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Americans have been told to diligently monitor their cholesterol levels, and if it rises above specific thresholds, 200 for total cholesterol and 130 for LDL, they need to take steps to bring it down to acceptable levels. This is important if we are to avoid heart disease. The result is that about one fourth of all Americans 45 years and older are taking a statin drug, according to the National Center For Health Statistics. While these drugs are successful at improving lipid profile, they are expensive and may cause side effects. Another option is to start an exercise program. Not only can you bring your cholesterol levels down, you would also enjoy the other benefits of an active lifestyle such as better energy, improved mood, and a stronger immune system.

Exercise can improve lipid profile by decreasing LDL and increasing HDL. This is done in a variety of ways. One of the most obvious ways is by allowing you to maintain a healthy weight, which is associated with lower LDL levels.

Researchers also believe that there are 2 other ways that exercise can reduce LDL. The first way is that exercise increases the size of the proteins that carry cholesterol through the blood. Smaller denser particles are considered more dangerous because they can get into the linings of the heart and blood vessels and cause damage, so keeping these particles larger reduces the risk of heart disease.

The second way is that exercise stimulates enzymes that help remove LDL from the blood and blood vessel walls and moves them to the liver for excretion. This is important because the body needs cholesterol for healthy functioning but it needs a way to get rid of the cholesterol when it is done with it. This process is a way of staying balanced.

Exercise can also raise HDL levels. Most studies have shown that aerobic exercise can increase HDLL by 3-6%.

So what kind of exercise is most effective for cholesterol levels? Research has shown that intense exercise is effective at improving levels, while less intense exercise is effective at maintaining levels. An elliptical trainer is a versatile fitness machine that will allow you to design a workout routine that will achieve either of these goals. If you are a couch potato and want to become fit you can start our slow, then use the features of the elliptical, such as resistance, incline, and strides per minute, to gradually increase the intensity as your fitness improves. The lower rate of perceived exertion, which means your body is working harder than it feels, makes it easier to maintain intense exercise levels. Since an elliptical workout is low impact, you can enjoy the benefits of fitness even if you have joint problems. And the pre set programs allow you to vary your workouts which will help avoid burnout.

Maintaining health cholesterol levels is important if you want to live a long and active life. A regular exercise program on a new or used elliptical trainer can give you a healthy lipid profile without the use of expensive drugs that may cause side effects.


Source by John S Broderick


With the Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer (2009-2010 Model) you will be able to get the most comprehensive and all encompassing body workout that you could have ever got for yourself. There is the30 pound flywheel and dual action functionality. This allows you to be able to work on your upper and lower body as well. The Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer (2009-2010 Model) comes with several new age features that you might not be able to find in any other trainer.

The Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer (2009-2010 Model) has a grip pulse monitor and a heart rate chest strap that can be attached and the pulse rate and heart beats monitored. The oversized pedals and the adjustable foot pedals ensure that you are able to grip it perfectly and exercise at optimum levels.

The twenty resistance levels that you get with the ten predetermined programs offer you one of the most challenging of workouts ever. The kind of workout, to allow you to be able to bring out, the best in your body!

The machine is able to effortlessly bear a weight of about 400 pounds and the measures are just right enough to allow you to be able to place the machine at any place and start your workout.

The package for the trainer comes loose and you need to assemble it and put it together. All the instructions are given right out there for the way for you to be able to go about with assembling of the trainer. Go on and enjoy one of the most effective and efficient of full body workouts that will ensure that you need not head to the gym all the time in order to get the kind of body that you have always dreamed about. Right from the comforts of your home you can go about sculpting your body in the way that you would like to.

The high end advanced features are of the kind that is not found anywhere else but only in this particular trainer. You have the 30 pound flywheel and the high gear ratio. All of this ensures that you will be able to get the most coveted of results in the shortest time possible. If you are kind of person who loves a smooth upper body and lower body workout then that is exactly what you will get with this particular brand of trainer. The pedals are adjustable so as to allow you to get it to the right size. This will make certain that you do not have to suffer from numb toes or Achilles heel.

