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The fitness world is like a world filled with different sorts of candy for a little kid, so obviously this little kid will be distracted by all the fancy colours and designs, and the kid will want to try out all the candy at the same time. This will create a problem, one is that the kid will have a very difficult time finding their favourite candy, two the kid will be eating so much candy at the same time that by the time he is tasting the 10th candy, he has already forgotten about the first candy which he might have also enjoyed eating, and given more time and consumption that candy would have been the kids favourite. How is this connected to working out or fitness in general? Worry not for I will tell you below.

Spoilt for Choice in Fitness

Just like in the land of candy you have many choices in the fitness world. There are many methods to get in shape, there are many that work and many that do not work in the promised period of time. Getting fit and in shape is about finding the perfect candy for yourself. Let us look at your options in fitness land. You could hire a personal trainer, who can then design a workout program and diet specifically for you, that is if you can afford a personal trainer. Alternatively you could train from home using bodyweight training, but you would have to do some research into the best bodyweight exercises for each of your body parts such as legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders and abs. If you are the type of person that needs to be told what to do and how to do it, if you need that push you would get from a personal trainer but you cannot afford one then your best option would be to buy one of those home workout DVD’s.

The other route is to use the internet to find great websites and videos to help you get in shape for free, you could spend hours looking for great website with good information for you to use and search YouTube for some great YouTube channels that share home workouts and workouts you can do at the gym to best achieve your fitness goals. And finally in fitness land there is always the fitness magazines which are updated monthly with different workouts and diets for readers to try out. As you can see there are way too many options to try out in fitness land just like in candy land, this could leave one confused and not knowing what to do, but I can definitely tell you this much, trying out all the flashy new workouts is definitely not the way to go.

How to have a Focused Approach to Working Out

As I have just proven above, you are spoilt for choice in the fitness world so the first thing you do is figure out what sort of a workout program will suit you the best. You have to figure out what your fitness goals are which will help you choose the kind of program you need, by this I mean you must figure out if you want to be really big and muscular like the guys and girls at the Olympian, or you want to be Hollywood fit with a lean muscular physique or maybe you just want to lose weight. Once you have got your fitness goal figured out, it is easier to choose a fitness program or fitness blog to follow, you just choose one blog or fitness video program to follow that promises what you are after, for example if you are just looking to lose weight you could but yourself one of those dance based DVD programs to do at home.

The other thing you must do is to choose one program to do and stick with it for a certain period of time then at a later stage assess how far you have come with that program. Like I said the fitness world has a lot of distractions, every month there is a hot new workout, if you got a certain workout from …


Some people have a difficult time motivating themselves to workout. Others may have a hard time figuring out which work outs are best for achieving their goals. If you are experiencing these problems, you may need to work with a fitness trainer.

Fitness trainers are great at motivating you to work out properly and stay fit. They have experience with fitness, and will often know what is best for you to achieve your goals. When it comes to fitness, there are a lot of gimmicks and products available which simply do not work.

You often have to make guesses to try and figure out what works best when you exercise alone. A personal trainer will be able to see past all the gimmicks and point you in the best direction. They will be able to see you from a different perspective than you see yourself, and can quickly find solutions to problems which are keeping you from achieving your goals.

When you work with a fitness trainer, they will set you up with a program which is tailored to your health, age, and fitness specifications. Your fitness trainer will set up a eating plan, strength training plan, cardiovascular plan, and a progress chart.

Probably the most important thing gained from working with a fitness trainer is self confidence. Having someone complimenting you on your hard work will make you feel good about yourself, and will push you to continue.

Many people choose to stop exercising because they are not seeing the results they want fast enough, or they’ve tried some special diet which hasn’t worked. Working with a fitness trainer will help you choose the right diets and the right methods of working out. They will point you in the best direction possible.

You want to make sure to choose a fitness trainer who is certified. You want to make sure they have a proven track record of helping people become successful.


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We all have certain pet peeves that just bug the heck out of us. So, in today’s writing, I will go over some of my gym/workout pet peeves that drive me nuts! But then I have to stop and tell myself, “to each his own.” I then feel better and go on with my life. After all, what someone else does is none of my business, right?

Pet Peeve: Texting while at the gym.

Yes, cell phones are part of our every day lives, I get it. I also know that I’m technologically challenged and I’m sure I only use my cell phone in a minute capacity for what it was designed. BUT, when someone is waiting for a machine or for a particular weight, and the person “using” it is texting away, that’s just wrong! Several years back, when all cell phones did was make calls, there was a guy working out at my gym who wore a strap around his waist that had his cell phone, his pager, some gizmo that unlocked his house, and a beeper to let him know if someone opened his front door (I’m not kidding). I was friends with the guy, so jokingly I asked him if he was applying to be the new Batman because he already had his Batman utility belt on! He told me he needed all those items on his person in case something happened to his cat. Huh? (and he wasn’t kidding) Today, I understand cell phones are used for music, so I have lessened my pet peeve on that just a bit. BUT, if you text or make calls while you are supposed to be working out at the gym… FINGER OF SHAME TO YOU!

