity, for another 20 seconds. Then again you get ten seconds to get back to feeling like a normal, everyday human again. 10 second rest period done and once again you'll be doing that maximum intensity work for twenty more seconds. Then you guessed it … when the timer gets off, you catch your breath– for another ten.

Now you just basically repeat with this rhythm, until you've done a full 8 rounds of twenty-second bursts of fat torching radically intense exercise!

Generating The Anaerobic State

Previously, fitness experts have recommended the "fat burning zone," which, essentially translates to 1 hour of constant cardio, such as, that on a treadmill or exercise bike.

This moderate systematic cardio process had become old news since science has shown that intense work intervals followed by short rest periods is what facilitates what is known as the anaerobic state, and this exact state is what allows for the most fat burning.

Anaerobic essentially means "without oxygen," where you will be heaving for breath, so much so, feeling like you just can't catch your breath. This has now been scientifically verified as the ideal zone for fat burning, boosting endurance and stamina and also strength training for the muscles. In the Anaerobic state the body begins to use carbs for energy instead of fat.

This is called High Intensity Interval Training, commonly known as HIIT and Tabata is among the most well-known and widely used protocols to create this anaerobic state. Kettlebell training can achieve it too, but, a Tabata Fat Burning Workout really takes it up a few notches and features some of the most gut wrenching, breath catching moves with the shortest workout time that produces maximum fat loss, extreme metabolism boost and consequent calorie burning for hours after the workout is over. And that my friends is what you want!

EPOC And Metabolism

The technique of interspersing short recovery periods with maximum effort allows the body to push itself over and above its identified threshold, which initiates a chemical response and neuro-endocrine reaction.

Lifting the metabolic rate is the key to burning body fat! Contrary to what many people focus on, the goal is not so much the calories or fat burned during the workout, but, what is burned continually after the workout.

And the only way to use carbs as energy throughout the workout is with intense intervals that lift the resting metabolic rate. During very intense bursts the heart rate soars and as you struggle and gasp for air you will typically react by taking in more oxygen in the rest periods and this extra oxygen is what will raise the metabolic rate. This process is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

How To Choose The Right Moves for Your Tabata Fat Burn Workout

Like all exercise, it will depend upon your personal physical state and what you're comfortable with. The type of exercise you do for a Tabata session needs to be one that you are very used to, and very good at.

Nevertheless, if you're not good …


There are times when work or school is too busy and you can only get in about fifteen minutes worth of exercise. It is these in these times that you can do the tabata interval training protocol.

This sort of interval training has been around for a while and it was developed by dr Izumi Tabata. He was a Japanese sport scientist from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Japan. Tabata reviewed some high level endurance athletes and came up with the Tabata interval training system. This system is designed to increase your V02 max very quickly. put simply, your V02 max is the maximum capacity at which your body uses and transports oxygen during exercise. Put simply the higher you VO2 is the fitter you are. Fitness and conditioning is very important for judo because you can wear down your opponent and make them easier to throw.

Tabata intervals are really simple training sessions. All you do is perform:

– 5 minutes warm up

– 20 seconds of an exercise followed by 10 seconds rest

– Repeat 8 times

– 2-5 minutes cool down

This type of training protocol is designed to be done using a full body exercise such as dead lifts, box jumps, burpees, sprints, body weight squats or sprawls. It can also be done on a rowing machine, stationary bike or treadmill. The idea is that in the 20 seconds of exercise you must give 110% for all 8 sets. For those that have never performed Tabatas I recommend doing so under professional supervision. For first timers I recommend starting on an exercise bike, elliptical or rowing machine.

These intervals can be great to do at Judo and can be done with so many different exercises and drills such as speed uchikomi, power uchikomi, ne waza transitions, kumi kata, and nage komi.

One of my favourite Tabata intervals I do with my club is to get someone big and strong to hold their opponent down in either Kesa gatame, Tate shiho Gatame or Mune Gatame. From here the person underneath must try to escape from the bottom. This drill will have the person on the bottom utterly exhausted but it will not only improve their escapes but also their anaerobic endurance as well.

Tabata Intervals are to be done by experienced trainers only as it is a very intense form of exercise and can seriously injure an un-trained person. Be sure you have an adequate warm up and are hydrated before attempting Tabata Intervals. I have a video on YouTube of me performing Tabata intervals while doing double under skipping.


Source by Matt D’Aquino

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