The trainer comes with a two year warranty period. This is really reassuring for the buyer as you will not have to worry about whatever concerns, if any that you might face with the trainer. So, go on and get the best of trainers for yourself and you will love to exercise every single day of the week.


Source by Paul M Anglin


A successful home gym must enable and motivate you to start and sustain a good workout program from the comfort of your home. After all, the entire idea is to be able to let go of that pricey gym club membership and work out when you feel like it. By working out at home, you can get onto your elliptical, do your program and move on with your life without having to devote half a day to the program. There are many great home gym units that back that aspiration. Among the best is the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer because it has what you require to get in shape at home but it does not stress the budget to own one.

An Extraordinary Work Out for the Occasional User or the Health Nut – No matter your objectives of beginning an exercise program, the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer is constructed to assist you in finding success. That means that for the parents who merely want to get their daily exercise, the Elliptical Trainer is a good well-made but if there is a serious exercise enthusiast in the household, they can get a effective workout too. Whatever the goal, the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer assists the user with a solid 30-pound drive system that makes your workout, forward or backward a flowing experience. The home gym is exceptionally secure because of added ball bearings at every pivot point and the user can keep tabs on his or her heart rate with pulse sensors that can be accessed from the fingertips.

Allowing the Machine Adjust the Pace – the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer can help you figure out where you are in your fitness plan and provide a preset training program to help you excel. This is intelligent engineering because it means you do not need to plan your workout from the ground up. This Elliptical Cross Trainer is like a personal trainer in machine form with ideas from the included plans that you can change or adapt to fit your goals for getting in shape and staying that way.

The Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review – Unfavorable Aspects

It Makes You Wonder – The Monitor on the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a little puzzling at first. You will figure it out and get used to it but it might be puzzling when you are first getting used to the machine.

A Few Assembly Defects – The plastic coverings that are installed on the Verso by Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer do not fit perfectly in place. So the installation is not as snug as you might like.


Source by Kevin Kapsi


The next generation that is starting to reach that magic age of 40 years is occurring with Generation X. These individuals have been in the workforce for a good number of years, have families and are in the midst of developing large amounts of cash reserves. This also is the age when they need to take action or the road can be daunting when it comes to their health and fitness. This generation has always been active in their younger years, but it can be really easy to get lazy and this generation knows the benefits of health, fitness and wellness, so it should be easy to motivate them.

This generation also knows the advantages of joining a fitness club, playing in sports leagues and hiring a personal trainer to keep their fitness at peak levels. For the personal training industry, a large portion of their clients will be baby boomers, but the generation X individuals will want to be pushed continually to get better.

There have been a lot of programs that are now being geared towards attracting this clientele which include popular fitness programs such as: HITT training, Cross Fit, Zumba, Power Yoga, and ultra endurance activities. These is the generation that likes to make things happen and are consider the doers, so it will not be challenging for personal trainers, physicians and the health industry to keep these folks active. Even though there will be their fair share of obese individuals in this category, most of them will start turning to personal trainers and fitness experts to get them back into shape like they used to be. This will include women who want to lose their pregnancy weight, business owners, entrepreneurs, and men or women who were in college for a long time (such as doctors), and now need to get back into shape because of their demanding jobs and.

Regardless of the profession, generations X individuals are going to represent a large part of personal trainer’s client list right after baby boomers. Both generations are technology savvy and this is going to be a huge advantage for them. They will be able to communicate with their fitness professionals via the web, look up different health recipes or have an application on their smart phone that will keep them on track when it comes to calculating their calories, fitness routines or staying accountable. It is going to be exciting on what this generation will accomplish, but also see how this client maintains their health and fitness in the future.


Source by Kisar Dhillon


A pioneering achievement in fitness equipment, the Fuel Fitness El335 Elliptical Trainer is a heavy duty cross trainer especially designed to withstand the abuse from the home or the commercial gym environment. This high-tech creation has coordinated superior quality equipment with state-of-the-art technology thus effecting a fantastic option in elliptical trainers. This is an excellent elliptical machine and should be given the utmost care from the finest fitness equipment repair services. Below are some of the advantage points of the highly advanced EL335.

