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Colon Therapy is the safe, gentle use of warm filtered water introduced into the colon to hydrate, stimulate and evacuate waste from the body. It is a wonderful adjunct therapy to assist with achieving optimal health. This article is a helpful tool for individuals wanting to learn truthful information about colon therapy.

1. What is Holistic Health?

Holistic health is an approach to healing by treating the whole body versus one particular part. The holistic treatment is designed to complement the entire body unit and to achieve optimal health.

2. What is Colon Therapy?

Colon Therapy (also known as Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation) is an internal bath which removes waste from the body by introducing warm, filtered water into the colon. The filtered water will soften and loosen fecal material, resulting in waste evacuation through the natural peristalsis of the colon.

3. What are the benefits of having a colon therapy session?

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle washing of the colon. The experience of a colonic will have three positive effects:

  1. The warm, filtered water will hydrate the colon resulting in a moistening of hard fecal material stagnant in the colon.
  2. This hydration will help the colon muscles activate resulting in the stimulation of peristalsis (muscle movement) in the colon.
  3. The combination of hydration and stimulation of peristalsis improves the evacuation of fecal material “stuck” inside the colon.

4. Is having a colon therapy session sanitary?

Yes. At my practice, Lifetime Health & Consulting, LLC, the colonic is performed with a Clearwater, FDA-registered, PPC-101 – The Traveler (U. S. Patent No. 5,871,463) colon therapy device. The instrument is designed for use in a variety of situations to include hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and more.

The instrument is a closed system that avoids offensive odors and leakage. It employs a disposable, single-use, two-tube speculum, an adjustable, temperature-controlled shut off valve, and a water pressure regulator/relief system. Furthermore, the unit is sterilized after each session with an EPA approved and hospital grade Cavicide solution. Lastly, The Traveler connections are in compliance with city water and sewage commission standards to prevent back-flow issues.

5. What will happen during a colon therapy session?

A colonic session is like taking a warm, relaxing, internal whirlpool bath. It is a comfortable experience for most people. At the onset of the session you will disrobe from the waist down. Depending on your colon therapy office, a gown, towel or sheet is worn to ensure modesty. After reclining on a padded table, you will experience the gentle, self-insertion of a speculum into the rectum. A small amount of temperature-controlled and pressure-regulated, filtered water enters the colon via the inflow tube while the instrument gauge monitors the pressure inside the colon. The water softens and loosens fecal material which stimulates the colon’s natural peristaltic action to release waste. Upon release, fecal matter is expelled through the observation tube via the outflow tube. This process is repeated several times within a 45-50 minute session.

6. How long is the colon therapy session?

The typical initial visit is a 90-minute session to include a.5 hour consultation. At completion of the consultation, the client will spend 45 – 50 minutes on the colon therapy table undergoing the colonic session. The remaining 10 – 15 minutes is spent talking about your session and how you would like to move forward. Subsequently, follow-up visits are typically 60 minutes from start to completion.

7. How many colon therapy sessions do I need?

The number of colon therapy sessions desired is discussed between the client and practitioner. Ultimately, the client has final say. This number is influenced by the individual’s personal colon health goals. For example, think of a colonic as an exercise regimen. Your goal may include weight loss and muscle training prompting you to exercise one time per week until desired results are achieved. Another person’s goal may only include maintenance prompting exercise only one time per month on a continual basis. Colon therapy can complement any regimen or program.

8. Why should I take interest in this procedure? My body is working just fine.

To answer this question, I will compare your body to your house. Your body represents your house. …


Migraines are much more than having a bad headache, they can be extremely painful, and for some people they can be nearly unbearable. Most people who suffer migraines are prescribed drugs by their doctors to help them cope with the excruciating pain. It’s simple to just consume these drugs and then put up with the side effects and the ongoing expense, but there is another option for you to try.

Magnetic therapy products are cost effective and you can use them without having the side effects as a result. There is a large range of products that are specifically designed to give you the required relief you have been looking for. It is our intention to offer you 5 Ways to manage migraine headaches using Magnetic Therapy Products.

Number One – A Magnetic Headband

It is stated by Historians that Cleopatra placed a magnetic stone on her forehead to assist with pain and to maintain her youthful look. This principle is used in the Magnetic Headband. Magnetic Headbands have 2 magnetic pads positioned inside of the band. Each of these pads have five 800 Gauss magnets inside them. These pads can be arranged around the band to position them over the area of the head that is in most pain.

The headband can be worn all the day long. It can be worn in bed, but if you are a restless sleeper it might come off during the night. The best advantage in regard to the magnetic therapy headband is that the magnets can be moved directly over the most painful area giving you the best magnetic therapy results throughout the day or night.

Number Two – A Magnetic Necklace

Wearing a Magnetic Headband around everywhere is not always going to be practical, often you will want some treatment for your migraine while you are at your work place, or at the shops, or even if you are just out visiting a friend. The headband can be a little bit obvious, so you may want to wear something a little smaller and less obvious. In this situation you can wear a magnetic necklace instead. There are many fashionable magnetic therapy necklace designs to pick from.

Number Three – A Magnetic Pillow Magnetic pillows are great for painful areas. All the hard work is done while you are sleeping on it. One huge advantage of the Magnetic Pillow is that the therapy from the pillow will improve your blood flow, which means less inflation and less pain. A second advantage is that the pillow can be used for quite a few other purposes as well.

Many elderly people will use their magnetic pillow as a “mini travel mattress” while travelling in a car, bus, train or even a plane. When they go on trips, they take their pillow along with them to assist with pain in other areas. They can place it behind their back for lower back pain or behind their neck for neck pain. The pillow can be used to sit on, or positioned behind or around any painful area. The magnetic therapy pillow can also simply be used during the day when you are sitting in a kitchen chair, or in the lounge on a couch.

Number Four – Magnetic Therapy Magnets Magnets will assist with the cause of the pain; this is why static magnets should be placed as close to the point of the painful area as possible. Using magnets directly on the point of inflammation can often be the best way to treat painful issues such arthritis, swelling or a migraine. The advantage of using magnets directly without a device such as the magnetic headband is that you can often get more powerful magnets directly in contact with the area of inflammation or pain, and you can choose the magnet strength you want. Having no physical device around the magnet allows the magnet to be positioned directly on the skin area nearest the pain. You won’t get any closer that that!

Number Five – Magnetic Earrings Magnetic earrings produce magnetic energy, and that energy possesses polarity. The polarity then targets the painful areas in your neck and head region. This will increase the blood …

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