Pet Peeve: Not racking your weights.

As much as people talk about this, it’s a never ending problem at some gyms. People, if you’re strong enough to lift it, you’re strong enough to put it away. Other people aren’t there to serve you. It’s simple, if you’re too lazy to put it away, you shouldn’t lift it to begin with… period! If this is you… FINGER OF SHAME!

Pet Peeve: Not wiping your sweat.

Yup, I’m sure we’ve all seen this before. I LOVE the feeling of having sweat dripping off my nose during my workouts. That makes me feel like I’ve done something. And, I love it when I see others doing the same thing. BUT, I don’t care to see other’s bodily fluids dripping off a piece of equipment I’m about to use to begin with. Bring a freaking towel and clean up your stuff!

Pet Peeve: Leaving a gym bag in the middle of the floor.

Some people bring a gym bag to the workout area of a gym with them. I always ask, what could they possibly have in that bag? If it’s so important, they should leave it at home or at least in their car. If it’s their change of cloths, why don’t they leave it in the locker room? If they are afraid something will get stolen, maybe they should look for another gym, or get a lock, or again, don’t bring it in the gym to begin with.

Most people who do this are nice enough to at least keep their bag in the corner, or against the wall, but there are some people who just flop the bag out anywhere and expect people to walk around it. Which leads me to…

Pet Peeve: Not being courteous.

Some people walk around the gym as if others should bow down to them. Seriously? Just because you may be able to lift more than me, or have that super model body, doesn’t give you the reason to look down on me. Oh sure, I’m envious, I’m jealous, I’m impressed, but I certainly DO NOT think you are better than me. And, I’m sure I’m naive with this statement, I usually assume people feel the same as I do. When you look down upon someone, and feel you are superior to them, all you’re doing is letting the rest of the world know how much of an ass you are. FINGER OF SHAME TO YOU!…

Working Out in Los Angeles


The recent months have been full of change for me, one of which being the switching of my personal training business from the Orange County area to the Los Angeles area, what a difference! In the midst of training for an upcoming bodybuilding show in September, my diet and cardio have had to become exponentially more strict and intense. Just like many of you out there, I too dread the thought of waking up to an hour of Stairmaster or treadmill training, particularly before breakfast. Who wouldn’t want to start off with a nice stack of strawberry pancakes and a t-bone steak from the nearest IHOP! Alas, it’s not going to happen for me, at least for now. But the one thing that I can do, and it’s something I wanted to share with all of you, is the ability to change up my boring cardio routine, all with the help of my new location in Los Angeles. You see, there’s nothing like getting in a good workout in an environment that motivates you and gives you the thrill and exhilaration that you won’t find in any indoor gym. By taking my workout outdoors, I’ve been able to eliminate the dreaded hour of morning cardio staring at the clock, watching the seconds tick by. Here, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite environments, all nearby in beautiful Los Angeles.

For those of you that enjoy the beach, nothing beats a morning workout near the beautiful California coast in Santa Monica. Near the Santa Monica pier there is an area complete with rings, pull up and push up stations, a rope to climb, as well as room for many other exercises. For me, I like to begin my work out on the rings, work my way through the bar, and finish it off with a grueling rope climb that challenges my upper body strength like nothing else in any indoor gym. After repeating this circuit 4 times, I complete my workout with a 2-3 mile run on the shore, enjoying the coastal breeze and the sound of crashing waves distracting me from my body’s physical stress.

Next, I’d like to mention the one and only UCLA stadium which is open to the public. I enjoy coming here on weekends because nothing beats a hardcore workout in the college campus of one of our very own LA sports champions. Starting off with 8 sets of 100 yard sprints with a 1 minute rest in between sets, I get my heart rate going to prepare for the intensity yet to come. I then strap on a weighted vest and head for the stairs. Half way up the stairs, and back down for a total of 10 tiring sets. Does it hurt…HECK YES! But the results are beyond worth it. The bars and ropes at the end of the football field conclude my work out here with about 3 circuits. For those of you that are just beginning, start off at a slower pace, this is an advanced workout and to prevent injury, listen to your own body.

Lastly, here’s an activity that we all can remember enjoying as kids, plain and simple bike riding. There’s nothing quite like the simplicity of riding a bicycle, something that for many of us can take us back to pleasant childhood memories of the days when we had not a care in the world. As children, many of us ride bikes for hours on end, never watching the clock to see when it would be time to stop, and most of us not finding it tiring or physically draining. I thought to myself, why ride a bike in a stuffy gym when I can buy a real bike and pedal away with the scenery of downtown Los Angeles beside me. With a good mp3 player and my new bike, my 7 am cardio session flew by me before I even knew it! Since my first ride, I can’t help but get my cycling in twice a week, you simply can’t get over the excitement!

We see now that you don’t have to live near green pastures, forests or mountains to get a good …

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