Description of the El335 Elliptical

This powerful elliptical trainer is built with an outsized 18″ stride which has an outsized 25lb balanced flywheel. Though this feature is typically found on higher end units, the manufacturers have designed articulating footpads that will proceed to rotate to some extent during the elliptical movement: this will ensure that your knees, ankles, and feet remain in the correct alignment. This aspect will ascertain that the pressure is minimal to your joints while you exercise. The machine has 15 motivational courses integrated into its fashionable two-coloured LCD monitor. These programs include 12 preset, 1 Heart Rate Controlled, 1 Manual, and also 1 user configured, each able to function on 16 different resistance levels. For heart rate screening, the machine is equipped with handgrip pulse sensors.

Some Additional Features of the El335 Elliptical Trainer

There are a number of other beneficial qualities featured on the El335 also. Listed here are some of these features:

Feedback: Time, Speed, Distance, Resistance, Calories, Program, Pulse, Indoor Temperature

Resistance System: 1-16 levels

Power: Plug-in (includes adapter)

Max User Weight: 125kg (18st/275lbs)

Size L/W/H (in use): 166 x 56 x 163cm

Home Usage Warranty: Parts 5 years, labour 2 years, lifetime frame/brake

The El335 Elliptical Trainer is excellent for both entry level and experienced users. It is generally less expensive than the higher end models but it rivals these other models as it has all the power and outstanding features to make your workout both a productive and exhilarating one.

Maintaining Your Elliptical Trainer

If you want to get the most from your elliptical trainer, you should recognize that there are particular steps that need to be followed. Regular cleaning of the tracks and wheels will keep dirt and soil from clinging to your machine and can cause less frequent breakdown of the components of the trainer. Whenever a dirt build up is present the motion, of the components can become jerky and rough. Rear drive elliptical trainers have no tracks and wheels to keep clean. Also, you need to check before using your elliptical trainer for loose bolts or screws especially if you should notice any unusual, disturbing or loud noises. Furthermore the components of your machine require regular lubrication in order for it to run smoothly.


As with any piece of gym equipment, this exercise machine requires proper maintenance from a respectable fitness equipment repair provider. Taking proper care of your El335 Elliptical will ensure that it is well worth the investment.


Source by Robert Mc Kay



Guess who’s the newest NCCA approved Certification? You got it, NETA!

Within the last few months, NETA is now recognized as one of the top certification programs with their accreditation from NCCA. Good news for us!


NETA has two certifications, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. I’m going to concentrate on the Personal Trainer certification, but check out the website if you are interested in the Group Exercise Instructor certification as well. (It’s very similar to the Personal Trainer Certification)

The Personal Trainer Certification goes after my most valued aspect of training, actually practical hands-on experience in their training! Although you do NOT have to take any workshops or buy any materials to take the exam (unlike places like NASM), I believe it’s a required part of your education.

The exam materials are pretty cheap. My weak addition tallies all the books up to be a total of $80.

Reputation / Popularity

NETA is new on the scene and is not as recognized as the longer term players (ACE, ACSM, NASM, NCSF, NSCA). It’s going to take some time for people to know what NETA is, especially since it changed its name from NDEITA not too long ago. It also gets a bit confused with NESTA…needless to say, the Acronym Soup is getting mixed up quite a bit!


In order to sit for the NETA exam, you must be 18 years of age, have a current CPR certificate, and that’s it!!!


The exam is administered all over the country at various testing centers, called “Comira”, which is great news! As I mentioned, there is no pre-requirements other than what’s stated above to sit for the exam. You don’t need to purchase or attend any NETA courses to sit for the exam.

Although I recommend at least getting the books, you can really take advantage of their weekend workshops to really learn your material well.


NETA offers a Personal Trainer Certification Workshop for a quite reasonable cost ($349 if you register 30 days before) and is available all over the country on the weekends.

It runs Saturday to Sunday and is equivalent to 14 CEC’s (for those of you who need a massive amount of CEC’s quickly for recertification!)

They also recommend that you purchase the $80 in reading material and study it before you attend.


So far, they’re not too bad in the cost department. Here’s the breakdown:

Workshop – $349 (early registration) to $389 (walk up)

Exam Alone – $249

Books Recommended – $80

Home Study Review – $39

These all seem quite reasonable to me, especially since the workshop should be local to your area, or at worst, a one night hotel stay.


NETA’s Personal Trainer Certification is valid for two years once you pass the exam.


The CEC requirement is for 20 hours of Continuing Education before you can renew your Certification. (Cost for Renewal – $45)

NETA accepts almost all the other NCCA CEC credits too. So you could take a CEC class for ACE (and still use it to recertify with ACE) and get credit with NETA too. Pretty slick, huh?

NETA does require that 6 of your CEC’s come directly from NETA, but that’s less than 40% of the requirement.

Check their website to verify that your CEC’s at other organizations will count, but their policy seems quite liberal. They aren’t trying to milk every single dollar from their members like a few of the other certification organizations.


Renewal isn’t too difficult, you include any photocopies of your CEC classes(those that aren’t from NETA), the $45 fee, and the recertification paperwork postmarked by the expiration date.

If the letter is postmarked later than the expiration date, various fees are added based on how late the letter is received. After 180 days, you can’t renew and must recertify.


NETA is a new player on the NCCA block, which instantly gives it a lot of credibility that it didn’t have just a few years ago. They appear to really be working hard on expanding their client base with honest pricing, fantastic learning opportunities, and other amenities.

Although walking into a gym and saying you’re NETA …


New Balance elliptical trainers have been a favorite of home exercise enthusiast for the past few years. Of course New Balance shoes have been a favorite of runners and cross trainers for many years. The company’s fitness equipment is made in China and Taiwan is marketed through Fitness Quest of Canton Ohio. Fitness Quest also markets several other brands of fitness equipment including Ab Lounge, Edge and Total Gym.

Recently t he company has begun marketing the New Balance 8000 elliptical trainer. As luck would have it, an acquaintance of ours recently purchased an 8000 and was breaking it in. She is a fitness freak like many of us and had already ridden the machine for 50 hours. We asked her if we could test the elliptical out and do a review and she gladly assented.

We used 5 test subjects to evaluate the New Balance 800. They ranged from 6 months to 4 years in experience in using elliptical trainers. The weights of the testers ranged from 109 pounds to our 265 pound linebacker. We asked each to conduct 3 normal workouts over a period of a week. They were to note the ease of use, smoothness, fitness programs, stride length and comfort, sound levels, stability, total body comfort, perceived workout level, electronics and over all fit.

According to the brochures the 8000 model weighs in at about 180 lbs and has a 40 by 30 inch foot print which should give it relatively good stability. It is also rated to 300 lbs. Our testers initially really liked the foot pedals due their size. The ability to change the stride length from 18 to 20 inches is a good feature but a better one would be a fully adjustable stride length. Two of the testers wanted a little more stride than 18 inches but not the full 20. The stride length was not a problem when work at normal speeds but when conducting an intense workout these testers ended up having to use the shorter stride.

Stability was not too bad even for our football player who really made the machine rock and roll on the pad. A more durable or harder pad might have added to stability. Sound levels were comparable to all but the loudest of ellipticals allowing one to watch TV without headphones at moderate workout levels. Testers felt that the workout programs would probably satisfy all but a few home exercise buffs. The display was easy to read but blacked out on one of the tester during her workout. We were unable to get the console to repeat its failure so we are unsure as to the cause of the failure.

All testers gave the 8000 a 3 rating out of 5 in terms of smoothness of operation when compared to the more expensive commercial elliptical trainers. In addition everyone found it easy to use the upper body handles to enhance their workout.

We were not able to determine the durability of this unit based on the short time that it was in use. To date there are few reviews of the New Balance 8000 that would give a real clue as to any problems with this model. It should be noted that Fitness Quest does not have the best record when it comes to customer service. As a result we would recommend an extended warranty to cover the electronics and parts. New Balance or Fitness Quest provides a standard 10 year frame, 2 year electronics and one year parts warranty but labor and shipping costs are not included.

With an overall score of 3.75 out of 5 our testers felt that the New Balance 8000 would probably be a good purchase for the average home fitness enthusiast. The greatest concern given was the fact that this elliptical trainer was marketed and serviced by Fitness Quest which does not have a good reputation among fitness people.


Source by Jim Kesel


The Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer is Nordic Tracks top of the line elliptical cross trainer. Nordic Track is part of Icon the largest fitness manufacture in the world. The Key feature of the CX 1055 is the ability to change the slope or incline of the stride, which effectively changes the shape of the stride. This truly makes the elliptical trainer a true cross trainer.

The relatively new technology is owned and patented by Procor. Icon is licensing it for Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer. Icon is known for its fitness equipment marketing expertise and the addition of the new technology to its line of elliptical trainers is typical of its corporate strategy.

We searched our local area for a Nordic Track CX 1055 to try out for our review. We could only find 3 these elliptical trainers within commuting distance. After considerable amount of effort we finally found a Nordic Track CX 1055 owner that would let us use their elliptical trainer for testing. We immediately discovered that one of our testers would not be able to use the elliptical trainer. Our weight lifter and martial artist weighs in at 280 lbs and the weight limit for the Nordic Track CX 1055 is 250 lbs.

The three remaining testers each used the CX 1055 elliptical trainer for 5 days. It immediately became apparent that the power incline is a very good feature. The owner stated that this feature was the primary reason for purchasing this unit. You can easily target several different muscle groups during a 30 minute workout. The units’ owner has had one warranty issue that remains unresolved concerning the console. Occasionally the electronics would shut down with no apparent reason.

The Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer has several good features that you will want to consider when purchasing an elliptical trainer. These include

  • Power on the fly incline changes that allow you to target more muscle groups.
  • Bright display console
  • Relatively quiet Magnetic resistance
  • A total of 19 fitness routines
  • IFite compatibility that provides additional fitness programs and information.
  • One-year warranty instead of the standard 90 day for parts and labor.
  • At $999.00 it is relatively low priced.
  • The MyDesign allows you to design your own workout program.

Elliptical trainer purchasers will also want to consider some of what we consider as negative features of the Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer. These include.

  • Poor quality of components
  • Less than average reliability
  • 250 lbs weight limitation eliminates many overweight people from using this elliptical trainer.
  • The elliptical trainer becomes quite load during intensive workouts’
  • Flimsy plastic parts that shake during workouts.
  • Cardio grip was fickle working for one tester but not another.
  • The 18-inch Stride may be to short for some users when the power incline is in use.

We feel that the Nordic Track CX 1055 is probably a good buy for casual in home use. You certainly get a lot of great features at a good price. However considering that it is an Icon company product the reliability of this elliptical trainer is in question. The Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer does have a one-year warranty for parts and labor. Never the less we always suggest that you purchase an extended warranty when purchasing any piece of fitness equipment.


Source by Jim Kesel



We’ve found that cross trainers are the hottest, fastest growing category of fitness equipment. A cross trainer is one of the best ways to get a total body workout in 20 to 30 minutes. Walk into the cardio room in any gym or health club and you’ll notice that there are more cross trainers are in use than treadmills, stair steppers or stationary bicycles. Why? Because people who are truly committed to a serious fitness regimen know that they get a superior workout on a cross trainer. One cross trainer we really like comes from industry giant gym equipment manufacturer ProForm. Here’s our review of the popular 500 ZLE model

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

The ProForm 500 ZLE is a rear folding cross trainer that has a 3-level adjustable stride length. This allows the user to easily focus their workout on a specific muscle group, making for a versatile, effective and enjoyable exercise session. The design allows the machine to be stored in a small space, a great feature for those with little room to spare. The console has an easy to read backlit LCD display with stereo speakers. There’s also a fan to keep you cool and an integrated iFit SD reader that gives you virtually unlimited training options.


About £600.00

Product Description:

This is a quality cross trainer that has 16 pre-set programmes and a flywheel for maximum speed and smoothness. The adjustable stride length ensures you’ll get a safe and effective workout. If you’re interested in reaching your fitness goals in the shortest possible time, this machine is worth a serious look.

Product Specifications:

Assembled size: 164 cm high x 64 cm wide x 195 cm long

Folded size: 164 cm high x 64 cm wide x 125 cm long

Weight: 80 kg

User weight limit: 130 kg

Flywheel weight: 6 kg

Number of pre-programmed workouts: 16 (8 based on calorie goals and 8 based on weight loss goals)

Type of resistance: QuietTech® digital silent magnetic resistance

Stride adjustment: 13″, 15″ or 18″ user selectable

Product Features:

The backlit blue LCD console display shows resistance level, speed, time, distance, pulse rate and calories burned. Heart rate is measured by way of an EKG grip pulse and heart rate monitor. A belt for the popular Polar® heart rate monitor is optional, but highly recommended. There’s an iPod compatible port as well as capability for an interactive workout using an iFit SD card. iFit technology allows customised workouts to be uploaded directly to the cross trainer, so you can have a virtual workout in a variety of locales. iFit controls the speed and resistance to simulate the terrain of your chosen locale. The 500 ZLE also has ergonomically designed hand levers to tone the upper body and improve coordination.


We like the ProForm 500 ZLE’s compact size that doesn’t compromise performance. It has all the features you’d expect from a mid-to-low priced cross trainer from a well-respected manufacturer of gym equipment.


Source by Jeffrey Kelly Atlas


Any Wii fanatic knows just how popular My Fitness Coach for the Wii is. In fact, even though it’s more of a workout program than a traditional video game, it once ranked as the best selling video game on Amazon.

While its popularity is high, My Fitness Coach may not be for everyone. Here are 10 facts that you should know before buying this Wii personal trainer program:

1. My Fitness Coach does not use the Wii Balance Board. Instead, the program relies on the honor system. Your Wii personal trainer, Maya, will have you go through a quick set of exercises including jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges, and crunches to assess what kind of shape you’re in. You will be asked to enter your name, gender, weight, height, date of birth as well as some measurements  including waist, chest, thigh, bicep and neck circumferences. The benefit of not using the balance board is that you get to incorporate a wide variety of exercises into your workouts that could never be possible with the balance board. Maya will also ask you if you have a heart monitor, stability balls, step benches and/or hand weights. If you have them, Maya will incorporate them into your workouts.

2. My Fitness Coach feels more like an aerobics DVD than a video game. The main difference here is that the program will change your routine depending on your progress and keep your workouts challenging and fresh. How many times have you stopped using workout DVD’s because you grew tired of the same thing over and over? Your Wii personal trainer will check in with you multiple times during your workout to see how you’re doing. The only time you use the controller is to respond to her queries. Maya will then adjust future workouts based on your responses.

3. My Fitness Coach contains six areas of focus. They are: weight loss, cardio, upper body strength, core body strength, lower body strength and flexibility. Based on the info you provide, Maya will suggest the area she feels needs the most focus. However, you have the ability to choose which area you feel needs the most attention.

4. My Fitness Coach contains nearly 500 workouts. In order to provide you with an extremely well rounded and productive workout experience, your Wii personal trainer will be able to choose from nearly 500 workouts to get the job done. You can also be certain that no two workouts will ever be quite the same.

5. Choose from multiple workout locations and styles of music. Another issue with with workout DVD’s other than routines becoming stale is the fact that you’re looking at the same video shot in the same location day after day. Whether it’s shot in an aerobics studio or on a California beach, one gets tired of seeing the same thing over and over. Not so with My Fitness Coach. Are you in the mood for an urban environment or a dojo? How about a desert oasis? Different locations help keep your workout experience fresh and enjoyable. You can also choose from seven different types of music including 80’s, Hip Hop, Latin and Dance.

6. Your Wii personal trainer works around your schedule. No one understands the importance of commitment more than Maya. She will suggest a workout schedule for you based on your goals, but in the end you decide your schedule. After all, many of us lead busy lives and have hectic schedules. You can choose what days of the week to work out on as well as the duration of each workout. For example, on Tuesday you can workout for 15 minutes and then go for a more intense 45 minute session on Thursday.

7. My Fitness Coach has a group exercise mode. You can create up to four profiles on My Fitness Coach, so it makes sense to allow multiple people to work out at the same time. Your Wii personal trainer thankfully allows this. Just be sure to have a massive space available if you plan to work out with two or three other people.

8. You will sweat. The workouts designed by your …

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